Video: Watch as Gabriel Martinelli piles pressure on Chelsea

Arsenal youngster Gabriel Martinelli’s work rate is a blessing for all to see, and his return to action could be just the lift we have needed.

The Brazilian can be seen below causing trouble with his running off the ball, and the effect it can have on the opposition, and you can hardly believe that he has only just recovered from a long-term knee injury.

The Brazilian youngster could well have brought the exact energy that our side has been lacking in recent weeks, and I don’t see how the manager can even consider benching him.


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  1. We have talented youngsters in form of Martenelli, Saka, ESR, Tierney, Saliba, Gabriel M, AMN,MG even to some extend torreria with right influx of experience like Auba, Partey, Laca…we have a good squad as well. There is no way I accepted before and even now that our squad is not good enough to be in top 4. It’s the manager failure which is very obvious now for everyone to see in this victory as he was forced to play some of these talented youngsters and had no choice. This shows how big mistake he has made with squad selection and punishing some youngsters. As long as there is no merit and manager has his own favourites we will never see this club go back to where it was.

    1. Its not only the squad selection but also the attacking strategy….The game plan was changed from possession to swift passing…

  2. We didn’t build a team around Sanchez, who had the perfect blend of ability, work ethic, and mentality, and now we have another South American, with the same attributes. We must not make the same mistake again!

    At such a young age, and even after a long lay off with a serious injury, he’s already putting in more of a shift than our seasoned pros. Shame on them!

  3. So what happened to Sanchez’s ability after he left Arsenal?

    Could his ability be linked to Arsenal’s system and his team mates especially Ozil and Girould?

    What does “South American” have to do with anything? Can we just mention a player without talking about his nationality, color or religion?

    1. It’s irrelevant what happened to Sanchez after he left Arsenal, and I have no idea why you would mention it? I am talking about what he brought to our Arsenal team

      As we now know, Sanchez wasn’t just or best player ability wise, along with Santi, but he was exactly what you want from a player in regards to mentality. Something that had been missing for years thanks to Wenger, which was also confirmed by Bellerin. Sanchez was too intense, and wanted to win too much, Bellerin told us, which says everything we need to know about the laziness and mediocrity that was, and still is, running rampant through our squad.

      Sanchez’s ability is not linked to Ozil and Giroud, and if you had seen him before he joined us, you would know that.

      There is nothing wrong with mentioning someone’s nationality, and it’s bizarre you would even touch on that? I am not sure if you aware, but we’re not all the same. Men are different from women, Christians are different from Muslims, and so on…

      1. At Arsenal Sanchez was just the product of the system and benefited greatly from the players around him. So Sanchez of Arsenal never materialized as a good player because he failed miserably at MU and Inter.
        You can say he benefited from Wengner and not the other way around.

        You did not mention someone’s nationality. You labeled Martinelli as another South American like South Americans are a breed of a different kind.
        No I am not at all aware that Christians are different from Muslims, Hindou, Jews or even pygmies.
        You can see the difference between people only if you are racist, bigot or self righteous.

        I agree however that there is a difference between man and women. In addition of being beautiful, they don’t have an ego.

        1. “In addition of being beautiful, they don’t have an ego.”

          Way to label and stereotype all women while preaching “You can see the difference between people only if you are racist, bigot or self righteous.”

          So you are a sexist then?

          1. @lcw and your own double standards clearly went over your head lol oh and the blatant sexism you espouse 🤣

          2. And of course you cant even defend your point hence why you didnt even bother replying to TMJ lol sad, sad stuff.

        2. Again you are focusing on what Sanchez did afterwards for some reason, well how about beforehand then? Was he not a quality before he joined us?

          To say you are a racist, bigot, self righteous if you see difference between people is the most insane comment I’ve ever hard, and completely false! You should apologize to everyone on here for saying that. Every single person on the planet is different because they are individuals, and should be treated as such. Are cultures in say Brazil, the same as in Iraq? No.

          Anyway, we have gone off topic. Let’s just hope we don’t fail Martinelli like we did Sanchez. Still can’t believe we kept Ozil, and swapped Sanchez for a Utd flop! So glad Wenger is gone!

    2. Sanchez was his own player. And some gooners used to even blame him for why Ozil was underperforming 80% of the time. How he was not a team player etc..
      I remember some people would say things like; “Sanchez is like a headless chicken, just runs about. He is sometimes part of the problem why the team and Ozil can’t be effective, because he just runs everywhere and takes up positions that are Özil’s blah blah. 😊

      And Giroud was also blamed for all our troubles. Xhaka took over that mantle.

      Sanchez going downhill is not a new phenomenon. Some players end up like that once they move from one club to another.

