Video – Watch Bournemouth v Arsenal highlights, unlucky draw

Bournemouth v Arsenal video highlights – A much better display from the lads.

The draw against the Cherries was a little disappointing simply because we deserved the win. It was a greatly improved performance, the lads showed fight, a positive attitude and that they actually cared.

In fact, if there was one area that was a bit of a let down it was the forwards, which is highly unusual.

The defence and midfield were far better organised, they were better disciplined, they were tactically far better and never let their heads drop when Bournemouth went one up.

If the forwards were more clinical Arsenal would have won and deservedly so.

Watch this highlights video from the Arsenal Youtube channel. It is worth a watch and not just for the goals.

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  1. The YouTube highlights video just shows the best moments, because its duration is just around two minutes. Better watch the whole game

    Pay attention to how Xhaka changed his role between left DM/ left CB and unleashed several nice passes to Bukayo Saka. Also see how Maitland-Niles cut inside to help Xhaka and Torreira, when Bukayo Saka was in the front

    As long as the players helped each other like that at the Chelsea game, I believe we could win the game

    1. Hello GIA.. your man was an utter beast last night! I bet you want us to buy him even more now!!
      We did mention you on a previous thread last night, not sure if you saw it?! 😁

      1. Sue not only yesterday, the boy has been playing well this season, am sure he will give the Liverpool full back lots of problem when they meet. Arsenal are just so useless, we couldn’t even score a goal against city.

      2. Hi Sue

        Yeah I wish Arsenal make an approach before Wolves extend his contract

        I didn’t see your comments because I was asleep

    2. Gotanidea, Am sorry I ever doubted you on traore, the boy has been so so good this season, he scored both goals in the first leg against city and yesterday also he played so well. If only we could have a winger as good as him. What I love about him is that even though he’s big with all those muscles he run like bellerin, I think I know what you mean about inverted winger now.

      1. No worries

        Traore thinks longer now, before racing with the opposition’s LB. He has been bulking up as well

        I don’t think Arsenal would get him though, unless Pepe moves to the left wing

  2. Gotanidea I think only you and me was the only ones who believed in Traore’s potential! 👊 Come on Arsenal sign him up haha

          1. Haha alright I believe you Sue 😛 so you looking forward to soccer am and the John Arne riise stadium 😀😂

          2. I’m at work, Kev.. I’ve not seen it in a few weeks – don’t want to hear everyone gushing over Liverpool!! Besides my mind is on the Ally Pally 😜

          3. Your mind should be on the Emirates we got Lamps Chels tomorrow 😛 ah well just put in your ear plugs when they do 😂 so who do you think we’ll replace Xhaka with ? Doucoure, Ndidi, Smith Rowe and the transfer fee in Kroenkes pocket? 😂

  3. Gotanidea most times have always tried to analyze football skillfuly. Though sometimes,she is sentimental about some players. But it’s funny for once she applauded Xaka.
    If Arteta could help most of the players player play to their strength, they will perform better. But the reality is Arsenal just dont have good enough defenders.

  4. Yeah that Adama guy may look like AJ but he surely knows his thing. Taking on fullbacks head on like he doesnt give a s**t about them, his blistering pace turns mids and defenders into cones. Adama’s determination is on another level he’s nailed on for another MOTM at Anfield he’s been massive against Arsenal, City *2,United and the Spuds his confidence keeps growing with every passing game.

  5. That guy’s pace is his pure strength.But his defence is not good enough. he will make a name for himself in the near future.He is a very good winger than a wingback.

    And as someone said earlier highlights never give you the full story.

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