Video – Watch Mesut Ozil lose his temper at end of Brighton game

Mesut Ozil caught on camera expressing his frustration.

Arsenal embarrassingly lost 2-1 at home to Brighton last night and the frustration was clear to see. It was not just the fans venting, Mesut Ozil also showed significant anger as he walked off the pitch.

I am not sure who he was having a go at, it looked like Per Mertesacker to me but some are saying it was at Alexandre Lacazette.

It is now clear as it can be that the club is in meltdown with no sign of improvement on the horizon.

Have a look, it does at least show that Ozil has some form of passion.

This video comes courtesy of DAZN Canada.

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  1. Big shame to the players and coaching crew.

    The players should take ownership. Fight hard and try to win for the team and fans. Unfortunately we see little fight from them.

    Big Shame!

  2. Extremely unlikely, but I would to think that he’s angry with himself for flopping…yet again! I never known any player in history to get paid so much just to make simple 5 yard passes look attractive.

    His lack luster, style, but no substance performances, just typifies our problems.


    1. Spot on, but I don’t agree with your Allardyce idea

      Arsenal had better give Ljungberg one more EPL match. If he fails, Nuno would be a good option

  3. He was clearly upset at mertesacker, the players should be really ashamed of themselves, they got Emery sacked now they are doing the same under Freddie, why Freddie keep using wilock and Ozil I will never understand.

  4. When u look at how NU beat the blades this shows the gunners passing game is not good enough. It slows down the attack and won’t win games.

    1. When you have a midfield of useless Wilcok, finished Ozil and an average Xhaka, the midfield will be slow.

  5. Josh needs to sack Raul before another loser manager gets hired and this total sh*t show gets even worse.
    By the time January comes we could be in a relegation dogfight and we do not have the sort of players who could win the fight.
    We have a bunch of soft, pampered babies, living on past glories. Total snowflakes.
    I’ve seen some dark days in my 62 years of supporting the Arsenal, but nothing as bad as this.
    Trust me, we are not getting out of this easily.

    1. Kelvin: We should fight to survive a relegation tussle. I am far less concerned by the Europa league.

  6. Managers, players blah blah blah add infinitum.

    I fear until there is a change of ownership, board and playing staff in fact a complete purge from top to bottom we have become and will remain “also rans” !

    Likelihood of the above …… zero !



  7. How remarkable that Ozil showing some passion is a story by nature of its extreme rarity. Though he is clearly the single least passionate player at the club, since Walcott was, mercifully, sold and is now in Everton reserves – not in the team in a bottom three side- almost ALL our players lack passion , heart sufficient maleness to fight for the shirt and remind me, with a very few exceptions, of frightened schoolboys running and crying to Mummy becaue the bigger, more determined lad beat them up. Boo HOO. I detest cowards , esp prima donna cowards who regularly digrace our shirt. I would clear the club right out of cowards in two seasons, at most, and replace them with players who have “the balls” to fight for our club. I am a Gooner who feels strong dislike, personally, for many of our players but I love the club they are regularly betraying. The clear exceptions are both keepers, MARTINELLI, GUENDOUZI, TIERNEY and most really fringe players, who have not yet had a real chance to play and show their courage(or lack of it, as appropriate). I would get rid of all the rest as soon as we can replace them with PROPER MEN. MEN WITH “BALLS”! Even Auba is for me, too lazy!

    1. Jon, just a little bit of information regarding your second favourite whipping boy Walcott.

      Been at a premier league football club since the age of 17 – now 30 years old.
      Sold by The Arsenal and went to Everton for £20,000,000.
      He is not in everton RESERVES, but in the first team squad ever since joining them.
      Season 2019-20 stats.
      Played 13 domestic games – Ave player ranking 6.31 Top rank 8.12 Star Lowest rank 5.89
      Current Reported salary from sportstrac £100,000 weekly – £5,200,000 annually.


      Pepe at Arsenal – Bought for £72,000,000
      Season 2019-20
      Played 12 domestic games
      Current Reported salary from sportstrac £140,000 weekly – £7,280,000 annually.

      I would think Walcott couldn’t give a damn about what ANYONE thinks of his performances, especially as he has fulfilled his dream and become a millionare many times over while doing it.

      Meanwhile, the new regime at The Arsenal have bought in a player, who you also condemn, after just twelve games, for a staggering transfer difference of £52,000,000 and an incredible annual salary difference of £2,080,000.
      What a wonderful act it was to bring them to the club as we got our Arsenal back.

      Meanwhile, we sink further and further down, from a regular top four club, winning trophies with so called passionless and dross players, to a club in real danger of relegation, because some fans didn’t realise exactly what we did have…and so it continues with Ozil – damned for NOT showing passion…damned for NOW showing passion and belittled for both instances:

      1. you forgot to mention how long you have been supporting the arsenal , again, you , sir, are slipping up.

  8. Bunch of nancy boys. Would get thrashed in a park game. Least spirited Arsenal team I have ever seen…and that’s going back to pre Terry Neill. Four points off the relegation zone and losing at home to the lower clubs…this could be the year the club goes down because what you need for a relegation battle is desire, and these impostors don’t have an ounce….

  9. What is Ozil bringing to the party? The guy is a baby and he has a few contenders as to who is the biggest baby. This shower if shizzle are the most up their own arse pile of doggy do do, i have ever seen at arsenal and believe me, ive been watching a long time. No heart! No fight! No passion! What a bunch of mercenaries.

  10. The fact of the whole deteriorating spirit is the present ownership of the club. Honestly, let just take our minds back from the day these guys took over that was the very moment we started having problems with the coexistence of the players and the manager. This was the same performance under Wenger, same performance under Unai emry and now d same performance under Freddie. So who can u blame now.

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