Video – Should Freddie Ljungberg be given the Arsenal job permanently?

Rafa Benitez and Jamie Carragher discuss whether Freddie Ljungberg should be given Arsenal job full time

This question was always going to be asked following the impressive second-half display last night. Rafa Benitez and Jamie Carragher had their say last night on Sky Sports.

Obviously there is a risk of a knee-jerk reaction and it cannot be forgotten how bad Arsenal was in the first half.

It certainly lifts the pressure off the board to name an immediate successor to Unai Emery. Maybe they will now wait and see how Freddie does against Man City.

But this is now going to be the biggest question among Arsenal fans over the next few days. Should Freddie be given the job on a full-time basis?

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  1. Ancelotti will be leaving Napoli tonight or tomorrow morning regardless of their results, and straight up he could be heading to the top of the list of possible coaches to get the job with us.
    Personally? No I don’t want him.
    Someone younger.
    It’ll come out later that he’s leaving Napoli tonight or tomorrow morning.

    Regarding the article, Freddie ain’t getting the job permanently, apparently the club wants him to take charge till the ending of the season so they can land one out of their top two targets. Arteta and Allegri.
    If Freddie steadies the ship, he’ll be here till the summer and will leave for Arteta or Allegri. Both serious candidates, but both already ruled themselves out till the summer

    1. Most people think of Pep as great coach. But Sterling, Sane, Bernardo Silva all say it was Arteta that improved them the most. That’s how good he is.

      Which players has Ancelotti improved at Napoli with his simplistic 11 vs 11 style of training sessions? And people who didn’t want Wenger would want Ancelotti?? (rolls eyes)

      Allegri might not improve our players (especially youngsters) as much as Arteta, but he would be good for fixing our defence (although in England it’s very different from being with Juventus in Italy where you have all the best defensive midfielders in the league and defenders as well).

      Both good choices.
      Only ignorant folks mention Benitez and Simeone. No chance they come to Arsenal in the next 6 months.
      And Nuno would only be a decent option for a few months. He’s essentially a Portuguese Moyes (when Moyes was at Everton). Doing well but with a style that in the long run only suits a midtable team. Also, his fixed Mendes link is unacceptable for a big club. Buying players based on Mendes representing them is too big a risk.

  2. It’s a little bit premature to start talking about Freddie as our permanent manager. We have just rather fortunately beaten a piss poor West Ham team and think a more realistic time frame might be after we’ve played our next three games. He sat there with the BFG all through the first half looking like a sulky kid doing eff all to motivate the team. Yes we had 20 minutes in the second half but the rest of the game was the worst shite I’ve ever seen. Come on admin, you know better than that.

  3. If Ljungberg can win at least four of the next six games, make him the manager immediately before other teams snap him

    Because most of the next six games are tough

    But whoever the next manager is, Xhaka will be their first choice in midfield

  4. I see FL being on the coaching staff, in some capacity, next season regardless of who takes over from Emery.His insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the players from the Academy upwards will be invaluable to the new Boss.

  5. You think Freddie should be made a permanent coach after getting just 4 points from a 3 games against ver poor teams?

    He should be given more times to prove himself. We still have more games ahead.
    If the team can make it to top 4 by maintainjng a consistence wins under him, the biard will not hesitate to make him the new manager.

  6. Of course not and there is not a cat in hells chance of him being offered it either. Correctly so too. GHreat legend, novice coach and we need novices like a hole in the head. Move on to the next and RELEVANT thread!

  7. Even if we’re to get a win against Manchester City on Sunday we have to think about what we want for Arsenal going forward & even though the win has hopefully lifted the players back from the edge of relegation fever, we have to aim for getting a top manager to come to the Arsenal and make Freddie assistant, personally l’d like to see Pochettino come in or Allegri or Ancellotti but by no way on this earth do l want Arteta to be bought in as Arsenal boss!!!!! ⚽⚽🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  8. I was of the view that Freddie should be given a run till the end of the season, after which he can be viewed as one of the candidates. But his team selection in the first two games put a dent on those hopes. So was the pathetic first half display against West Ham, despite a good first XI and sensible formation. He had a lot to prove now, despite the win.

    1. Viju, Well if you had the foresight that some of us had, you would not need to change your mind now. Would you? Freddie was NEVER going to be a long term answer, nor even just til MAY. Realists, unlike you, knew that from the beginning. Because we THINK,and we do not react to panic events instead but believe in long term and consistent planning, involving intelligence, worldly wisdom and foresight. Your post is that of a juvenile!

  9. You guys are very funny…no matter the coach at the elm..This team is unbalanced…even guardiola will suffer…
    For me keep ljunberg…,buy 3 defenders and a more decent defensive midfielder in January…and watch the team do better…All the so called better coaches don’t have the kind of players in arsenal to coach and gave never had…Ancelloti will drag us to relegation…God forbid.

  10. What if we get walloped by say 6 or even more goals agaianst City, which with our non defence could well happen? What would those who think Freddie can hold the fort til May think than? Do not forget we stunk at West Ham for all but 20 mins in second half against a dreadful opponent too. City will force the reality of our situation on those daft and naive fans. And on the board. As I have repeatedly said, things will need to get far worse yet before sheer panic will force the owner and board to FINALLY take proper action to cure things and stop considering mere sticking plasters which can never work. I refer, mostly, to allowing a club of our stature to have NO real defence at all. And for all these manay years previous to now too. But also to allowing lazy and coasting players, not just Ozil by a long chalk either, to wear our shirt and not do anything about it.

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