Video – Watch Odegaard equalise against Man Utd

Man Utd had just taken the lead against the run of play and the sense of injustice was overwhelming but that feeling did not last for long at all, thanks to Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard.

United did not deserve their lead but the Arsenal boys did not allow that to get them down and the way they bounced back underlines the mentality within this squad.

It was a beautifully taken goal by Odegaard and fully deserved. Have a look at one of the videos below and judge for yourselves.

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  1. What aboring 46 mins with a half decent two mins just half way through . Then yet MORE BOREDOM.
    Both team plainly afraid to lose, rather than trying to win.

    Is Havetz related to OZIL!!. Both have the same bone idle gene!

  2. Fantastic response from Arsenal.
    Great play by Martinelli.
    It cannot be easy when you start every game with ten men when Havertz starts for Arsenal.
    Get Havertz off and bring Jorginho on and bring some balance to the midfield..

  3. Havs has had a very good game – a pre assist to Erickson! An open chance/miss.Hope Leo comes on if Arteta wants to win it.

  4. Havertz has had just 18 touches that whole half. Surely time for a more productive substitution – like a traffic cone.

  5. Misses a sitter.
    Gives away a goal.
    Feigns a foul for a penalty that isn’t given.
    FFS get this f**king man off now !
    Its like we are down to ten men with him on the pitch.

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