View From the Enemy – How Neil Warnock and Cardiff see the visit of Arsenal

It is not often that we get to play Cardiff City as they spend quite a lot of time in the Championship, but we all know Neil Warnock and his penchant for causing shocks. He has atually managed 11 different teams in the time that Arsene wenger was at Arsenal!.

Well this is what he told the Official Cardiff FC website yesterday…..

Neil Warnock held a pre-match press conference as he prepared his squad for this Sunday’s Premier League clash with Arsenal.

City’s opening three Premier League games have yielded two points, with Warnock’s men keeping two consecutive clean sheets.

The Gaffer reflected on their top flight start, whilst addressing the need for his men to take their opportunities in upcoming matches.

“I think the lads have given everything they can and I’ve been quite pleased with the performances,” he began. “That includes against Bournemouth – and I think in every game, we could have got something.

“If [Sean] Morrison’s chance went in on the hour, the last 30 minutes would have been different at Bournemouth, and in the other two, I think we should have won both games.

“I’ve been pleased with that, but if you go higher, you’ve got to take your chances. It’s down to me more than them – I know what my lads can do and I’ve got to come up with a solution. You’ve got change all the time as a manager.

“I want to enjoy the games against the big boys, if that’s possible. My tactics have got to reflect that, and that’s by giving us a chance to score goals.”

The City boss also revealed what he expects from Unai Emery’s Arsenal this Sunday, whilst regaling the press and media with his account of facing the Gunners’ former manager, Arsène Wenger.

“I’ve been pitting my wits against Wenger for so many years it’s untrue,” said Neil. “I went to the Emirates with Sheffield United for my 1000th game.

“I said: ‘look at the dugouts, Arsène. They’re miles away – you’ll not hear me today!’

“He looked nonchalantly at both dugouts and said: ‘Neil, you will find a way.’ [laughs]

“So, I’ve had some good times with Arsène, and I was sad because the grass is not always greener. But I do like Emery – I think he’s got some great vision and some fantastic players – but it will be great to pit our wits against them.”

Match Preview: Cardiff City vs. Arsenal

The Bluebirds face Unai Emery’s Arsenal side at home this Sunday afternoon, as Neil Warnock’s men take on the Gunners in front of a sold-out Cardiff City Stadium.

In the hot seat
Emery took charge of the Gunners back on the 23rd May, replacing Arsène Wenger, who called an end to his 22-year reign over the Gunners.

Emery made six summer signings including Mattéo Guendouzi and Lucas Torreira who have both impressed in their opening three fixtures since arriving at the North London club.

The Spaniard has encountered a mixed start to life in the English capital, with his opening two matches both ending in defeat to Manchester City and Chelsea respectively. However, Emery who has managed over 700 professional games, recorded his first win as Gunners boss last weekend, as his side ran out 3-1 winners against Manuel Pellegrini’s Hammers.

The former Paris Saint-Germain manager had a staggering 76.3% average win percentage during his stint in the French capital, where he won several major honours. Emery secured the Ligue 1 title in 2017/18 and both the Coupe de France and the Coupe de la Ligue during the 2016/17 and 2017/18 campaigns.

Emery’s longest spell as a manager was at Valencia, where he guided ‘Els Taronges’ to two impressive third place La Liga finishes, securing the Spanish outfit Champions League Football during the 2009/10 and 2011/12 campaigns. The Spaniard has also managed the likes of Lorca Deportiva, Almería, Spartak Moscow, Sevilla and Paris Saint-Germain prior to taking charge of Arsenal.

Memorable Meeting

Cardiff City 0-0 Arsenal, 25th January 2009

This recent meeting saw City hold Wenger’s Gunners at Ninian Park in a FA Cup Fourth-Round – just three years after the Bluebirds scored the last FA Cup goal at Highbury, courtesy of Cameron Jerome.

City began this tie on the front foot in the opening stages and were agonisingly close to getting their noses in front. Scotsman Ross McCormack fired astray of Lukasz Fabianski’s goal on two occasions. The first opportunity came from a header which failed to test the goalkeeper. McCormack then failed to connect cleanly with his second attempt which fizzled across goal.

