Video – Watch every goal involving Nicholas Pepe this season

Nicholas Pepe has hardly proved that he is worth 72million to Arsenal since his arrival at the Emirates two summers ago, but the Frenchmn showed definite signs of improvement in the second half of the season just gone.

In fact in total Pepe scored 16 goals and made 6 assists by the end of the campaign.

Arsenal fans have been waiting a long time to see the best of Pepe, and it would be great if he could kick on from this next year and prove that we got hold of a world class winger…


  1. The reason he didn’t start season well is because someone kept picking Willian ahead of him and left him sat twiddling his thumbs while the player picked ahead of him help consign us to mid table obscurity. The bou has talent, just needs a coach/manager that trusts him.

  2. There is too much unwarranted negative cricism of Nicolas Pepe, when he has been underplayed in a poor team, yet still has produced more goals than comparable players for other teams. He can’t be blamed for his price tag, which Arsenal agreed to pay!
    If Arteta shows a bit of confidence in him and gives him game time, further improvement is to be expected.

  3. Pepe can make Arsenal great again but the problem is our fans and so called themselves Arsenal legends….Kai havert and Warner,never perform till champion league final.But Chelsea fans and their legends never quote his €95m price tag but Nicolas €72m tag never leave keown&Paul mersons leaps.Even when he is in bench,not playing….he will still be blamed for the loose.Let start supporting our own and give them enuf confidence.So that people like Tierney,partey,saka,Rowe etc can perform better…even willock couldn’t perform at arsenal due to media criticism.All this their agenda is to make mockery of arsenal and to get their salaries.Arsenal fans please get wise and get kicking again.If u know u know

    1. The point is the £72 million is spent and is past history. Provided Pepe plays well and contributes goals and assists, people should be satisfied. It appears that unless he scores 25 goals plus ftom the wing they won’t be. If he isn’t chosen when on a run of form, then he won’t score.

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