Video – Watch William Saliba in one on one training session

Claude Puel goes personal and takes William Saliba on a one-on-one training session.

William Saliba might return to Arsenal a better player next season thanks to some good work by Saint Etienne manager, Claude Puel.

The young defender has struggled with injuries this season but he has obvious potential and that is what prompted Arsenal to sign him last summer.

This twitter post shows the young defender being drilled by Puel, formerly of Leicester City.

Puel takes time after every training session to have a one on ones with one of his young players.

This was Saliba’s turn and the manager is seen helping him defend better in certain situations.

Saliba is expected to become a key member of Arsenal’s first team next season when he returns from his season-long loan to the French side.


  1. I hope he comes here injury free and stays like that 💗.

    BUT in reality, if he’s struggled with injuries over there, he isn’t going to get much relief over here

    1. Arsenal are known for injuries and we haven’t got the greatest medical/rehabilitation team

    2. The Premier League is faster and more Physical than the Ligue 1

    But again I hope he excels here at Arsenal. Looking forward to next season to see if he improves us

    1. Innit, don’t forget that we are about to lose our top medical man to liverpool (if he hasn’t already gone).

      I didn’t realise until the news broke, that his history was in rugby and not football.

      Now wouldn’t it be nice to see the ex chelsea lady who maureen sacked, running out with the cold sponge when we play the spuds?!?!?!

      1. Ken, Given our decade long plague of conastant injuries you might well think Liverpool would be cautious about taking ANY medical person from US.

      2. As a girl I’d rather we stuck to a male sponge and bucket carrier wearing a tight fit shirt and shorts
        On the flip side I’m all for equality in the work place.. 😉

  2. So Pablo Marí and Saliba might be our starting CB’s next season.

    Luiz and Holding for cup games.

    Mustafi will certainly be sold by the summer.

    1. I hope he can follow in the steps of R Varane. That will be massive for us. He is tall and quick like him. He has got all the right attributes and I believe under MA he will learn a lot.

    1. Trying to keep comments on topic Sue, it is not just you. It has become a bit of an epidemic with so many OT. I am thinking about sticking up a daily post that allows for OT but easier said than done on a purely Arsenal site. Trust me when I say I am trying to be accommodating here and not picking on you or any individual. Many changes are coming, including better site design, separation of posts and so on.

      1. Well I did wonder if that’s what it was. Although I am guilty of straying OT quite often… I do understand what you’re saying, but does that mean we can’t even discuss (or rip it out of) a team that are playing right now??!

        1. That is what I am trying to find a solution to Sue. I will put a post up tomorrow and see how it goes. If you can be patient for just one day and see what I come up with so that we all can laugh at the other teams.

          1. Good luck with this new venture MARTIN. Really hope it succeeds. Honestly think it IS the way to go. WHY NOT CREATE A SITE FOR PEDANTIC MISERABLE OLD GITS ONLY AND THEN I CAN WRITE TO MYSELF! It may amaze you but in person I am completely different, I promise. IT IS A LANGUAGE THING WITH ME AND I LIKE TO TAKE THE WRITTEN WORD SERIOUSLY. Off this site and othe resocial media I rarely stop joking and larking around. Amazed? You ought to be!

            1. I have no doubts that you are a very likeable guy Jon but I have a job to do, as stated before, I am just an employee and have instructions that I adhere to and that includes, but not limited to, trying to keep a handle on the comments. I reckon managing Arsenal is an easier job.

          2. I’ll try to be patient, Martin. But if Shrewsbury score, draw or even win, I doubt I’ll be able to contain myself 😁

            1. Go for it Sue, Me and Jon have already taken this article off topic so you may as well. I already know what I am doing tomorrow and you will be happy I am sure but watch the negative response I get from some and I am not talking about any of the usual suspects either. Some fans will never accept anything but Arsenal on here, you should have seen the number of posts I had to delete because I dared compare the media treatment of Man Utd fans with how they treated Arsenal fans. What that saying about pleasing all the people etc etc etc.

          3. Thanks, Martin, I look forward to seeing what it is! You know you can’t please everybody 😁
            And come on Shrewsbury!!

        2. Speaking as possibly the single person on here who gives ADMIN Martin the most grief- mostly for daft rumours, which we all know will never happen but keeps on being boringly repeated, I long for the promised splitting of this site(which he told me last week was imminent). Various Gooners wish various types of articles and discussions with those who are on their own private wavelength but also wish to avoid nonsense(I do not mean humour, eg the wonderful Le Coq, who energises this site, but rather boring “we all already know” non news, repeated ad nauseum). Horses for courses is the way to go and with many thousands now reading this site, though only a few of those post, there is room for all. I like to talk about human issues but am constrained as it is considered not JUST ARSENAL.

          Diversity of this site increases interest and helps all; rather like immigration has done so wonderfully for centuries and esp these last few decades in Britain and elsewhere. Of course “dinosaurs”, as I call them, disagree with that and they are entitled to do so, whatever I PRIVATELY THINK OF THEM.

      2. Anybody could leave in this our medical team. Our players keep getting acl injuries like its groin or hamstring. Cazorla had to go back to Villarreal to save his career. Lucas Peres went back to deportivo for the treatment once and came back about three weeks earlier than arsenal medical team predicted. Funny enough, these are teams we’re richer than.

        As far as I’m concerned, any one if them can leave, what am I even saying, they can all leave

      3. I hope our thumbs are coming too? They should be here; most times I come to see what’s going on, not having the strength to type but just want to indicate I support other peoples’ points. Also we need to show those trolls and Masquerade supporters how we feel about their comments to get us all upset.

  3. If he can stay fit,that’s a bid if but off he can and arsenal go all out to get Dayot upermencarno, then I’ll be excited. We simply need a Dayot at this club but I worry arsenal never spend big on a cb. We would win perm with in two years with Saliba and Dayot at the back, I promise you. That’s my dream.

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