The Bluebirds conjured up further opportunities through Jay Bothroyd whose effort was wayward, before Joe Ledley and Paul Parry missed opportunities of their own.

And City were nearly made to pay after 21 minutes by Samir Nasri, but Peter Enckleman was on hand to deny the Frenchman.

The Gunners enjoyed more of the play after the interval but failed to break down the Bluebird’s resolute wall and Dave Jones’ side held firm to earn themselves a deserved replay.

Club Connections

Aaron Ramsey could return to the Welsh Capital this weekend to face his hometown club once more. Ramsey, who departed the Bluebirds for the Gunners back in 2008, starred in the last Premier League encounter between the two sides at Cardiff City Stadium, scoring twice in November 2013.

Ramsey began his professional career in 2007, coming on as a substitute against Hull City at Ninian Park. He was the youngest player to make their professional debut at the club at just 16 years and 123 days, breaking the previous record held by John Toshack.

Ramsey made his first start for the Bluebirds away at Chasetown in January 2008 in our Third Round clash, as City embarked upon an FA Cup campaign that would ultimately finish at Wembley.

Others to wear the shirt of both Arsenal and City include Derek Tapscott, Rhys Weston, Kerrea Gilbert, Quincy Owusu-Abeyie, Jay Emmanuel-Thomas and current Bluebird, Matthew Connolly, who captained the Gunners’ reserve side.


  1. kev says:

    Hoping Emery gets the team right this time.He can’t afford to make the same mistake again.

  2. Barry Glik says:

    The season may well be similar to last.
    Looks like Arsenal will fight for the
    5th/6th positions this time with Man U.
    Semi final Europa looks probable
    depending on the draw.
    Carabao cup and FA cup for the youngsters.
    It will be interesting to see which players
    come through and which players are let go
    and who comes in next summer.
    Welcome to the transitional season 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Chiza says:

    I saw the way you guys were bashing Jon fox in the last article… Yes I understand why you guys are angry with Jon fox.. I know he has his faults.. But I’m also sure Jon Fox is trying to work on them…. I feel and understand the pain and anger Jon fox has towards Wenger because we arsenal fans passed through alot during Wenger final years….i heard the news about so many arsenal fans committing suicide during these past seasons of was too much for them to bear….they loved the club so much… Same goes with Jon Fox..he loves the club, he has been supporting the club for a long time…seeing wenger almost ruin his proud legacy was too much for him to bear… Jon Fox is getting old and he wants to see his beloved team give him more joy and success before he leaves this earth but instead he is experiencing pain.. Please try to understand him… In as much as I don’t want to bring back the case of wenger…we arsenal fans need to be honest to know that wenger and the board are the reasons why we are in this mess… The board for not spending money and Wenger for lacking in tactics as it clearly showed….Tottenham showed us that money is not everything…their manager improved them.. That’s where Wenger failed us…… I guess it is the point Jon Fox is trying bring up……….. Please let’s stop the bashing on Jon fox…. You can meet him one day and he would treat you to a nice meal and a good chat arsenal and football in generally and you could regret the words you have thrown at him… And Jon Fox please find a way to make things right on this right…….

    Let’s feel proud to be gooners!!!

    1. kev says:

      There comes a point where everyone needs to let go.Lets not speak as if Jon Fox is the only old gunner out there.Im sure there are far more older gunners who continue to support the club without continuing to insult Wenger who is now in our past.
      It really is funny when one person decided to bash another yet that same person deems it wrong to bash him.He should also learn to not be arrogant in the way he replies to others.I don’t hate him and I believe he’s a very interesting person if you read some of his posts.
      As for the Pochettino part Wenger has done all what Pochettino did and even better when he was a good coach.92% of the players Wenger signed in his 22years were not world class but become world class over here.He was never ever a tactical master or a “teacher”.He had an eye for good talented players and from that he built his title winning teams.Unlike Pochettino he actually won trophies.

