Video – What Arsenal game made you turn against Unai Emery?

A brilliant question posed and discussed by Arsenal fans via a video on Youtube.

As most of you that are regular readers on here will know I spend my days watching and reading all about Arsenal. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it.

Yesterday I brought you a video from an unknown Youtuber and today I bring you another one.

Gooner Fanzine TV is another smallish outlet with just 1.6k subscribers but same as yesterday with ICFootball News I was impressed with them, well, this particular video anyway.

The question they ask is what game made you lose faith in Unai Emery?

Not everyone has lost faith but it has to be said, the vast majority appear to have.

Have a watch and let us know in the comments when it happened for you.


  1. Hardave Singh says:

    Against Liverpool when he played that stupid diamond formation letting Trent and Robertson to have a field day

  2. ClassyGunner says:

    For me, it all started when last season he stupidly prioritised Europa over 3rd place finish. But then, first season was bedding in period for him. Then came the Liverpool game and we put in a gutless spineless display. Then came Watford. After, that game I was done with Emery.

  3. Mide says:

    Interesting question. I actually find it hard to pick one game, i mean we have been poor against almost every team in the last few games and have never been threatening under Emery NEVER.

    Now thats my real concern, under Emery teams play us with an expected result. I mean teams play liverpool and ManC hoping to get a point but against us opponents go for the win. Which is the main reason I want Emery out.

    Aston Villa, Shefield United, Crytal Palace (we only scored from set piece while Palace controlled the game better), Watford (had soo much attempt at our goal even after we went 2-0 up later drew).

    I gave up on Emery after Shefield defeat when he suggested that his team setup worked, but we lost because Shefield were a strong team.

    1. ARSENAL says:

      The Palace game last season with a poor team selection

  4. Truth says:

    Probably Palace last season where we gave 4th away.

  5. NY_Gunner says:

    Didn’t like him from since he was PSG manager. Saw enough of him then to know he wasn’t right for the job…

    1. I think there is always a lot of patience in coaching football. You look at the team at present, you agree with me.that there is a psychological effect on the cooperation, no coordination.

  6. SAGooner says:

    The Sheffield Utd game did it for me, and it’s only got worse since. Climbing up walls using bare nails…..

  7. carl says:

    I cannot say it was just one game. For me it was the way we fell away from the 4th spot last season just at the final stages. We had a honey moon period of the first 22 games when we went un beaten then it all just seemed to fall apart. Emery couldnt seem to keep the same team out there or system for game to game. He tinkered with it every single game and for me that showed he didnt have the answers needed.This seaon has just carried on from where we left off last season. One week we will press teams all over the park and the next game we stand off. Emery for me has lost the plot only the over week we were 2-0 up and cruising just for him to make stupid subs like take off Torriera and replace maitland niles and for that we drew. To be 4-2 up against a weakened liverpool for him again to make stupid subs and we end up drawing after 90 mins and losing on penalties.I cannot for the life of me understand why he makes these ridiculous changes and not just go with the team he has for the full 90mins and just see out the win.????We is the new tinker man and it as proven many times before just doesnt work !! He has to go. We on paper have a 4th place team Leno Holding Sokratis bellerin tiereney torriera martinelli willock saka guendouzi ceballos auba Laca are all quality players but under his leadership they are all not no where near reaching their full potential….

  8. Sue says:

    Can’t really pinpoint one game… it’s just a whole lot of things, from weird substitutions, to freezing Ozil out… to be totally honest we look really poor and have done for a while now. We’re still a laughing stock and it has to stop!

    1. NMC says:

      We have never been convincing under Emery, I always thought it was a bedding in process and the team would gradually get stronger and more cohesive but the ever changing tactics and personnel has created the opposite affect.

    2. Pat says:

      Am with you Sue, freezing out Ozil and not having a suitable replacement. Our football just went bad from there

  9. hilary says:

    it was the watford game when he brought off ozil and ceballos at a stage of the game where we needed to control the match as we were leading 2-1, he brought on willock and nielson, this left our midfield so open, we lost control of the game and al.ost lost it

  10. Invisible says:

    never liked him, i even pointed out his pathetic record of zero away wins in his final season at Sevilla before he signed.

  11. Le Coq Monster says:

    When he managed Transylvania Blood Suckers United and would never play a game in day light !

  12. Bryan says:

    Europa cup final
    Arsenal vs Chelsea.

    I was so angry that I wrote off before the start of this season

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