Video Opinion – What needs to change at Arsenal right now

It is time for the Arsenal board to fulfil their promises and act now.

As some of you may have noticed I have been featuring videos from some unknown Youtubers. I have another one for you, this is from MattyR, he has 7.6K followers and seems to be an avid Arsenal fan.

This video is basically about what has to change at Arsenal right now and he is not talking about Unai Emery per se. MattyR focuses more on the board, their promises and ambitions.

Anyway, I do not want to say too much, it is not a long video and while the production could be better he does make some very good points.

Do you agree that this is what needs to change at Arsenal right now?

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  1. ArseOverTit says:

    Mmmm fast forward past all the stuff we already know to his end statement that we already know ‘nothing is going to change’.

    Look if we had true ambitions he would already gone. But we don’t, or even if they do have good intentions, they don’t know what they are doing in order to achieve it.

    AFC will not make the champions League of that I am sure while profit and mediocrity persist at the club (allowed by the owner and Frome thereon down).

  2. Mohsan says:

    As long as we are making money nothing will change at this club. Arsenal fans need to understand we are business first then football club so fan emotions n what happens on the pitch does not matter to the owner unless it is a finencial hit. I am afraid our days as one of the big n famous clubs in the world are numbered which can clearly been seen by the way we are falling down the Forbes list year after year n the results we are producing on the field. We are new Newcastle ….kronke or Ashley it’s the same.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      the same for all or most clubs…..without making money how do the clubs survive?

      based on gate receipts is not enough to maintain the multi millionaire salaries of the players

      not to mention the signing fee, agent fee and etc.

      this is not Fifa20

      1. Lomilo Simon says:

        That is right man

      2. Mohsan says:

        Money is also the problem now, when you don’t produce on the pitch n don’t participate in Champions league that is a big hit finencially as well. As the club’s popularity goes down ur partnership deals suffer, ur merchandise suffers ur TV rights suffer so on so…so producing results on field is directly related to more money. So either you can go that route or you can go arsenal route which is start slashing ur investment n cutting down ur expanses, u will still come out as profit making business but growth goes into negative.

      3. Mohsan says:

        What did I say that suggest to you that I take it as it’s fifa20. If you think the way club is run is the right way then my friend I rest my case….no wonder why we are mid table team now n will be in future as well bec fans have this mindset where they are just content with what ever the owners throw at them and feel obliged.

    2. ozziegunner says:


  3. Innit says:

    We won’t CHANGE unless we show AMBITION

    A top manager, who has preferably won both a top league and Champions league but at least a top league more than once and several other trophies.

    By top league I mean Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1

    Not getting a manager without trophies and not managing a big team doesn’t say AMBITION to me.

    We need to show AMBITION to truly CHANGE

    1. Uchman says:

      Getting a rising smart manager with eyes for great talents with a definite amazing style of play that will get the best out of players available to u is what we need now,I don’t judge players by the number trophies u v won buh by your ability to get the best out of players available to u,i think that was the reason Wenger won the world’s best coach of the last decade ahead of Ferguson and mourinho,I don’t know how many trophies pep won before being appointed by Barcelona,I don’t know how many trophies zedane,conte,Enrique won before being appointed by Madrid,juventus and Barcelona respectively, appointing the likes of mourinho who only has their old glory to show,will take this club 20 years backward believe me,we might not have the financial strength to escape the rot,Niglesman should be our first choice,we saw nelson under him last season,hes 32 years,he will surely get the best out of players available to him believe me we will be a strong force again,both Wenger(world best coach of the last decade) and pep gardiola( his imminent successor)has eulogized the great leadership and technical quality or arteta ,why not give our former captain a chance,let’s protect the legacy Wenger enshrined in this club that gave us more fame,more wealth,more fan base and more trophies,, we can’t go back to pre Wenger era if we don’t want to lose lose our global appeal ,emery was a terrible mistake we can never repeat!

    2. Reggie says:

      Claudio Ranieri then.

  4. Bulave Jonathan says:

    Look, I ve been an Arsenal fans since 1996.And I must say: the problems of team should not be build upon sacking of coaches alone.Arsene Wenger was a very good coach. At that point in time,there was a high level of competition in the premier league.Man u,Chelsea,ToT,Liverpool etc all were on fire.but the incessant pressures from fans.pushed Wenger away.until now Arsenal had never played a good game.Today,Unai sacked is the order of the day. Why can’t we cheap in with a collective advice to the coach and players.The fans attitudes are not helping the players either.

    1. BRIMZIM says:

      ARSENAL fans have been patient for 15yrs..we deseve better .we need a coach who connects the players and fans.a klopp-like coach.Emery must goooo

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