Video – Why Arsenal will be happy to swap Bernd Leno for Matt Turner

When I heard yesterday that Arsenal had made a bid for the USA international keeper Matt Turner as a potential backup to Aaron Ramsdale if Bernd Leno leaves this month, I decided to do a bit of research on the 27 year old.

He has been at New England Revolution for 5 years and has gone from strength to strength, and after being called up USA national side he quickly made himself indispensable and is now everpresent between the sticks. Turner has also made no secret of his wish to play in Europe.

He was voted the MLS Keeper of the year as well, and I heard today that he has an amazing record of saving 9 out of the 20 penalties he has faced. He uses his full 6ft 3 inches to cover his line brilliantly.

If anything I would say he looks too good to be a backup, but he would be great competition to keep Ramsdale on his toes.

Anyway, have a look at this video and see what you think of his reflexes…

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  1. I believe Arsenal just want to slash their wage bill and sell Leno before he decides to leave as a free agent in 2023

    Too bad for Leno, because his weaker foot is more adept than the other GKs at the club and he didn’t seem to be allowed to make long distributions as frequent as Ramsdale

  2. Leno too expensive to be back up. We only have PL games left which are for Ramsdale

    Protecting Lenos value, this is good business.

  3. Turner has done very well on international duty also. Solid option as backup, good distribution, good business as a backup option.

    Also his tweet when Leicester won the league was great, called the spuds “classless,” very nice.

    1. Don’t hold your breath!!!
      I think I’d put my penalty kick in the top right hand corner 🤔
      Looks pretty decent though and I think Leno deserves a shot somewhere else.

  4. In my defence of Leno who I think mostly played behind the lackluster Arsenal defence that majorly comprised of: Bellerin, Sokratis, Mustafi and Kolasinac whom Arteta had to clear out and he did.

    But in fairness to Leno, he can’t singularly be blamed for Arsenal failings for the past 2 seasons to qualify for the Cham,pions League during Arteta’s 2&1/2 years tenure as Arsenal manager and also Leno’s gaffer.

    But if at all any blame or blames have to be apportioned to Leno, the blames have to be minimal in nature. In that his blames made didn’t influence Arteta’s Arsenal failure to not pick a UCL ticket in the past 2 seasons.

    But notwithstanding my above defence of Leno. I am not going to say Arsenal shouldn’t cash-in on him this winter window to offload him from the club preferably on a permanent transfer rather than of to transfer him on a loan out. More so, if Arteta sees that he can’t give his team the top quality goalkeeping that is required at the top level of the game. For which Arsenal being a top-six EPL North London giants club side have to have a consistent top goalkepeer in goalkeeping.

    Arsenal could welcome Matt Turner to the club if they desire to have him as backup to Ramsdale. Hopefully, he’ll in the long run proved to be a top quality goalkepeer signing by Arsenal. Who will not just be a backup to Ramsdale but a goalie who can give and will give him very tough goalkeeping competition for his money.

    Ny the way, what of Arthur Okonkwo? I hope he does remain in Arteta’s plans.

    1. Your Comments are as long as the article itself, if not ‘longer’ always, always!. Honestly I can’t remember reading an article coming from you Mr Akin’.
      Yo’ Man, your comment is tiring and could make one lose interest going further reading other comments..
      I think you gat to start delivering your own articles on basis to know if you’d limit stating long verbs on others Story.

  5. There is always an argument here that arsenal can’t and shouldn’t be getting result against some teams because because they are light years ahead of us. I hope those with the myopic and defeatist notion will explain to me why Southampton got a desirable draw against city just now and made them to sweat for it. Maybe soton is some light years ahead of us and bigger than us. We get what we got because we have an egoist,malicious and glorified Tony Pulis as our coach.

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