Video – Watch Brendan Rodgers response when asked about the Arsenal job

Brendan Rodgers was asked about the Arsenal job, his response was very telling.

The former Liverpool and Celtic manager was asked on SkySports about the Arsenal job following Leicester City’s win today.

Now, it could be me but listening to this video I got the feeling he would jump at the Arsenal job.

He was basically asked outright and his response was not what I expected. In fact, his answer really did prick my ears up.

I will not spoil it for you but his refusal to deny a specific question is there for all to see.

My reading of his comments is that if Arsenal wants him, they will get him.

Have a watch and let me know in the comments if I have read it wrong.

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  1. I think he will be an ideal coach for Arsenal. His record at Swansea City, Liverpool and Celtic are there to prove his capability. But there are some problems. I do not see him abandoning Leicester midseason and it will cost a lot to get Leicester to release him unless the existing contract makes provision for offers from top-six clubs but Arsenal are currently not a top 6 club.

    1. He didn’t say no though. He could have made it crystal clear that he wasn’t going to leave Leicester for arsenal instead he have a politician’s answer to the question. Of course he wouldn’t leave in the middle of the season but I don’t think he will turn down arsenal if the opportunity presents itself. Arsenal is still a big club.

    1. Poch can”t take a job in the Pl for a year otherwise he has to give back the 12.5M he received from spurs.

    1. Remember Allegri’s English is worse than Unai Emery’s and it is assumed language contributed to Unai’s problems.

        1. Allegri has been learning english since he left Juventus, Also poch needed a translator during his time at Southampton then for his first 2 years at spurs,after 7 years his English is far from great! lastly WENGER’s english wasn’t great when he first came luckily David Dein speaks french and convinced him over diner at his house to come to ARSENAL!

    1. Dude, our issue is personnel, especially the defence and midfield. We have french second division player starting every game for us and he’s one of our better players. We can keep on changing managers but until we invest in better players nothing will change. Now, if you are saying we get a coach that can demand and force the board to spend on players than I agree with you.

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he has hardly set foot in, and you already want him out πŸ˜‚….. he’s interim anyway, he’s going to be replaced, the board is probably already trying to get someone in. Hopefully, it’d be one of Ten Hag, Pochettino, or Rodgers. I don’t know too much about Nagelsmann, but from what I’ve heard, he might be a good option too

      1. Most of the good managers are not available mid season unless you want to pay a fortune. Pochetino will have to refund his severance pay if he takes a job with an English team this season. This leaves us with only Allegri who does not have a good command of the English language – aka Unai Emery. Ten Hag already said to midseason departure to Bayarn Munich.

        1. QD, I hope this was “tongue in cheek”. Ljundberg need more than one match! As ArsenalWhy states the playing personel is a major factor.
          I don’t want to see Arsenal churning through managers without addressing the real problems.

        2. You’re right about Poch but it seems not many arsenal fans know that he has to give back the 12.5M if he takes a job in the Pl this season!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

    3. What if we won convincingly today? I can only assume that the larger fanbase will be over the moon and sing praises for freddie thus putting our dear legend at risk of mirroring ‘ole on the wheel’ or ‘we got our Arsenal back.’

      The draw highlighted some positives and I would add that it helps keeping our expectations low.

      If a new established manager arrives, that’ll be great. If not, let’s give freddie some backing, more so when you consider his lack of experience coaching in the top flight.

  2. Could not agree more Admin Martin! As a theatre person I am well used to reading verbal and body behaviour and it leapt out to me- and to many others, I feel sure, that when given the ample chance to say “No,never” to the Arsenal job, he merely said, with a fake half smile, (STRONG CLUE for experienced people watchers) that most managers have an appropriate clause in their contracts about being sought elsewhere and (by implication) they could leave if they wish. MANY WILL FAIL TO NOTICE THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS AND NAIVELY BELIEVE HIS UNCONVINCING COMMENT THAT HE IS HAPPY AT LEICESTER. AFTER ALL, GIVEN THAT HE HAS NOT BEEN OFFERED OUR JOB, HE COULD HARDLY SAY OTHERWISE. BUT IT IS PRECISELY HOW HE SAID IT THAT PRICKED UP MY WILLING EARS. And yours too it seems! So well noticed! He could if he chose to, have easily said he was staying put for many years BUT HE DID NOT( STRONG CLUE TWO), so I am going to stick my neck out and predict that this time next season he will be our manager. We would be well advised to wait for him as the best choice who would take the job under Kroenke and keep Freddie til then. But we need to privately let him know we want him, as both Spuds and United will soon need a new manager, even though MOURINHO HAS JUST TAKEN OVER AT SPUDS, IT WILL NOT LAST AND NEVER DOES WITH HIM. After all, this season is a write off and has been for some time. Any Gooner who even dreams that we will finish in top six this sesson needs thier judgemnt examined by a doctor. wE ARE NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO GET HIM DURING THIS SESOSN. IF I THOUGHT WE COULD I WOULD SAY SO. Reality! Plan ahead and accept this write off season as the price we pay for having made a bad choice in Emery. It is well worth waiting for the best motivator and man manager available who has had experience and success in the Prem. We miss him at our peril.