      1. Chiza says:

        Like seriously Kev??…..92%??…….i can name a few that were world class and well known before Arsene bought them….sol campbell wasn’t world class??.. cazorla wasn’t world class??….petr Cech wasn’t world class??… Ozil wasn’t world class??…Sanchez wasn’t world class??….lacazette not world class??….. Mikhitaryan not world class??… Aubameyang not world class??… better reduce that 92% because that’s too much…… Thank God you know Winger lost it and became a bad coach.. But Kev the burning question on every lips was why he couldn’t see this fact and step down for the good of the club???……now please answer that Kev

        1. Chiza says:

          Kev even for those so called glorious years under Wenger….yes he spotted talents and turned them into winning teams that won trophies but you fail to recognize,remember and spot something kev……those unrecognized talents like Henry were bought for a huge amount then..even bergkamp was brought in for then a huge amount of money before wenger came.. .so it goes to tell you that arsenal were one of the richest clubs in England along with Man Utd…. So money helped wenger to… Grab that Kev!

          1. stubill says:

            “i heard the news about so many arsenal fans committing suicide during these past seasons of was too much for them to bear….they loved the club so much”

            Are you a complete idiot or mentally challenged, who are all these Arsenal fans committing suicide, when and where?

            I suggest you’re an idiot and a liar, now f off and spread your lies and bullshit elsewhere.

          2. ozziegunner says:

            Stubill, we shouldn’t make light of depression and suicide but maybe Chiza was talking about the potential manslaughter charges when unlucky pedestrians were hit by televisions thrown from appartment buildings in Islington after an abject Arsenal away performance.??

    2. ken1945 says:

      Phil, I’m looking forward to your reply to Chiza on his post above.
      For one minute there, I thought he was going to report Jons demise by his own hands!
      Jon, how about everyone on here meets you at the next home game and you buy us all a nice meal?
      Chiza, that post was real cheesy in my humble opinion, but it did bring a tear to my eye.

      1. Phil says:

        Honestly Ken I’m not getting involved in this one.
        Firstly I’m thinking about calling Jon Fox a senile old goat who hasn’t a clue what he is on about and then DEMAND that he takes me out for a meal or I will simply commit suicide.I actually blame Jon Fox for Arsenal’s demise and the position we are in.Obviously Jon saw what was happening.No defenders.No desire or commitment from the team.Players being played out of position to fit certain players into the side no matter their form.No tactical coaching.No different tactics.No nothing really.Well if Jon Fox could see this WHY DID HE NOT GIVE MR WENGER A CALL AND TELL HIM WHAT HE WAS DOING WRONG.MR WENGER COULD HAVE CHANGED THINGS AROUND AND WE WOULD HAVE WON EVERY GAME AND THE BORDS WOULD BE SINGING AND THE SUN WOULD BE SHINING.
        Seriously Ken we all know Wenger had to go and he’s gone.But Emery is the one who is left trying to pick up the pieces.Why is JF wrong to criticise Wenger for that?He is right.The two main points JF always states are the quality of the players Wenger bought and the lack of defensive coaching these players had.He is totally correct.There was no coaching.In fact players got WORSE under Wenger.Mustafi when he first came played a number of games (around 20 I recall) that Arsenal were unbeaten.He looked a player.Didnt take long for that to go wrong did it?Who do we blame for that?Buying players such as Elneney is another criticism JF always states.I can’t help but agree.What does Elneney actually bring to our Club.He runs around and makes a few tackles.He is a poor imitation of Coqulain and that is saying something.This is a player if you remember Wenger said at the beginning of last season was likely to end up being a CB.Can you remember that?I can and I dare say JF does.
        So the answer to your Question Ken is NO.I refuse to utter a word in defence of Jon.He doesn’t need my support anyway as he is far more able to write his replies than I am.
        But I would like to mention Kev.This is someone who makes himself a laughing stock during the transfer window and still expects himself to be taken seriously.The latest was Ramsey’s contract which was all agreed and just waiting to be signed.Kev my old son we can all read.The papers are full of it.The internet is full of it.Forums are full of it.You just recycle what everyone can see for themselves.Now you and others seem to have formed your own little boys club to jump down on anyone who happens to have an opinion.We all know there are certain posters who will not let Wenger get away with his incompetence and I am one of them.I rarely bring him up now unless I feel I have to.But Kev and his little group of Boy Scouts have developed a habit now of believing they know everything and are justified in what they have to say.So if they start getting some of it back then it is exactly what they deserve is it not
        Anyway as I say I’m not commenting.
        Just getting ready for a 100 mile drive to Cardiff with the sun shining the birds singing and the wife driving.Life just doesn’t get better than this.Does it?

