Video – Watch Saka classy pass to Aubameyang for third Arsenal goal

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang did what he does best and that was to get on the score sheet in the Europa League game against Eintracht Frankfurt this evening in Germany.

Arsenal ran out impressive 3-0 winners against the Bundesliga side and the Gabon international was a handful all night long and just three minutes before he found the back of the net he missed a sitter from just three yards out.

But that did not dent his confidence one bit as he picked up the ball in the penalty area following a classy pass from Bukayo Saka, who stole the ball off the Frankfurt captain David Abraham. All Auba had to do then was slot the ball past the floundering keeper, which he did in style.

It was a fitting end to a very good night.


    1. I hope this comment gets challenged, rather than moderated to say the least.

      I want to say that Reiss Nelson is a highly talented Arsenal player who has proved himself and U23 level, went to Hoffenhiem and made and huge contribution to their team and has may support and hopefully all Arsenal supporters. As does Saka. I am looking forward to watching the match when I get home.

        1. Well said!listening to some people on this site,they must be perfect,never making any mistakes and such,I wonder how they judge themselves,r punish/judge themselves to such high standards?!

          1. Thank you Freddy, hope you dont mind the abbreviation. I particularly enjoy the Europa league because it gives a chance for our young players, especially to shine.

            GIVEN THIS performance I think that Saka has earned a right to start Sunday.

            All, what do you think?

  1. How unlucky is Jenko?? He’ll miss Tuesday night, through injury…
    Bellerin & Tierney will play for the U23’s tomorrow – beautiful!!!!

  2. Saka looked really good
    Very impressed
    Chambers looked good on right too

    Can’t wait till Holding, Bellerin and Tierney join the lineup and Lacazette comes back.

  3. Once the dust settles , what will be remembered for many years , IMO, is that Saka finally showed for certain that he is a deeply talented and intelligent player. He had a truly landmark game and a star was born tonight. Not technically true of course, as he has been hugely gifted for many years. But tonight it is widely shown as a dead cert fact and from now on no serious Gooner can fail to recognise we have a a real diamond in Saka. He will be a regular within weeks, IMO, and hopefully here for a decade plus. Tie him down now to a long term contract right now or risk rivals come seeking his transfer.

    1. Been looking at Bukayo since last season and I’m so happy Unai Emery is giving him a shot. I would like to see him brought on from the bench in the league a lot more often now. He needs to build on his confidence. United and Chelsea are showing that these kids can be reliable when handled right. I think heavy rotation with them coming on in the second half will help the team first and foremost, it will give you these kids confidence to challenge senior players, it will keep senior players on their toes because it would embarassing for them to be replaced by children. This could be a win for all of us.

  4. Jesus!! What’s all the hype about saka? Not like he produced a world class performance he was caught of position too many times and failed to beat his marker on many occasions apart from the goal he had an average performance. Xhaka was brilliant along side Martinez. I still think we lack the ability to mark the opponent off the ball and thats a big problem .

    Overall the team was average and they need to work harder in confidence and marking.

    1. Jesus!! What’s all the hype about saka? Not like he produced a world class performance…
      *falling of my chair*

      I am ok now.

      apart from the goal he had an average performance
      *falling of my chair*

  5. OT-Have anybody notice this Norwegian wonder kid Erling Braut Håland of salzburg this kid is future beast of goals ,just 19 with a commanding height of 1.94 m (6 ft 4 in),he is strong as a bear and fast as a horse. He is a killer; a goal machine , good in air and a real defense bully he is already on on 4 hat-trick this season and still counting .
    The good thing his value is still below 25m euro I say we throw the cash for this raw germ

      1. yeah danny He recently break record with 9 goals in a match , in u21 euro, already on 11 league goals for salzburg this season. this kid is a beast and i say we get him before his value sky rocket

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