  3. Ljungberg out!πŸ˜‚ In all seriousness I would love Rodgers, Allegri or Pochettino, make it happen soon πŸ˜„

      1. My BP has already risen under Emery Sue I’ll be dead and buried under Moyes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ how are you anyway my old friend ? 😊

        1. Haha!! All good thanks, and your old self?! 😜
          Did you watch Leicester? Phew…. I was so relieved at the end!! Never thought I’d be rooting for them!!
          Next manager to be sacked, Silva or Oli??

          1. I’m good Sue I just moved so I’m just waiting for BT to come tomorrow πŸ˜„ I didn’t see any game I have no TV yet πŸ˜‚ oh probably Silva then Oli πŸ˜„ what did you think of our lineup today ? πŸ™„

          2. The defence worried me, but then it does every week!
            Pretty much what I was expecting, Kev. How about you? I’m cutting Freddie some slack though πŸ™‚
            I think today showed Torreira should be starting!

          3. Tbh Sue I was expecting Bellerin at RB chambers and Luiz at CB and Tierney at LB I was like oh no here we go again πŸ˜† I love Ljungberg he was one of my favourite players but as manager no not for me, the sooner we get a proper coach in the better πŸ‘Š had enough of Emery’s chopping and changing and now Ljungberg looks to be cut from the same cloth πŸ˜‚ Torreira should definitely be starting Sue I’m amazed him and Pepe aren’t getting a look in πŸ™„ Brighton on Thursday gonna be another nail biter πŸ˜†

          4. If Bellerin wasn’t injured, he’d have probably played. Kola wasn’t too bad, but yes I’d like Tierney to get a run.
            Yeah but this was his first game. If Unai hadn’t been sacked, I’d have probably turned over after 40 minutes or flaked out from boredom πŸ˜‚
            It’s Pepe’s turn now – he’s not been working hard in training!
            The table doesn’t make good reading though.. we’ve dropped sooooo many points 😩

          5. It baffles me what anyone sees in Kolasinac he’s abysmal πŸ˜ƒ mustafi back in the squad too 🀭 Sue managers don’t have sleeve tattoos πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ don’t get me wrong I’d love to see him succeed but I just don’t see it and don’t think the board see him as a long term fix πŸ˜„ yeah we’ve become the 2-2 club πŸ˜‚ I was trying to find out online if we lose to Liege do we go out ? Because some pundit said that but I was thinking we beat them 4-0 so wouldn’t they have to beat us by 5 to qualify?

  4. Allegri will probably choose Man U who will almost certainly show Olle the door soon.

    18 months of tinkering and we end up with a bunch of misfits. Only Leno deserves praise, it must be a nightmare with this defence? in front of him. Good start then back to square one, we even made Norwich look a good team. I know it’s early days but Freddie looked nervous and out of his depth. The board have to move now before it’s too late and we become anchored in mid-table.

  5. I could not agree more Admin Martin! As a theatre person, performer , director and reviewer for many decades past, I always closely observe what people say, HOW they say it and I closely watch body language and facial expressions plus tone of voice , momentary hesitation and other clues. I immediately picked up that he had the chance to strongly say “No, Never” to the Arsenal job but he DID NOT! STRONG CLUE NUMBER ONE!! He then , with a half smile, meekly said that most managers have a clause that ensures their release if they wish to leave. He need not have said this but chose to do so, rather than give a denial to the question. CLUE NUMBER TWO! He is open to our invitation I feel sure but the timing of any invitation to come is all important. His reputation would be seriously damaged if he left Leiceter now(by leaving them in the lurch, esp after having left Celtic so recently) and as a highly switched on and ambitious man he is all too aware of this. You also picked up on these clues, so congrats. Many fans watch but fail to actually SEE!

    We will tempt him IF we wait til this season is ended, though we MUST let him know, privately, that we want him then. United will soon have a vacancy and if they are wise will also seek him. So we must act now.

