Video – Watch Ramsdale being kicked by disgusting Tottenham thug

Derby games can be volatile affairs and not many come close to a North London derby for passion, however, there is a line and a Tottenham fan clearly went over that line yesterday.

Arsenal keeper Aaron Ramsdale was celebrating after the final whistle and for some reason, this angered Tottenham striker Richarlison, who confronted Ramsdale.

This confrontation seemed to egg on one specific Tottenham fan on, who ran down the stairs and aimed a kick at the England keeper.

It was a disgraceful cowardly attack and hopefully, the book is thrown at the thug.

Watch the two videos yourself below, it is disturbing.


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The Arsenal boss talks about the euphoria of winning the North London Derby and sharing with the happy fans….

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  1. Richarlison should be banned as well for putting his han into ramsdale face he is a complete animal the only good thing is I am so glad spuds wasted all that money on a very average player long may it continue!

  2. He should be banned.

    He is lucky he did not do that to Xhaka or he would have been on the floor like the cry baby he is.

    FA must make a statement and not be cowards.

    I suspect they are going to try and use the fan as more of an issue so they can avoid dealing with the player.

  3. Little git covered his face with a scarf – the 2nd video shows it slipping for a moment so the police will have at least a profile view.

    Fairly distinctive bouffant hairdo as well – shouldn’t be too hard to find.

    Banning him isn’t enough – that was assault at the very least, it’s a criminal matter.

  4. Ramsdale dealt with it very well, but Richarlison must be charged with some punishment for using his hands to provoke Ramsdale. The Spurs fan should be banned for the kick

  5. Maybe Ramsdale should have walked away rather than kissing the badge and goading the supporters,we had already won and his actions then started this whole unsavoury nonsense IMO .

    1. If the Spurs fans can dish it out verbally they should be able to take it, and it by no means gives anyone the right to resort to physical violence.

      1. I didn’t say it didn’t ,what I said was he should have known better and just walked away rather than winding the spuds fans up ,which resulted in this now .

        1. They insulted him from start to finish, yet they couldn’t take him just kissing the badge of the team he played for.
          For me ramsdale is already a legend for just kissing d badge

    2. Yes, of course. Ramsdale should walk away like a spineless moron and let the opponents to walk all over us in the future. Then the media and fans will label us as a weak team. Great point!

      1. Dan is right. Should they be able to take what they dish out? Of course and the fact that they can’t proves they’re a bunch of cowards…


        It’s one of the huge parts of being a professional sportsman, it’s literally your job to not react to taunts. Am I glad Ramsdale gave them some stick? For sure! Should he have? No

  6. Richarlison will likely face nothing for his actions as the FA will focus on fan’s actions.

    After Arsenal were sent letter about celebrations, would not be surprised at all for FA to mention Ramsdale’s banter incited fans.

    Let’s see if Richarlison gets an FA letter, a ban, or a scolding of any kind.

  7. Wow Richarlison is one cantankerous angry man He seems to have a grudge against everybody. One angry man.

  8. So, Arsenal players and Arteta should be reprimanded for protesting against the referees, but nothing for Ricky Gaycut? Precisely the reason why Arsenal should hound down the referees in EPL. Screw the media as well. That Newcastle pulling on Gabriel was swept under the carpet in an incident where it would been a national disaster if that was done to Harry Kane. And now, a Totty player aggressively put his hand on an Arsenal player like a thug and nothing will happen. This anti-Arsenal hatred is getting out of control.

  9. Massive news for me Saliba saying he’s so happy at Arsenal after the derby victory.

    With the big kid as happy as a lark at Arsenal
    and the Mudryk deal through the window,
    Now am as calm as a lamb.

    Surely Richarlison will receive a one or two match ban, but who we sign next is paramount

    1. If Richarlison did that during a match he would, but I would be surprised if FA does anything to him.

      That angry man-child has been doing that for years and suffered little or any consequences.

      His celebrations with Brazil are fine, but loses his top when he’s on the receiving end? Tells you everything about his “sportsmanship”

      What’s needed is a good a$$ kicking to get his mind right, he’s more spoiled child than mature professional.

      1. That’s why I like the “unspoken rules” of baseball. Excessive behavior is handled by players on the field, by wearing a fastball to get your mind right.

        I’m not advocating hockey rules on the pitch, but if Xhaka floored him in the tunnel I wouldn’t complain.

      2. Richarlison is an extremely lucky kid he has been behaving like this from ever since, rarely got punished, he has been warned on many occasions, maybe only a lengthy ban and hitting him hard in his pocket will help.

        Elmundo nick name ( O Animal) a lethal striker that was on top of his game for many years only represented Brazil in the world cup of 1998 , because of his sick behavior

        Richarlison bad behavior is entrenched in him and i strongly believed, his luck will one day runs out

  10. Have never liked that cry baby Richardson both as a player or human being. Whatever happens to him next is irrelevant, just glad we never signed him. He disappears when the going gets tuff, and over celebrates a tap in goal.

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