        1. ken1945 says:

          Phil, in this day and age of instant news, views and reviews, it’s remarkable how things get misinterpreted.
          On this occasion I was having a go at Cheza and his love in comments regarding Jon.
          Not the way you seem to have read my post at all, perhaps my sense of humour isn’t what it used to be!

          Kev is a man who also seems to upset others with his brand” of reporting the FACTS, but isn’t that what makes this site enjoyable?

          Regarding Wenger, you and I differ on his legacy, but agree that it was time for him to go.
          I’m really disapointed that you see me as part of a little boys club that jumps down on anyone with an opinion, where on earth did that come from?
          If that accusation is to be thrown about Phil, can I suggest you take a long hard look at the posts that “ganged” up on anyone who arguedagainst the so called WOB views before Wenger retired?

          i have had to fight my own corner on numerous occasions against the views of those like you and Jon, but would never try to belittle you with remarks such as you have made re. little boys club.

          As you have challenged me though Phil, a thought for you.

          Now if that was Wenger, just imagine the outcry. Let’s have a level playing field on here shall we?
          Sorry it took so long to respond, but I really thought my post was a bit of harmless fun regarding Chizas plea on behalf of Jon.

  4. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Admin I can’t believe you left out Mel Charles from players who wore the red of Arsenal and blue of Cardiff City. Played only 60 games for us but scored 26 goals, most of those in season ’61/62. not bad when you consider that half those games he played as a defender. Unfortunately Mel had a lot of injuries in his 3 year spell with Arsenal but ’61/62 was his best season. I remember one particular game, played around Christmas at home to Tottenham. The previous year Spurs had won the double and kicked off the new season with their first home game against us .It was my first ever visit to White Hart Lane and they beat us 4-3 with a very late goal from outside left Terry Dyson. Anyway getting back to the home game with Spurs it was a freezing December day. I Was 11 years old at the time and told by my Father that I’ve got to take my 7 year old cousin with me, “he don’t even like football” I said to my Dad, “you take him” was his reply. Now, the best position at the old Highbury ground was above the hole (the big exit beneath the clock at the clockend of the ground) especially if you we’re a youngster, because you have nobody in front of you and nobody can squash you ,you had safety barrier right behind you, but to get this plot you had to be in when the gates opened at 1-30pm. There I was 11 years of age dragging my 7 year old cousin across the terraces to get the plot. we got there and waited for the kick off. There was a full house, just under 70,000, yes, Highbury held that in those days, Tottenham started on the front foot with Jimmy Greaves going close on two occasions, then, from a corner the ball ran out to the edge of the box and Dave Mackay hit thunderbolt, Jack Kelsey went full length to stop it but the ball hit the net like a rocket right in front of me. 1-0 to Spurs at halftime. The second half it was a different story, roared on by the biggest crowd of the season Arsenal equalised with twenty minutes to go. A cross came in , I think from Johnnie McCloud, and up went big Mel to head a fantastic goal, the noise got louder and remember this Tottenham side was the best side in England by far and not many teams ever beat them. Anyway with about five minutes to go Alan Skirton picked the ball up on the right wing cut inside and nobody could stop him he went through three tackles got about 20 yards from goal and let a shot go that Bill Brown the Tottenham and Scotland goalkeeper could do nothing about, it rifled into the roof of the net for the winner. One of the greatest games in my whole Highbury career.

    1. Phil says:

      Kenny-memories mate.Thats one thing us old codgers had.Can you imagine now.” I was sitting in the Club Level bar during the second half because it was cold and I would rather watch it in the warm on one of the 30 190 inch screens where my toes and fingers could warm up………..”.
      Proper fan Ken

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        And you Phil, I know you’ll be at Cardiff today.The travelling you do is unbelievable. Good luck mate , Hope we get a nice win, have a good day and safe journey.

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