Video – Watch Freddie Ljungberg post match interview

Freddie Ljungberg gives his post-match reaction to 3-0 loss to Man City.

Freddie puts up a valiant effort trying to explain away the appalling performance we witnessed today at the Emirates.

He also reveals his thoughts on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette playing together. Additionally, he touches on the managerial situation at the club going forward.

This is an honest response from a man that is doing his best but simply does not have the tools at his disposal to succeed.

This video is from Bein worldwide, official partners of the Premier League.

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  1. Admin I know you will need someone to dig your teeth into after the game and because Ozil was substituted I knew straight away you were going to to this, the this is that you did not disappoint. 2? Tell me how he warranted the score of 2 from you? Even the defence that let in an early goal like a child did not get 2. You should just be very honest with yourself. Ozil did as much as everyone and put his crosses in correctly. Except for one time the ball went away from him I challenged you to prove the deserve 2 by bringing videos that showed his passes (some which opened up Man City defence) went badly, one where he caused the defence to concede a goal. Bloody hell you are!!!! The whole team was far from a premier league team and Freddie has no extra tactics to beat them. We need a proven manager ASAP.

    1. Ozil is pants. Who cares about the rating when he hasn’t had a good game for us since Leicester LAST SEASON! Over a year ago now since he’s done anything.

    2. Sorry for so many typos, it’s just really annoying sometimes what people say here?. I agree he is pants, I agree he has never done anything good in football, I agree to all criticism but please let us be honest in everything. I pray the board sort things out fast.

    3. 2 is too much, should be zero for not utilizing his massive talent. His movement on and off the ball was appalling something’s wrong with Ozil he seems to have switched off completely no passion no fight in him. that’s why Freddy subbed him.

  2. Freddie we need results,in time like this why on earth can you play the youth against such a big time. Mybe you are just showing the world that the sit is too big for you. Laca is world class,look even his work rate

    1. Sometime we always look for whom to cast blame upon, we have tried it a million times the pairing of Aubu and Laca doesn’t work and the front three of mertinelli Aubu Pepe are the best but what our coach fail to do was Aubu on the pitch for the full game, he would have put him out in the second half and bring in Laca

  3. I thought we looked better than we have most of the season (tactically).
    Tbh the team is such a joke anyone coming in needs a decent transfer window and a few months to sort the rot out.
    I don’t think we can judge FL on this bunch of players.
    I liked that FL gave the young guns match time, because they show more desire than the mercenaries we are over paying

  4. So is Freddie done?
    Are we appointing a new manager Monday or what?
    I mean we just loss 0-3 at home.
    No club can wait when the team is 9th in the league and just lost 0-3 at home.
    Arteta must be the favourite for the Arsenal job.
    But does he want it?
    Arteta turned the job down before because there is an average squad, unambitious owner,
    low budget and low control over transfers.
    Nothing has changed.
    Pep will leave if City don’t win the CL so why not wait and get a club
    already heavy with super stars is ambitious and got budget”

  5. Players I want gone:
    Bellerin (injury prone)
    Cellebos – Pro spelling

    I also think we need a Diago Simone as next coach

    1. What about Kolasinac, Chambers, Holding and Manvropanis too? Actually, I can think of a few more. Hell, most of them can go!!

      I don’t identify with many of them as Arsenal material! No heart and no passion!

  6. I think arteta begged to guardiola not to humiliate his potential employer, city’s second half performance was more than fair play i swear

    Also saw guardiola post match interview, seems like he know arteta is living

  7. Freddie is not to blame for any of what is going on, maybe one day he will make a great coach but the situation this club is in, the last thing we need is a rookie in the hot seat. We need someone who has rebuilt a club and improved an underperforming team before. It is a massive rebuild (again) and some brave decisions getting rid of some of the mercenaries we have and someone who can build a unit that can defend when we need to defend and attack when we need to attack. Not a Rookie, we need a person who has form and we need someone we can see has had success before, we cant gamble we are not in a position to gamble. We are in a desperate state.

  8. Im that desperate, i would take Big Sam until the end of the season if it means waiting for the right person. We need to stop leaking goals and we need a person who can organize our team out of possession. The league has gone as far as top 4 possibly top 6 if we aren’t quicker at sorting our defence out. I know Big Sam is a hate figure but he does know his football. Im desperate, i cant believe I’ve wrote that.

    1. Never mind top 4 or 6.. we could be in the bottom 4 or 6 at this rate!

      This squad is a complete joke! Bottlers windbags with no balls!

      They just don’t. Seem to have any self respect. I mean, thier names will go down in history as the worst squad in Arsenal history. They look like they are just turning up for a half hearted training session..

  9. Our best team and formation are these players. A combination of pace, energy, grit and determination suitable for the way the EPL is being played this season. Call Nketiah back. Our defense is still the weak link but that midfield and attack will put up a fight to win games with forward passes rather than side-ways and back passes.











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