View from the Enemy – We can beat Arsenal without Jack!

Eddie Howe’s Bournemouth side are the visitors to the Emirates on Sunday, and they have to try and win without Arsenal’s on-loan midfielder Jack Wilshere. Jack is obviously well regarded by the Cherries players and coach, and Jack’s midfield partner Harry Arter thinks that he is exceptional.

“Jack’s an unbelievable player – probably one of England’s most talented players, and one of our most talented players in the squad without a shadow of a doubt,” Arter said.

“I can’t pinpoint one thing I’ve learned from him. But his all-round game can take not just myself, but everyone on to the next level.

“He’s getting fitter and that can only be good for England and also ourselves.”

Arter may think that Jack is the best thing since sliced bread, but the fact is that he moved to the South Coast because he did not think he would get many opportunities in the Gunners first team, but Arter believes the Cherries can still get something from the game.

“I think these kind of clubs (Arsenal) always have the pressure on them. The fans will be expecting them to beat us. With some hard work and a bit of luck, we can pick something up.

“If we can stay in the game and get a break, I’m sure it will get a bit nervy at their end and that’s when we feel we can hurt them.”

Arsenal may be unbeaten in 18 games, but maybe a little nerves really are kicking in after three draws on the trot, and with Bournemouth getting a surprising win away at Stoke last week they may be in a confident mood, but I seriously can’t see them leaving the Emirates with even one point.

Can you?


  1. dragunov762mm says:

    Three draw in a row, we obviously have been sailing into dead wind. We ultimately need to gain new momentum. This match should be it. This is like start from the scratch again.
    Arsene’s selection on CF and midfielders will be the key.
    Whether is gonna be Giorud or Alexis as CF will depend on opponents tactic, but I can’t imagine Bournemouth will play open football against us. So, I prefer Giroud as CF with Alexis on left flank.
    In the middle, if Arsene still try to built team around Ramsey, then our doom is waiting in the corner. His form is useless now, whether as CM our flanker (didn’t we learn something Arsene?). Arsenal only have two deep lying playmaker, Santi and Xhaka, who have abilities to quicken the ball with accurate passing. Not Ramsey or Elneny. So, our midfield axis should be Coquelin and Xhaka. This is the best combination we have. We must win this match nothing less. COYG!!!!!!

    1. josh37 says:

      Agree with you on Santi or Xhaka simply, has to be in our engine room. But still think a lot of this site sells Ramsey short. He’s quite a player, just needs the right partner to get the most from him at CM. If Xhaka and Ramsey can click, we’d have a formidable pairing.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        See I don’t know how he can say that after watching our last game. There were so many moves breaking down but the player he lays the blame on was the least deserving of any blame. Three main culprits for me where Coquelin, Jenkinson, Alexis. Giroud and Oziil were also deserving of blame for not offering themselves up enough. Plenty of blame to go around but the one that gets singled out is the one who just looked for those players and found them almost every time. I know we cant go hard on some of those names because they only had an off day, and they’ll get back on top soon. But if someone speaks of form, we know how that one goes, your only as good as your last ____.

  2. Break-on-through says:

    The Arsenal really are a hard bunch to please. Unbeaten in eighteen games and fans are not happy. You’d think the AFTV fans are where the Chelsea fans were at this time last year.

    We have one of the best away form if not the best, it’s a pity we are so hard to please, if we could get the home form up to scratch maybe that might do it.

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