Video – Watch Arteta’s emotional speech after Arsenal lost the first three games last season

I seriously cannot wait to see the full showing of Amazon’s ALL OR NOTHING film, following Arsenal for the season, from the low point of losing our first three games of the season to fighting our way back up the table to reach Fourth Place, only to lose the plot in the final games of the season and lose out on our Champions League place to our great rivals Tottenham.

This teaser from the ALL OR NOTHING video has just been released, and it shows how an emotional Mikel Arteta explained to the players how he still had faith in them despite those three losses, and the looks on the players faces were a wonder to behold….


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  1. If they know they are on camera how do we know the emotions are genuine?

    How do we know things are not scripted?

    Because a person will act carefully when they know they are on camera compared to normal daily life.

    Just for the purpose of discussion.

    1. If the camera has been there for some time prior then you forget it’s there and act normal as has been seen on many “fly on the wall” documentaries. I’m sure it’s genuine and not scripted.

    2. That’s y most times its called a REALITY show despite the fact that cameras are there, cos after a while u tend to forget about those cameras and live your normal life.
      No one can pretend forever

  2. Motivation or not, preparation matters. It was obvious, that the team was not ready at the start of the just concluded season.

    Moreover, I for one do not believe the speech changed anything.

    What changed was that, they had time during the break to integrate the new players to the team which wasn’t like that at the start of the season period.

  3. The break and addition of tomi who started the game as the new addition was only a boost not the primary source of motivation cos we could have as well lost to norwich as the confidence then was extremely low but luckily we managed a 1-nil victory giving us a much needed boost hence an eight game winning streak bringing us back on track,i must say that speech really helped their mental and as for their looks in front of camera i don’t think any of our players are good in acting as they pro footballers not actors hence a ridiculous accusation @HH.

  4. If you don’t understand how powerful the snipped video of that speech was then you don’t understand psychology & life.

    He gave the players freedom (to live without fear) & perspective

  5. I thought it was fantastic myself. Raw, honest and an insight into his passion for the club and his players. I am of the belief he will achieve great things as a manager and I am hoping it’s with Arsenal.

  6. The man is honest, passionate, a visionary and a mentor to those who have their head and heart for the game. How many managers have turned the tides from 20th to 5th? With so many distractions, un interested senior players, injuries, errors, I cannot name one manager who did it and neither would Pep take up a risky job. Even Spurs have Kane and Son and Loris and who did we have? Good luck to Mikel and the lads this season.

  7. Are you saying the speech was the only speech he gave through out the season?

    I don’t think so.

    Then why did we have bad performances especially towards the end of the season?

    Am not saying the speech is bad, but to say the speech is the reason the team started performing is unrealistic.

    The team started performing better when all the news signings started playing together and we had low performances the moment injuries set in.

    Just so you know, there’s no amount of speech anyone could have given, that will change the fact that we started the season unprepared and missing out of the top 4 position is the consequence.

    1. Rowland, YES, you are of course correct in saying ONE speech alone does not change everything . But people who can see the faces in front of them and read faces and body language, can see the impact it made on players.

      One swallow does not make a summer but MANY of them TOGETHER, all flying in the same direction, with one swallow leading the others, DOES make a summer.

  8. Top down speech, half of the superstars look bored, do not really know if it was effective, afterall, AFC was playing Norwich next, and you and I could have composed the game sheet and got a win.

    Should have saved that speech for the last 5 games!!!

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