Arsenal legend Vieira admits he wasn’t contacted by Gunners for manager’s job

According to Goal, Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira responded with ‘no’ when asked by reporters if he was contacted over the north London outfit’s managerial vacancy following Unai Emery’s sacking.

Vieira insisted that he’s fully committed to current club Nice, the ex-Arsenal skipper has been in charge of the French outfit for 18 months now.

Vieira was very successful with the side during his first season in charge, leading the side to seventh-placed finish in Ligue 1.

Les Aiglons have endured a slightly slower start to the season this time around, the side are currently sitting 10th in the French top-flight.

Former captain Mikel Arteta has been appointed as our boss for the next three-and-a-half-years, the Spaniard has a tough task on his hands.

Here’s what Vieira had to say on being linked to the Arsenal hot-seat:

“No. It’s flattering seeing your name everywhere but I am under contract with Nice.”

“I have known since I arrived how lucky I am to be involved with this club’s project. I don’t have any intention or desire to go and look elsewhere.”

Vieira is one of Arsenal’s greatest players ever, the former defensive midfielder was extremely successful during  his nine-year spell with the Gunners.

The Frenchman won the Premier League and FA Cup on three occasions before leaving to join Italian giants Juventus.

There’s no doubting that given his success with the club, Vieira will always be linked with becoming our manager in the future.

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  1. I never saw him as a genuine candidate.
    The media will always post and link every single person to us and fans in turn will take time to insult and call the board all sorts of names for that reason.
    I kept saying, the list the media made was all Bûllshít, Arsenal never lined up 25 candidates for the job.
    Arsenal had two top targets they wanted to get when Emery got sacked, but the situation wasn’t so simple so it went on for a few weeks and they media kept feeding fans Bûllshït…
    The moment Bodgers started getting linked to the job, Leicester renewed his contract.
    People called the board all sorts of names and say they went for the cheaper option, when the very fact is the board wanted Allegri or Arteta.

    Allegri rejected it, came out to say he’s sticking with his sabbatical.
    You know the funny part?
    Most of these fans read David Ornstein coming out to say the board Wants only two genuine targets, and he clearly stated Ancelotti has a good resume but the board never saw him as an option.
    At the same time he stated The board wants Freddie to keep the job till the Summer except one of their targets becomes available.
    Funny enough I copied everything he said and I remember bringing it here and explained how it was obvious both top targets Ornstein meant were Arteta and Allegri.
    So they agreed with Arteta Eventually, and till today people keep saying stuffs like the board wanted a yes man, and that’s the reason they appointed Arteta, the board lacked ambition that’s why Arteta got the job.
    The same Arteta the board initially wanted for the job.
    Allegri stated his reasons, but meeh! No let’s all abuse the board and say Arteta got the job because he’s a yes man and will be manipulated.

  2. Irrelevant post im my humble correct opinion 😆

    We now have a head coach !………….will there be any more posts about other rumoured people who were or not contacted?…………………as they will be irrelavent too!
    I prefer more posts on Kev`s rumours ! 😆

    As for the head coach who was actually contacted…………….Arteta wants players who are only 120% committed to his philosophies and that should apply to us fans, I for one will be 120% behind him in his enormous task to fix a rot that started years ago and will take possibly tears……….sorry……years to fix.

  3. Patience is a virtue right???.

    I’m not sure with the exact amount of years you have in mind, nor you have none.
    One thing am for sure is “Destinies differs and comes forth differently”.

    We ain’t Manchester United nor are we Liverpool. We are ARSENAL our fate differs.

    If Arteta is the right bargain definitely, everything will sort itself out with good backup revenues from the Board probably Next summer precisely.

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