    But are our club sufficiently clued up to do this or will they go for a lesser manager? I do Not know! Ridiculously, a poster on this thread mentioned that it would take Β£15 mill plus wages and so he , stupidly, said “no thanks”. That level of unintelligence is what we face among football fans in general. To think we could have the best manager available who would actually work under Kroenke and his meanness and who has also has proven Prem success and is one of the very best man managers, motivators and tactical bosses around for a measly Β£15 million is a steal!

    We must get him and we must start planning now. Leave Freddie in charge this season; it is already a write off and top six will not be achieved, in my view. THAT IS THE PRICE WE PAY FOR THE STUPIDITY OF APPOINTING EMERY AND NOT SACKING HIM FAR SOONER. REALITY!

    1. jon, I agree Arsenal have to wait until seasons end to see who is available, but should be making (legal) approaches now. Loyalty in Rogers case can be questioned by money, self interest and status.

      1. jon, as a theatre person, what are your comments on the passing of the great Clive James, an old boy of my old school attending at the same time as Reg Gasnier and John Konrad (“Unreliable Memoirs”)?

  6. I just want a manager who can see like the millions of clueless fans that Xhaka, Mustafi, Luis, Socratis ( have I left anyone out ?)are just like us fans…………clueless !
    And what were the odds that Wenger, Emery and Freddie would all not be clueless like us fans, what was the chance that Arsenal could in the space 18 months employ 3 geniuses ? .
    It is why they pay these geniuses` millions of ponds per year because the are not clueless like us fans !.
    If us fans were not clueless we would see what great players the aforementioned players are and not see shite performances from aforementioned players but motm performances, how do we not see it ?…………..because we are clueless and not one genius between millions of fans, if there were, Kroenke would be paying us fans millions to turn up and watch such magnificent performances !…………………my clueless brain hurts ! hahaha

    1. Le Coq, one has to worry when assets like Sven Mislantat and Steve Morrow are forced out, when it comes to scouting and recruitment.
      Raul Sanheili must be under scrutiny. Where are the people with football knowledge and experience in the Arsenal hierarchy?

      1. Agree, your point is valid n I have been crying for a long time we have more business men in the club then people who care about football. I hope Edu can bring some of more of football to this Arsenal hierarchy. We do need a good head of scout though someone like Mislantat as he is not coming back here.

  7. Kev..I don’t see him as a long term fix either, but just hope he does well while he has the job. I’ve no idea who they have lined up, don’t fancy Arteta though!
    Ha and they don’t model Calvin Klein undies either (or do they?!) πŸ˜‚
    I’m not sure about that.. will have a butchers…. although I thought you’d know πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ

    1. Of course I can’t deal with more heartache Sue we’ve become so bad I feel like crying πŸ€­πŸ˜‚ πŸ’― definitely do not want Arteta if he’s appointed I will just feel so disheartened πŸ™„ hahaha they do now so that’s good news for you πŸ˜‚ haha no I’m in the dark on this one πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ if we get knocked out of the Europa League this will be beyond a new low πŸ˜‚ utd qualified from their group scoring like 2 goals lol

      1. It’s tight in the group. We’re on 10, 2nd on 9, 3rd on 7.
        Standard’s gd is -2… ours is 7.
        So, yes as you say, if we do go out, I will cry!!
        Haha yes jammy Mancs… yes and playing a load of kids!!

        1. So what does it mean Sue ? Is it goal difference or head to head if we lose 3-0 are we still through ? πŸ˜‚ Haha I know and Celtic probably had the toughest group and they sailed through Tierney should have stayed put πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          1. Even Wolves are through!
            I don’t know πŸ€ͺ maybe if somehow we end up on the same, then it’d go to the head to head?
            We’ll just have to win, and win well, Kev!! We’d have to lose by some margin.. surely not?! 😜

          2. Nothing would surprise me with this Arsenal team Sue πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I know Wolves just say that to yourself Wolves πŸ˜‚ what has happened to this club 🀭 so you off to the Brighton game Sue ? Bring your foam finger πŸ˜ƒ

          3. No, Kev, although I want to – for the first time in ages!! πŸ˜‚ Don’t finish work until 7. It’s on Amazon!
            I wonder who will be their commentators (hopefully not a bloody scouser!)

  8. In all honesty there is no quick fix !………………..our defense and midfield defensive shield ( lack of it) has been a cancer rotting away for years, we really do need some experts in that field to fix it and changing minds and attitudes will not be quick and we all want it done yesterday, more of the same for quite a while imo.

