Video – Watch Freddie Ljungberg press conference ahead of Brighton game

Freddie Ljungberg press conference – Freddie faces the press and discusses Norwich City and Brighton.

Freddie faced the media and gave his thoughts on the draw with Norwich City but focussed mainly on the Brighton game.

He also answered questions about why he was not wearing a suit at Carrow Road. He also refused to answer whether he will wear one against the Seagulls. I know, petty but that’s the press.

He further talked about the fans and the atmosphere at the Emirates.

He was very articulate and took all the questions in his stride. I am sure you will enjoy the video, I certainly did.

This video comes from the official Arsenal Youtube channel.

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  1. GB says:

    So, we are 9th and falling…..
    Palace up to 5th……🤔

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      At least it’ll be interesting this season, as I’ve never seen Arsenal in a relegation battle.

      1. GB says:

        I have, it’s not fun.

        1. ken1945 says:

          Second that GB, still it might make those who think The Arsenal have a divine right to be successful, might just become aware of the real world!!

          1. Phil says:

            I too third that guys.Does it not show firstly how far our star has fallen.And secondly that NO TEAM has a divine right to expect success no matter how big we feel our club is.The Arsenal “ Brand” is slowly melting away.We are cannon fodder now for small teams mainly due to our inability to put out a team it’s anything resembling a defence.Until this is addressed no new manager will ever get us going upwards.
            Watch out for Brighton on Thursday.I was at Anfield on Saturday ( a long story ) and they set themselves up very compact and only lost to two set price goals.At times they were the better side especially in the second half.They will come to The Emerates and not be overawed and looking to hit us on the break just as Norwich did.

          2. GunneRay says:

            Well said ken1945. Arsenal have been blinkered for years while other teams caught up and overtook. Arsenal just never looked in the rear view mirror, assuming top 4 was always guaranteed! Top 5 is beyond us and now even mid table is too competitive! Oh how the mighty have fallen!

        2. ozziegunner says:

          So right GB👍

  2. jon fox says:

    Can’t believe certain folk are worried that Freddie wears a suit or not. HAD HE NOT WORN TROUSERS I COULD HAVE UNDERSTOOD BUT SUCH PETTINESS IS LIKE WORRYING ABOUT THE TINY SPOT ON YOUR FACE WHEN YOU ARE DYING OF PLAGUE. For plague, read the farce that a club of our fame and standing has NO defence whatsoever and cares not a jot either. If the regime and owner did care they would have done something about it . But they did not, so they don’t care. Actions, or rather lack ot them, reveal true intentions but mere weasle words mean little when care for the club is absent. Only we fans care . We love the club but the custodians love only money, power and treat us fans as dirt. That is how they see us, OBVIOUSLY! Esp the snake owner!

  3. Andrew Elder says:

    1913 was the last time we were relegated and this year marks 100 consecutive years in the top flight. The only team ever to achieve that.

    It can’t happen, can it???

  4. Gunnerphilic says:

    It will @Andrew Elder, unless we stem this nightmare tide.

    I am confident that we will gain points IF we work hard and become better organised in defence. That should be the focus NOW, and nothing else.

  5. Gunnerphilic says:

    Our attack needs to also realise it’s true potential. On paper, we seem to have a fearsome, formidable attack that will make teams wary of coming at us, even on a counter. We actually can hurt teams. But they will not have anything to fear if we keep leaking goals like we are doing.

  6. Hardave Singh says:

    So much negativity. Did anyone even watch the press conference?

  7. Daulat says:

    Freddie sees the problems very well. He basically admitted we lack pace, so we need to stop competing in open sprints with other players during transitions if we are to win. Now that’s good assessment. And with good assessments, come good solutions.

    Can’t wait for Thursday.

    1. Hardave Singh says:

      Yes we have been guilty of letting players run at our defence. It’s been a major problem. Ljungberg and Per will stop this. Back to basics where you either take the ball or the player. Not let both run freely. Per never had pace but he read the play perfectly and rarely let players run at or past him.

      1. Daulat says:

        Yes, Per is exactly the kind of guy who can guide our slow defenders on how to compensate for lack of pace.

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