Video- Watch Matteo Guendouzi turn on the magic for France U21

Guendouzi turns it on with fantastic long ball assist

Matteo Guendouzi continues to put in top-quality performances, no matter who he is playing for. Yesterday the 20-year-old was in action for France U21 against Azerbaijan and pulled off a great assist for Celtic’s Odsonne Edouard.

In all fairness to Edouard, he still had a lot of work to do but the pass from the Arsenal man was almost perfect in its execution.

Guendouzi is on a roll right now, he won the Arsenal September player of the month award. He has also been called up to the senior French squad in the last international break

The young midfielder is clearly playing with immense confidence and his game is just getting better and better.


  1. He’s one of my favorite Emery signings so far. So good for such a young age. Can’t wait to see him at 25 hopefully at this club

    My favourite signings are
    Torreira, Guendouzi and Ceballos
    Hopefully Pepe will improve and become one of them

    Least favourite is Sokratis

  2. Without any doubt, he has unbelievable potential. The main area of improvement in his game is to leverage his physical stature. He can be more aggressive especially heading the ball, improve his shooting technique and be more tactically astute in his movement without the ball. I think we have an absolute gem on our hands, as long as we don’t turn on him when he makes critical errors in games. But what he has already are the qualities you can’t coach: vision, exceptional passing ability, stamina, great attitude and humility.

  3. Fantastic find, like seriously, these days you don’t often find a powerful French future international at that price. Everyone is looking into France and the prices usually rise rapidly and the top French teams scoop up anyone who might have an increase in value.

    Guendouzi, he’s not an exact mold of Vieira (we know and sure who would be) ..but he’s a powerhouse, full of ability and playing in the engine room. I think the comparisons are fair. The biggest difference between the two is the generational gap. Football has changed since then, but I can imagine how that old defence and others would prepare Guendouzi for the league, toughening him up like they did with so many others and like they did in Vieira’s and in Henry’s cases. They used to tell us how difficult it was in training and how Adam’s and Keown in particular never went easy on them.

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