Video – Watch these incredible skills from Balogun in training

Now that Arsenal have been given a massive boost with the news that Falorin Balogun is set to sign a new Arsenal contract in the coming week, and now new footage has emerged of Balogun in shooting practise against Maty Ryan in training.

He is obvious full of tricks and flicks and as we have seen the few times we’ve seen him playing with the first team, he has the supreme confidence to carry them off as well.

So have a look at this short video of what we can hope to expect when he finally becomes a regular in the Gunners first team…


  1. Neath Gunner says:

    Some solace from this depression.
    Not another Gnabry

  2. Phil says:

    I love the confidence this kid seems to have. Lacazette is off so he and Martinelli will both get game time next season for sure, but expect a replacement for Lacazette

    1. vieralyn says:

      he seems to possess something that “bull in a china shop” Eddie dearly lacks…would love to see a base formational change for our remaining League matches, one that plays to our strengths instead of a continuance of this counter-intuitive approach…after all, our current philosophy relies too heavily on players who should be on their way out come the summer…time to get a little experimental down the stretch, maybe even trying Pepe up top or try a front 3 with Marts, Auba & Saka etc…why not use this rare opportunity to figure some sh** out

  3. Sean says:

    Eddie goes – Bologun takes his place. Laca goes – Martinelli takes over.
    Danny home – Matteo back.
    RW – Saka & Pepe
    LW – Auba & Nelson

    Sell Willian and sign an attacker with the funds for Laca & Eddie, put a buy back clause in the latter.

    SmithRowe will need help if Ødegaard cant stay!

  4. Babawe Godfrey says:

    Wat a supab he can make it for us for sure instead of struggling with the wornout playerz

    1. Shone says:

      All these players score in training and just forget how to do same thing on a match day. Very sad😞

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