Vieira compares Mikel Arteta to World Cup winning manager

Patrick Vieira has compared Mikel Arteta to France manager, Didier Deschamps and claims the Spaniard always looked likely to be a manager in the future during his playing days.

Vieira returns to Arsenal on Monday as the manager of Crystal Palace and he is expected to get a warm welcome from the Gooners having served as one of their best-ever midfielders.

He was very committed on the field and was an integral part of the invincible team of the 2003/2004 season.

The Frenchman says he doesn’t know Arteta as a person but watched him as a footballer.

The Spaniard was a good player who was always communicating with his teammates on the pitch.

Vieira says that attribute showed that he would have an interest in coaching later in his career and it is like how Deschamps acted on the pitch in his playing days.

Vieira said, as quoted by The Daily Mail: ‘I don’t know him really well as a man. As a player I think he was a really good player and had a wonderful career.

‘The way that he manages himself to be a manager he was in the Manchester City group and he learned the job before getting the chance at Arsenal and he did everything in the right way.

‘He is somebody who understands he was playing going into a managerial area was something he wanted to. 

‘The way he was playing on the field, talking a lot with his players, he reminds me of Didier Deschamps of the French national team.

‘When he was playing you know Didier was going to be a manager. Arteta is in the same mindset.’ 

Reports linked both managers to the Arsenal job before they gave Arteta the role.

They would now look to get the better of each other in opposing dugouts on Monday evening.


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  1. Its the usual stuff.
    Both managers big upping each other.
    Both desperate to lure the other into a false sense of security. No one wants to say any thing that would give the other extra motivation.
    What would they say if they were really honest?
    Arteta might say Vieira left for big bucks in Italy and Man City and has only managed in MLS and failed at Nice thats why I got the Arsenal job because the club did not rate Vieira.
    An Arsenal win will send Palace close to the relegation zone on Sunday. Ha ha.
    Patrick might say Arteta was a mediocre player who won nothing of any consequence not even getting an International call up where as I won 7 league titles and the World Cup. As manager Arteta got 8th twice so is useless really and is just warming the seat till I take over at Arsenal shortly. Beating Arsenal at home on Sunday will quicken Arteta’s demise. Ha ha.
    I said “might” but what managers really think we will never know because managers never tell us anything “real” ever.

  2. The funny thing is , it’s quite conceivable that one of these fine days Arteta could end up managing Barca, and if doing well on to the Spanish national team.

    You may think the above is completely mental, but M A ticks many of the boxes the above path lays out and the criteria the Spanish will be looking for ( in fact I’ m sure Barca are keeping more than one eye on one of their ex’s already, seeing how he shapes up).

    Culturally he fits the profile spot on.

    As for Vieira, one of the greatest players ever to wear the shirt.

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