Video – Watch Nicolas Pepe finally get off the mark for Arsenal

Arsenal’s record new signing Nicolas Pepe finally got off the mark for the Gunners after he converted a penalty kick this afternoon against Aston Villa.

There had been some murmurings about the lack of goals from the 24-year-old but he has put an end to that now and it does not really matter how they are scored, they all count and he can kick on now that he has the first goal under his belt.

The normal Arsenal penalty taker is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang but on this occasion, it was the Ivory coast forward that had the honours and he duly stepped up and pulled Arsenal back into the game.


  1. Good that he scored. Hope he will pick up from there.
    Lacca – Auba – Pepe
    Rubbish midfield except a certain G.
    Rubbish Defence. Bring in the C and H.
    Leno should watch his back. There’s one Martinez.

  2. Was absolutely brilliant of aubameyang handing pepe the spot kick something kane would never do. And he even dedicated the goal to Pepe by celebrating with pepe’s trade mark jubilation showing that he followed the suggestion pepe gave before the free kick was given.
    Thanks to the brilliance of Guendoziee for that penalty. It was his effort.

    1. Aubameyang is a leader. Give him the arm band. He did not think of top scorers’ chart but how to help a team mate build confidence.

      1. Auba as a captain will make Arsenal better, because Auba can play as a striker, as a winger and to support the others.. He can lift his team’s spirit, that’s for sure

  3. Honest match report.

    Firstly, congratulations to arsenal for turning that around. I didn’t think from the first half performance we would get anything from the game.
    I think too much at times is made of arsenal should of won this game without any drama from Fans, and this is Exactly the same attitude that the players have, and is causing us issues.

    For all of the applauds for having the tacticial nouce to create the result, we were so poor in the first half. I have seen it under Wenger and i have seen it under unai.

    The players need to realise whether home or away, results are not a given. You have to fight in this league. Only then can you make it look easy!

    This attitude was part of the problem. Liverpool faced it for years. Both from fans and players.

    Today was an example of arsenal. Against 4-5-1 we didnt feel up for the battle. It felt like we would have enough to get the job done. When Villa’s first shot on goal was tame and wide and weak, the players just turned and walked back to their markets as though this is all we are up against. No issue.
    But the 541 set up saw their midfield sway side to side and close of spaces and lead up to end ends before hitting us with supporting midfielders and counter attacking football.

    We had no answers. No one was looking to change up the pace, run directly at them, try and stretch them or even try a few shots.

    The 1st goal was down to that midfield support and the late run in the box. Out wide they were allowed to cross the ball, in the box the threat wasnt read by anyone. 0 – 1 and Villa look like the better team.

    The Red Card was as much a show of frustration. Once we dont start well it’s hard to get into the game, to change the pace.

    Thankfully in the second half we changed our approach and we found ourselves camping in their half. This lead to the penalty. Villa was pushed back because we were moving the ball faster and into key areas. Thos stretched Villa and it gave Gendouzi space to run into – the Penalty was the outcome of a change of mindset. 1-1

    The frustration then was how we just didnt realise that Villa were willing to push up and force errors up the pitch (then sit back again for the rest of the game) and won the ball from Chambers and did everything right in getting into the box and scoring.
    It may have been 1-1 but we had 10 men and we were always going to be exposed 3 against 5 in midfield. We needed to be compact and use Villa’s high press against them. Poor team goal to concede. 1-2.

    As much as we conceded a poor set of goals, Villa will not be happy to give away a penalty of the sort they did, because how can Gendouzi run through a 5 man midfield?! But as much as the 1st goals was poor for them, their 2nd was just as poor. Chambers scored a goal around tue right time for us. In truth Tyrone shouldn’t be heading that back to his partner but clearing his lines. We were again asking questions and had them pinned back. The timing of the goal meant we have a glimmer of a chance. Could arsenal reall do a great come back? 2-2

    By now we were seeing some things we hadn’t seen much of before. For once Pepe was playing the game then ‘playing the game he should be playing in his head. His mind looked more like it was on the pitch and in his feet then in his head. The penalty at 0-1 was brave but even before then, he looked like he grew into the game.

    Equally Gendouzi who seems to offer little when nothing is up for grabs seemed to show his potential and desire when we were losing. If he can force the issue at 0-0 as much as when we are against it, his education into becoming a better player will occur much sooner. Granted his is in his 1st full season as a starter (so far) but this 2nd half was his best so part this season.

    When Auba took that free kick, I enjoyed the goal and celebrations as much as tue players.

    But it didnt take me long to turn my attention to ‘right how will we defend’

    Granted to arsenal, we played so compact and secure enough.

    We dont have our 1st choice LB, RB and CB playing yet so I am binding my time before I fully understand Unai’s Arsenal.

    In the end, il enjoy a rewarding 3-2 on a weekend when Man U (did not compete at all today in their match – fans furious), Chelsea and Spurs (felt they were a little unlucky but didnt show enough energy to disturb Lesta) all lost.

    1. But the 541 set up saw their midfield sway side to side and close of spaces and lead *us to dead* ends before hitting us with supporting midfielders and counter attacking football.

  4. Wow!!! What a rollercoaster ride that was!! I was sat right by the drum, i sang until i could sing no more, clapped so hard until i could clap no more ? what a comeback!!
    All 3 goals were superb! And Guendouzi!! Omg how good was he?? I love him, defo my MOTM, take a bow!!
    And what a complete bell end Jon Moss is, so some things never change ?
    Thank you, Arsenal ?

  5. Make Gwen fababi daba dozi the captain. What you want from a captain is to lead by example and this boy is examplary.

    Defense is dire and UE needs to sort this. Hopefully Tierney Bellerin and Holding can now sure things up.

    Said we would win this, just felt it, and glad we did.

  6. Guendouzi may not have scored any goals but he was clearly my man of the match, that dude was all over the pitch playing his heart out like his mother’s life depended on it

  7. We played but I think we move the ball too slowly.We should press like other teams.Chambers brought our difference

  8. Great comebacks!
    When Xhaka will give an armband to Guendouzi?
    I think it will be a great moment to do that for ManUtd game.
    We will win at old trafford for sure but Emery must wake up:
    Chambers Holding Luiz Tierney
    Torreira Ceballos Guendouzi
    Pepe Auba Saka

    or if Ozil is still an Arsenal player 🙂 he can come back in 4 4 2 formation for Saka. I dnt want to see Xhaka and Mustafi anywhere near the 1st team.

  9. Happy too for the comeback I was with man u fans and they had me pissed off.imagine we had lost?? that could have been like 3games in a row man u loosing or drawing and we fail to take advantage.

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