Video – watch Aubameyang bullet header put Arsenal one up against Chelsea

Arsenal takes a 13th-minute lead thanks to a bullet header from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Arsenal started off aggressively, they were on the front foot from the minute the game kicked off and were rewarded in the 13th minute thanks to a brilliant headed goal from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Calum Chambers gets the assist thanks to a flick-on from a Mesut Ozil corner and it was no less than what was deserved.

Enjoy this beautifully taken goal by one of the best strikers in the world.


  1. It was a good finished but arsenal should put more pressure on Chelsea, should not allow them to control or dictate the tempo of the match. A very brilliant display by Toreira. looking to finish the game with all three points.

  2. WELL, a mighty good try but in the end we ran out of steam and the greater all round quality of Chelsea won them the game. CALL IT AS YOU LIKE BUT THE SIMPLE FACT REMAINS THAT THE TEAM WITH BETTER ALL ROUND PLAYERS WINS FAR MORE OFTEN THAN NOT. Which is precisely why I had forecast us to lose. Wish I had been wrong and there are loads of positives, so personally I am not all all down. Quite the reverse. as I had long ago written off this season but ONE THING IS CERTAIN; we FINALLY have a top coach and someone who is capable of getting a performance from mediocre players. Whan in the fullness of time, Arteta gets his own players in, watch us go. This will take quite some time but AT LONG LAST we have a professional,in charge,so be happy!

  3. Arteta should wake up! How could he imagine that you can defend one goal? That was really stupid of him! This team needs to be given extra fitness training because they get tired too fast. They start positively but weather away as if they are not on the pitch. This is a reality check for Arteta. He should be starting Pepe instead of the kids. This defeat was self inflicted. He was watching the team playing at the back and did not urge them to go forward. I hope Arteta will rise to the occasion against Man U if he is to remain at Arsenal.

  4. Arsenal with Arteta will come good in the end somehow this year and confidently next year. Our coach is good and can take us places. Picking up crumbs to build up something comes not easy. But with a united support we can do it. Yes we can.
    Unless you think we do, but I for one does not think we have all the materials to make it top notch in the current EPL. I however have hope for what I have seen so far after Arteta’s arrival that he can cause the players to play better than how they’ve done so far.

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