Video – Watch Joe Willock score his 6th goal in a row for Newcastle

There are very few Arsenal fans that would have predicted that Joe Willock would become a superstar on his arrival at Newcastle in January, and tomorrow he will have the opportunity to score his SEVENTH goal in a row for the Toon when they take on lowly Fulham at Craven Cottage, and I certainly wouldn’t bet against it.

Watch this official Newcastle video and understand why Arteta can’t wait to get him back in the squad for next season..


  1. Joe Willock is playing on this level because now he have a real manager, Steve Bruce, an experienced coach. If Farteta force JW “home” to Emirates the kid will fall back to his old level, that wasn’t good enough for Arsenal starting 11. Let Joe go, or at least, let him stay up north another season. Farteta will ruin his career.

  2. I think we have a replacement for Cebalos now.
    Next season we should loan Ode for 1 more season, get a new CF and a more Dynamic CAM
    Willock in for Ceballos
    Saliba in for luiz ( I hope luiz stay as backroom staff or player coach)
    I think we can sell off the following:
    Auba and Willian would have been on my list but we it’s highly unlikely we get interest for them.
    I think Bellerin is on his way out maybe a replacement

    1. Arsenal need a strong DM to play along side Thomas Partey in midfield, as their #1 priority.
      Joe Willock has shown his ability if playing for a manager, who gives him the freedom to play to his strengths. Mikel Arteta please take note.

      1. A strong DM ? I don’t think we are lacking in defensive departments but the attacking one so I think we need attacking midfielder more than a defensive midfielder.
        The way MA set up the team, it’s becoming more descipline, we can’t be a defensive team can we? So I think the priority is a more dynamic CAM. ESR isn’t in the level of what we need yet, we cannot sacrifice the whole team to please him or his development, we need to be ruthless, he will have his chance but we need someone more experienced and dynamic in that department

        1. I have to say I don’t think we have so many good DMs. I would not mind a more mobile versatile DM to partner Party. Of course, we also need a CAM.

          I think in most big games Eleney is a tat light or at least he doesn’t partner up well with Partey. Xhaka makes a better partnership with Partey but misses a bit of mobility and defensive qualities. Other than those two do we really have any other DM alternatives that we like, in the squad?

    2. Adajim, who replaces Lacazette’s ability to link up and bring Arsenal’s young players into the game? It is obvious that Lacazette instill confidence to those young players around him.
      Also, who will compensate for Lacazette’s goals this season, should he be sold?
      Personally, I would sell Aubameyang, but don’t disregard the impact a debilitating disease like malaria has had on his performances.

      1. Laccazet is at the end of his contract, I will never support a renewal, we need another CF who can hold up , can shoot and is good in the air, laccazet is lacking to be trusted and given another contract.
        Auba has been awful all season, when did he contacted the malaria? Was it September? What was his contribution before malaria.
        As I mentioned earlier, I doubt any European team can afford to pay both Auba and Willian wages and still pay transfer fees with there age and current form, so both seems to be untouchable atm

    3. I think Ode is overrated. He has had one or two games but he has been missing far too many times. In fact, I think ESR is a better CAM than Ode. If you can buy Ode for 20 million, maybe but I would not pay more for him.

  3. Buendia is better than any of our current midfielders.
    He scores
    He assist
    He tackle better
    He dribbles better
    He passes better
    He knows the EPL and needs little adaptation.
    He is the best championship player 2021 season.

    What else do you want?

    We should have signed him in January at the time he was valued around 15-20m.Now is is around 40m.

    But typical of Arsenal we will wait until he is 100m then we will say we nearly signed him.Jack Greenish is a typical example.Never underrate championship players most are better than EPL players.Example Watkins has been better than Auba, Nketia,martial, and many more examples.

    Bissuoma,Buendia, Aarrons and a backup left back and we are good to go.
    Sign them fast before the big boys notice.

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