Video – Wolves equalize: Are Arsenal going to blow it again?

I bet there won’t be many Arsenal fans surprised to see Wolves equalize as our defence gives Raul Jimenez a free header in the box.

There are only 5 minutes left now and somehow I just know that we will be lucky to escape with a point in the end. It seems to be a norm nowadays that the Gunners throw away a kead on a regular basis. Emery has brought on Tierney for Kolasinac (about time) but is it too little too late…

Let’s see….


  1. SadGunner says:

    Why did Emery spend 72 million? Start booing Emery until he steps down..

  2. Cliff says:

    Arsenal needs a manager ASAP.With this mad man we have no business in the EPL.

  3. Lola says:

    Arsenal strategy:
    Win against 14th to 20th place teams.
    Draw against 6th to 13th place teams.
    Lose against first 5 teams.
    Midfield is bunch of puss1es.
    Play sokratis holding Bellerin tierney
    Play david luiz as cdm
    Pair him with toreira
    Cam ozil or cabellos
    Auba laca pepe.
    Ban Chambers from playing football.

    1. Moses setim says:

      I guess you are not happy when some gooners peddle Chambers name near the first team.

  4. Maks says:

    Emery is looking like Wenger more and more… Guendouzi was not at his best but Emery took Torreira off. Then putting unexperienced Saka instead of Pepe??? and Laza is still coming to fitness but Emery waited too long to replace him. Where are those replacements after 1st 45 min?
    and Kolasinac for the end.
    I would like to see Chambers as DM, and Bellerin starts, Chambers is littlebit limited player on that right flank.
    I though Arsenal would win this with ease, but again strange decisions from Emery and overall we played too slow.
    I hope we got rid of Xhaka for good.

  5. avenger says:

    The downward spiral, it begins to get worse

    Everyone in football knows, Arsenal’s bubble has burst

    But the stubborn old fool, still won’t change his style

    any half decent defense, sees it coming a mile

  6. Ibibo says:

    Seriously Arsenal Manager is not a good coach where he cannot read integrity of a game. Why should he bring in Saka who cannot tackle instead of bringing in Pepe and kola(No31) knowing fully well that wolves are very strong team with energy. All our goal are coming through left wing which our No3 is too small in terms of energy. EPL is not Spanish league. Emery is not good for Arsenal fc.

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