Video: Watch as cynical Sterling deliberately tries to end Mustafi’s season

Raheem Sterling showed his frustration at failing to get the better of Arsenal’s defence in the FA Cup by acting out a cynical foul on Shkodran Mustafi.

The German continued his fine form since the Mikel Arteta came in as coach, and he was part of the integral defence which kept the free-flowing attack of Manchester City at bay last night.

Mustafi wasn’t able to see out the game however, after Sterling lunged in on our defender by stamping on his ankle late into the tie, before coming clattering down with his knee into our star’s hamstring.

Will the FA take action against the England international? Will the rules on the use of VAR have to be adapted to allow more replays used during play?


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  1. Adajim says:

    Very unfortunate, and to think he escaped it.
    OT-since wenger left, it’s been 2seasons and on each, we have reached finals , lost the Europa, hopefully this FA is a win, and maybe against Chelsea too

    1. Lenohappy says:

      Adajim wow that’s correct, 2 seasons 2 finals without Wenger. Is it just coincidence or luck.

  2. DANIE says:

    those rules always work against us. I think u so how the VAR was active during Sterling’s penalty claim.

  3. Jama says:

    occasionally Arsenal is a victim of VAR.

  4. AY75 says:

    That was intentional…… Sterling was being deliberately wicked……. he is supposed to be duly punished for that, at least get a retrospective ban or something, but how likely is that to happen. I bet VAR would have gone over it severally and issued a red if an arsenal player did that.

  5. Reggie says:

    I will be honest in my assessment of it. I dont see how sterling could have got out of the way and mustaffi made the tackle not sterling. It for me was an unfortunate coming together, i dont see how with the momentum and speed that a coming together could be avoided. Plus the fact that mustaffi went to ground makes it impossible to avoid.

    1. CHI ONO says:

      You need to take off those glasses. It was a push, a stamp and a knee, all deliberate by Sterling.

  6. Russenal says:

    The stamp was almost certainly deliberate. The knee was categorically 100% deliberate.

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