Video – Watch the reactions from Freddie Ljungberg at Norwich City

Brilliant bench cam video shows the reactions from Freddie Ljungberg on the Arsenal bench.

I really enjoyed this video from the Arsenal Youtube channel. These are what I call raw videos showing true emotions.

It also answers questions over Ljungberg sitting on the bench throughout the game. You can see for yourselves now how engaged he was.

The really good thing is the video in the video feature showing the actual events and the reaction from the bench.

I particularly liked the VAR part. it was certainly interesting. How the legendary Swede reacts is simply brilliant.

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  1. Arsenal board identify Mikel Arteta as first-choice target. CHEAP and CHEERFUL what more can you expect from the Arsenal Board.They have NO Ambition Arsenal need a proven Manager which Arteta is not proven. But Poch or Rodgers are and they are also young with a new vision of how Football should be player in this modern era. We don’t need an old manager or a young assistant manager we need a Proven Manager.Mark my words if they do give the job to Arteta Arsenal will be in the same boat in six months time which is Mid Table at the best.

    1. Poch wants the Manchester United job, not the Arsenal.
      He alongside Artera were top of the list for replacing Emery.
      Right now he’s not interested in managing Arsenal. Esnts the United Job, perhaps that’s why the board has moved on to Marcelino and Blanc, Arteta isn’t available for now so stop worrying yourself, the board obviously can’t wait for him till the ending of the season.
      They might switch back to Artera if they get an experience coach willing to take over for a short term though.
      Right now, members of the board at United are starting to question Ole and it’s said that he has maybe 4 or 5 games to turn it around, but of Cus I dont see him it around, as they Play Tottenham and Mourinho who’ll be looking to make them look bad, and City next. Poch might get his choice after all

  2. Why are we blaming the board for not going for the top managers available?
    The board can only react to the level of spending that the owner gives them to “play with”.
    Also, they can only offer the transfer kitty that has been agreed by kronkie, when a potential manager asks what that is – if they can’t offer what, for example poch, is demanding before he signs,then that is not the boards fault…it is what kronkie has stipulated.

    The board are as impotent as the fans I’m afraid, just the way we are at the moment.

    1. Ken , we can certainly agree 100% on Kroenke being the main problem, just as he has been since the day he first bought into our club back in 2007. In every business, success stands or fails according to the owner and how much or little care he/ she has for that business. WE ALL KNOW KROENKE CARES NOTHING FOR FOOTBALL AT ALL, LET ALONE HIS INVESTMENT IN US. That central fact and problem is often overlooked but as I HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR GOD KNOWS HOW LONG, WE HAVE NO REAL CHANCE UNDER THIS DREADFUL MANS CONTROL. We need him out, OR we will never again win the title. Impossible, when competing against owners who care for their clubs. We are trying to tackle Goliath with a kids water pistol and GOLIATHS CAN BEAT US ANY TIME HE, OR THEY IN ACTUALITY, WANT. AND THEY DO!

  3. While i believe Rodgers is a good coach i also think many people just think any team doing better than Arsenal have a better coach like (Shefield, Wolves and Liecester). However i will not be convinced in his ability just yet.
    He drew at United and lost at Liverpool, also drew at Chelsea
    While I’m not down grading what good work he has done with Liecester, i think it has been plain sailing with them as teams dont approach them with the same caution they would a big team. so it will be different at Arsenal.
    I mean he just couldn’t make much progress with Celtic in Europe while they were flying in the league. So his good, very good but we would be too desperate to judge him with there current performance alone.
    Silva was doing wonders at Watford, but with a bigger budget and a bigger expection at Everton, he is struggling big time.

    Well Arteta is untried but that is just an advantage for Us. Yes cheep but he has learned from the best coaches (Gadiola and Wenger) both with similar footbal ideas, he’s also got a lot of EPL experience.

    So will take Arteta any day

  4. Sorry, I got sidetracked from the video!!!

    Just goes to show that you don’t need to run up and down the touchline, acting like a lunatic to be passionate and giving your all for the cause.

    Thought it was great when Per gave him a good luck tap before the game started as well.

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