Video – watch Mikel Arteta reaction to goals against Man Utd and more

Brilliant bench cam catches Mikel Arteta reactions in Man Utd game.

The win against Man Utd has come at just the right time but it was more than the win that was so enjoyable.

The entire performance from the team was a massive improvement on what we have seen for a very long time and watching this video you can see where that improvement stems from.

Arteta was very animated, constantly encouraging the players and barking out orders. I have to say that at times he reminded me a little of Pep Guardiola the way he was moving and waving his arms etc.

This video from the official Arsenal Youtube channel is different from your standard highlights. It certainly provides an alternative perspective to the game when you see Arteta in action.

Watch more videos here


  1. Sean says:

    The crowd singing “Arsenal… Arsenal.. Arsenal” at 2-0 gave me goosebumps.

    Well done Mikel in 3 games you have changed so much in the team and with the supporters. Xhaka is a different player under his leadership and the fans will forgive him if he keeps putting in shifts, same with Mesut as we thought both were finished at Arsenal.

    He has got my full backing as I’m sure all the Gooners do. Leeds on Monday, Eddie to come back to haunt them!!

    1. Zamar says:

      How about hoping Xhaka forgives us fans too, for that outburst.

  2. Kedar says:

    We are getting too much optimistic and getting too much carried away with these performances and results…
    We need to keep our feet down..

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