    Next up on MotD………….cant wait to see/hear what Keown says …………

  9. The only reasons you would ever appoint a caretaker manager is if you were caught off guard by the immediacy of a firing or if you really didn’t like what you were seeing on the pitch so you brought in a “puppet” regime whom you felt would make the kinds of changes you specifically felt were necessary. In our case, and based on comments made from Josh, the first reason didn’t apply…his comments appeared to suggest that the club had been discussing just such a situation for a few weeks…as for the second reason, this couldn’t possibly apply, since Freddie simply put out an “Emery” lineup and continued in this vain when it came to his substitutions…to me it looks as if Freddie caved to the most vocal members in the locker room…the tactics were far too negative, there was no Lucas, Pepe or Martinelli in the starting 11, somehow Xhaka was once again roaming our midfield after picking up a knock on Thursday and disrespecting our club on more than one occasion, both Mustafi and Luiz starting even though they are fairly useless and were subbed on Thursday due to injury, no Tireney, Holding and Bellerin(the last two whom supposedly have sustained injuries even though they were both fine when the played their respective last games) and both Ozil and Auba spent way too much time out wide, which we know isn’t the best way to employ these specific individuals…if this is any indication of the coaching stylings of the Freddie/Per managerial brain-trust, buckle up because this is going to be an unmitigated disaster

  10. Keown agrees with me……………………defense problem for years…………….a passive not an agressive defense……………………..Graham coached defense untill the cows come home !…………………………..get Keown in as defensive coach !……………then again he talks the same as me, so he must be cluelesss !

      1. Your clueless, Sue, for wanting me in !……….Le Coq In…Le Coq Out and shake it all about ! πŸ˜†
        πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  11. Brighton on Thursday at home, if we cant beat some pesky seagulls then I`m going to chain myself to Kroenke`s wig !

    Miedema needs to have a sex change…….6 goals and 4 assists in one games !……………if she doesn`t have a sex change then I will and become a Lesbian and chain myself to her jock strap !

  12. Fans who are saying Freddie out are lunatics. For god’s sake, just do your job as a supporter and support the bloody team, he is only an interim until we get a coach and he has only been there for one and half days with no assisting team.
    I mean, what the hell have you expected? Wave his wand!

  13. Every coach has known Arsenal to be stingy to themselves even, no managers loves to go where he will be told what to do and how to do it, it happened with Unai with the board.They missed two great coach(Enrique and Mourinho) because the board are more dull than the players. The don’t know how quick decisions are made, they only shy away from spending big on a great coach Than useless players.

  14. He has a good team, board all enjoying season & their football. Why leave? for a club who fights for EL football while he is securing CL?

    Nope, he is not on drugs! Nor few top managers out there. Arsenal has a huge problem beyond coach.

    To remove Wenger from the Club and the Emirates killed Arsenal’s image because Wenger reflects it. People know Arsenal for its Prof’ and players joined club because of Wenger.

    He is very much h part of that Ardena’s brand; image, full of values and love he has for players as a dad or Prof! The international appeal and if course title and entertaining he makes this game.

    In reality, today at this stage of season, no one can save Arsenal but Wenger because he won’t need to adapt in his home and knows most players, the liked of Gendouzi or Pepe will be thrilled as every players indeed!

    Only Wenger can help us reach CL target next year. He has a better team than he left, will indeed do better and mainly get players back in order as a ship Captain we miss!

    Kroenke sacked Emery because he saw empty stadium,his all stakes in great danger. They would have kept him or a new one would be assigned 9 games ago. Spurs pulled trigger at last possible time, top of that international break but indeed had already looked into that option, not Kroenke at all.

    Or we would have a new manager appointed already. Kroenke and board feel they can do a Lampard, but he coached before to land Chelsea, prepared himself. No Eddie!

    Munich contacted Wenger, doing fine with assistant coach, seems fine now. If they did bring his name or for it also resurfaces it at PSG is for a reason.

    He has shoulder to manage a big club and devellop it to a bigger one. Reached CL finals with a bunch of kids, he wpild won it with PSG or Bayern cu4ent teams! It was winning it to make it to final witha team 100% made of academy players,as in top4 for so long withno money!

    It is so great to see how Sir Alex is treated at MU; aslegacy, history, hero, living legend. Look how Kroenke did our Prof. Had us, his kids kick him out from.home he built and paid for. For all of us to celebrate but. kroenke screwed Ardene by ruining Suarez deal then Kante’s! That was the transition from a stadium paid for in 2013 to a new era of throphies from that point. Instead Chelsea and City did, Reds passed us as Leicester who is doing same for years, putting way more money than us!

    Bring Me Wenger back home with signs in every games, let Frenkie assist and learn. Let Prof make that transition as well, he indeed had it in mind. Then he should be in this stadium and honored as Sir Alex. It really should be the Wenger Emerates, Henry’s statue there makes sense then! He paid for it by securing top4 and buikding Arsenal brand he represent and actually can not be removed from; as Sir Alex and more so!

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