Video – Watch Mourinho blame the referee for Arsenal win

It was certainly a feisty game today between Arsenal and Tottenham, as all North London derbies should be I guess!

But Tottenham were by far the guiltier party with Erik Lamela finally getting sent off after numerous rough fouls on Arsenal players.-

And how can anyone call Harry Kane a “fair” player after the way he cynically took Gabriel out with his elbow, and didn’t even get a yellow card!

Anyway, of course Mourinho needs someone to blame for Tottenham losing, so let’s hear it then Jose….


  1. If that penalty had been given against us we would all be losing out s***t over it. Wasn’t a pen, but we were and are the better team. North London is Red!

    1. Sorry Declan, but I disagree.
      Have another look at where the spud defender’s foot was height wise, when he came in on Lacazette.
      That is da ngerous play and the follow through was also reckless, due to the initial way the defender went into the tackle.
      If it was Xhaka or Luiz who made that tackle, rest assured a penalty would have been awarded.
      I feel spuds were lucky not to have Kane sent off as well.

      1. I totally agree Ken that it was a terrible tackle but can’t help feeling Laca had sliced at the ball, basically missed it and then the tackle came in after. I watched it many times being critiqued by Ljungberg, Rednapp and Dawson so perhaps I have been swayed by their views on it. All three thought it was fortunate .

  2. Stonewall penalty for me, if that was anywhere else on the pitch it was a 100% foul, the fact Lacca scewed his shot before the defender wiped him out is irrelevant. Maureen is just sore hole, with a face like a slapped arse.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Off his feet, reckless and out of control = a penalty.

    Anywhere else on the park it’s a free kick and a yellow.

    In the box …….it’s a pen’.

  4. He didn’t blame the referee at all. He admitted that his team were terrible in the first half and very lucky to go in even. Penalty wasn’t clear cut for me. If a player is fouled after shooting, it is only given if the challenge is particularly nasty, which it wasn’t in this case. Laca made a meal of it. It’s not a hugely controversial decision and Mou overreacted but there’s definitely some debate there.

    1. what’s the debate? The rule is a foul in the box is a penalty. Sanchez fouled Lacazette. It’s pretty irrelevant how well Laca contrlled the ball. It would only be relevant if Sanchez received a red for stopping an obvious goal scoring opportunity which he did not, because Laca lost control of the ball. This is a basic rule of the game and somehow it’s up for debate ???? Pens have been given for shoves in the box during a corner kick. It’s the same concept. The ball doesn’t have to be at the players foot in order for a foul to be committed.

  5. anyone who tries to even suggest this was a penalty needs to get to the optometrist on the double…Laca not only whiffed on the shot but he then followed through with such force he made hard contact against the defender…a more logical approach would be to say nothing ridiculous, be happy that the call “finally” went our way and then employ a little more perspective when this invariably happens against us in the future…much like how the non-handball call in the Burnley game was totally confounding, this was likewise…two wrongs don’t make a right, but hopefully these two incidences will be used to somehow address the problems currently facing the VAR initiative…even the player and every pundit, including Wrighty, recognized the error on the part of the game/VAR officials

  6. The simple questions to ask are these:
    Was Lacazette fouled in the penalty area? YES
    Was the spud player in control of his actions before, during and after the incident? NO
    Did the fact that Lacazette miscued his kick mean that it wasn’t a foul? NO
    Was VAR used to confirm the referees decision? YES
    Did VAR overturn the decision, or ask the referee to review his decision? NO

    So, the decision, after all of these questions, is that it WAS a penalty and the correct decision was made.
    No pontificating by the media, pundits and others to try and rewrite the rules regarding a foul will alter the simple basics of the game and what constitutes a foul.

    1. Problem with your supposed explanation is that Laca himself doesn’t agree with your assessment…I’m certainly not upset by the notion that we’re finally on the lucky side of that equation, as it seems like, more often than not, we’ve been on the receiving end of some very sketchy decisions…that said, I’m not going to make some ridiculous claim to try and justify what was clearly a wrong decision…I’m never going to lower my standards to fit some convenient narrative.

      1. TRVL I have just one question for you. Was Lacca fouled or not? Answer that & then answer this – what part of the pitch did it happen?

        1. Kklin, of course you are completely correct – some fans seem to have verbal diarrhoea when trying to explain why they differ from the basic rules of football.

  7. It’s interesting how you two, in your infinite combined wisdom, believe you know more than a panel of pundits/former players, including a former Arsenal player, a former longtime referee and the player who you claim was actually fouled…such arrogance is mindboggling, to say the least…this kind of abject stubbornness, in the face of rational logic, is exactly why Wenger was allowed to stay on long past his best before date

  8. I am not certain if the quarrel is about the rule or whether or not Laca was fouled. Is it that we do not like the rule that says a foul in the box is a mandatory penalty? Is it that we feel that a foul in the box should be negotiated? Was Laca fouled? Did he go down easy? Did he influence the referee’s decision? To be honest, I am impressed that under MA players are learning to go down when hit. In the past referees have explicitly stated that Arsenal players do not help themselves by staying on their feet when hit. When I was a child you would be called a sissy by the referee for hitting the ground easily when clobbered but it is the way of football today. The officials actually encourage it. They only penalize the few who make a mess of the acting. So Laca did the advisable thing. The Tots were using sandpaper on us for much of the game. To be fair they could have done with a few more cards. I am very proud that we outplayed them – and won as deserved.

  9. Some Arsenal fans claim they know the rules when they don’t know shit. If Kane was an Arsenal player, he probably would have been sent off. If the penalty went against Arsenal, there probably would have been no debate whatsoever. Worse decisions have gone against Arsenal this season & the so called infallible pundits have made a mess of their judgment, eg versus Luiz against wolves. So keep calm or use ur veto power & overturn the penalty. Or simple, hug the nearest electric transformer in protest.

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