      1. Sanchez, was a gifted player before he joined Arsenal. His record in Italy and with Chile,highlights that, but he was struggling at Barcelona ( too many egos? ) At Arsenal he found the right environment to show his best, a manager who preached attacking football and the perfect combination of Ozil, Carzola and Monreal working triangles to cut up the opposition defence. I don’t rate Giroud or Ramsey in this
        I remember Sanchez often being frustrated by Ramsey’s inability to read what the others were thinking. Also for all his cult hero status, Giroud was often clumsy and behind the eight ball. What happened to Sanchez post Arsenal is a mystery but it must have had something to do with the fact that despite everything, life had been good at Arsenal.

  4. Is it not criminal for Arteta to be benching Martinelli for Nketia? And somebody should tell me if Arteta is willock ‘a agent if not that guy is not arsenal quality

    1. Willock is a good player, you are forgetting how he contributed in EL. If you watch him closely you see that is not that bad as you bash him. I remember how Giroud and Ramsey always got stick by arsenal fans and they wanted them out but they were really good players. As for Gabriel Matrinelli, is very talented we are luck to have him

  5. I’m so happy for Martinelli! What a player! Full of energy, passion and workrate. Should be number 1 on the team sheet.

  6. I really hope he stays fit ,it was the right call to take him off when Arteta did last night .
    It might take him another 2 months to get back upto speed and that’s without any set backs .
    Future looks bright on the wings with him and saka leading the team .

  7. Today we witnessed some much better pressing from Saka and especially Martinelli, problem is we need a striker who can match that intensity…I think it could be Auba because he has the pace and potentially disruptive length, but he needs to be properly motivated to do so…there’s no way Laca can do the job effectively…he can put in a shift but he has neither the cardio nor the body type to apply the necessary pressure…I would of never have said that about the Lyon version of Laca….after all, at one point he was deployed as a pacey winger…I still think his best position is that of a second striker, sort of tucked in behind a target man with height…he was always so good at finding space in the box, especially when trailing the play…with that in mind, we might unlock Pepe if we played him more centrally at times so that it wasn’t so easy to defend him…there’s so much offensive potential on this team if we could simply shore up our backline, get a creative midfielder and employ a tactical scheme that required only 1 deep lying midfielder(Partey)…imagine a 4-1-3-2 with Auba, Pepe up top(with potential to roam), Martinelli, Saka and a new acquisition in the middle…then we could be more selective with our overlapping runs with our backs, instead of relying on this as a staple of our attacking play…for this to work ,we would need a new, more defensively sound RB, a proper CB to pair with Gabriel and a creative midfielder…for some reason I think the way Marts and Saka like to take on defenders could create some really nice open looks for both Pepe and Auba at the top of the box…just a thought

  8. We already have the player needed, but just like all creators, he is often overlooked, not only for said chances created but what he does off the ball.

    ESR supplied all the above yesterday and yet, it is Saka and Martinelli who are mentioned everywhere.

    It is no coincidence that, once MA allowed ESR to show his talents, the team was so different.

    Some will say he should be helping out defensively more, while others will say he’s lazy because he’s not covering every blade of grass – perhaps ESR will get the recognition he deserves as well?

    1. I cant believe Arteta took this long to finally play ESR. And it may have only been because Willian had to quarantine. Leipzig was begging for him to come back to the club, and Mikel only saw him as a Europa league player. Even klopp gives more trust to youngsters than Arteta does. Arsenal have to trust youth more and stop buying hasbeens. The poor buys over the years have been so detrimental to us. I’d hate it if we let ESR go because of gametime that he clearly deserves.

  9. I have loved this young mans attitude, mentality and talent from the moment i watched him play in 2018/19 season.

    Absolutely brilliant.

  10. ESR is not the answer to unlock defences on a regular basis, but could provide some much-needed cover once we acquire a top notch creative midfielder…he would still get ample time, but we can’t afford to have him learning on the job with so much invested in the final third…it’s clear that Marts and Saka are ahead of schedule, but ESR still needs some serious polishing, which could be difficult if he was an everyday player…I still prefer him to the constantly spinning, sideways passing Ceballos, in terms of link-up play

    1. Sue: You can’t help but root for the guy. He is often stuck with teams at the bottom yet he keeps smiling. No pressure!

  11. Sanchez peaked at Arsenal because of Wenger’s style. He could roam and finish. That was his job. Check for it. Wenger said it. This was well known. He had a team that had a crap defense but Santi and Ozil in the middle. Enough said. Even Chile benefited from watching how he played at Arsenal and were able to beat better teams. When Santi got injured, Arsenal got hurt more than the average man could see. Even Ozil was hottest when he was skipping and running through. When Sanchez went to the more defensive or structured teams he was depressed immediately. It is remarkable that very few people realized what we lost in Santi.

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