Video – watch Arsenal’s impressive win over Man Utd

Video – brilliant Arsenal victory over Man Utd and a brilliant performance from Arsenal.

Arsenal completely dominated Man Utd last night delivering the first win under new manager Mikel Arteta.

The players ran themselves into the ground, their attitudes, passion and determination were impeccable. United simply could not live with Arsenal last night.

The defence was solid, the midfield under total control and the forwards a constant threat, the exact sort of performance we have been waiting for all season long.

This video is courtesy of the official Arsenal Youtube channel and for once, is very enjoyable viewing.

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    This 5-second rule is a key pillar of a defensive system built on players intensely fighting for possession for five seconds immediately after losing it. A key part of the 5-second system is that the players should be close together and play short passes so they are close enough to regain possession when the ball is lost.

    And if they haven’t won the ball back within those five seconds of losing it, the orders are to then retreat and form a compact 10-man shield.

    This means that counter-attacks are slowed down and the backline can be shielded so nobody can attack the defense at full-speed.

    When a defense is dealing with attacks that have been slowed down by the use of the 5second and a compact midfield, it is easier for the central defenders and fullbacks to nullify strikers and we saw this in how David Luiz and Sokratis were composed last night.

    So Arteta had Torreira, Lacazette, and Ozil lead the initial 5-second recovery challenge and that’s why Ozil and Torreira had the highest number of recoveries last night with Lacazette’s pressing and physicality playing a major role.

    Lacazette might not have looked like Marco Van Basten last night in attacking situations but his work was a key part of why David Luiz and Sokratis were well-shielded. That’s the funny thing about football.

    And Ozil led the team in recoveries. This is the same Ozil that has been repeatedly accused of laziness and uselessness. The same Ozil people said should be replaced by Willock and Smith Rowe.

    In due time as players return from injury and signings are made, Arteta will sort out the physicality in midfield and will be able to free Lacazette to focus more on the scoring side of the game but we must appreciate what every player is bringing to the table so we don’t criticize people wrongly.

    This is the mistake a lot of Arsenal fans made with players like Iwobi, Joel Campbell and Elneny. They were very intelligent hardworking players who focused on enhancing their teammates but their contributions were not recognized by many fans and Arsenal got much worse when they were sold.

    We really need to appreciate the value of good coaching. One of the biggest flaws of the English Football Culture is how its fans feel the Transfer Market is the answer to every problem.

    This mindset made people attack every Arsenal player and demand that they all get sold off when the actual truth was that a lot of the issues were derived from poor coaching from the likes of Unai Emery.

    Yesterday we saw Arsenal work with a clear plan and it was heartwarming to see players in the roles they are built for.

    Xhaka was not played as a defensive midfielder and Torreira was not played as a creative midfielder.

    Clarity and an understanding of what the coach is trying to do are so important for players and Arteta has brought that to the Emirates. We can clearly see what he’s trying to do and how players who were struggling just two weeks ago are now looking better.

    The return of Ceballos, Bellerin, and Tierney would really enhance the quality of play and results and making the right signings in the January Transfer Window is a very vital part of what would help Arteta get a successful first season at Arsenal.

    1. Spot on Olaitan quality coaching and proper man management is key meaning even average players can do a job for the team

    2. Spot on…
      Pretty wonderful analysis…
      Hope we would get at least 1 or 2 signings in January and 2 or 3 in Summer…

    3. Ozil is too inconsistent the marriage between Ozil and arteta will be over soon,if arsenal want to be a big as they need used to be many of the current players need to go for good.. Ozil has done nothing extraordinary for the past three matches than he is expected to do, second half he is no where to be found in most matches, away to Crystal palace will be a test for him… Ozil is not da Silver, benaldo Silva,salah or mane, I don’t rate him that much for the now that was before

  2. I totally agree with olaitan that the biggest flaw of english football is how the fans feel the transfer market is the solution, we’ve seen teams like manchester united being very active in the transfer market year in year out making one of the biggest spendings in europe, and where has that gotten them?? look at what brendan rodgers has done with the leicester city team, we have young set of players that can develop if they’re ready to learn, what we’ve been lacking is good coaching and man management, we can get the best out of this team, dont get me wrong im not saying we shouldn’t be active in the transfer window but we should be more concerned in developing the young players, look at maguire who got signed for 80mil,he hasn’t made any meaningful impact at united, they still concede lots of goals

  3. Happy new year pals.I’ve seen rumor for Jerome Boateng.How true is it.Any news or clarity

  4. so our best fullbacks have played a combined 562 min and liverpool fullbacks have MISSED a combined 122 min this season. We will never compete until we fix our injury problems, there are too many different types of players for it to be a coincidence. There must be something wrong either with our strength and conditioning training or the training pitch.

    1. True,there is no gurantee even if we sign a defender he will not get injured.Only thing we can do is be positive and hope for the best.

      And have to say,liverpool fullbacks defending is poor

      1. they are an integral part of liverpool attacking as they provides the width, creativity and tons of crosses from which salah and mane benefits. If you dump 24 crosses per game with the quality that robertson and arnold have, its pretty much a goal guaranteed. plus the constant switching play fatigues the defending team who have to shift from one side to the other every time. They don’t defend that much because klopp has a hard working midfield designed to cover the fullbacks raids.

  5. If we are really going to buy one CB I would like to buy Jerome Boateng as we have already chamber, holding and Saliba who are very young so David Luiz and Jerome boateng isn’t such a bad CB lineup but we have to sell Sokratis and Mustafi then

    1. A really positive article and spot on. It highlights the damage done by Emery’s 18 month reign as head coach. Arteta, in barely a month, has shown his ability to play the right player in the right position and getting the players to buy into his style of play. The game against Man U clearly showed that, I haven’t seen such commitment from an Arsenal side for years and long may it continue. Maybe Arsene Wenger was right when he said that Mikel Arteta was ready to manage AFC?

      I am confident that, if the board back him financially, he will take us back to the top level again.

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