View from the terraces – Arsenal v Man City Review and ratings from a hot day at the Emirates

As some know, I’m lucky enough to have a season ticket and, when big games take place, I try to give other Arsenal fans who cannot be at the game an idea of what it was like, both on the terraces and watching as a Gooner…. so here goes!!

Got to the ground about an hour before the kick off, and the concourses were full of fans watching the early games and drinking because it was really hot.

The “guest” before the match was our own Liam Brady and he was pushing his new book – he was greeted with great applause of course.

Then, with about ten minutes to kick off, the atmosphere really ramped up.

The City fans had just started their rendition of “Blue Moon” when the cords of “North London Forever” started and it was incredible – just as it was at the end of game!! Magical!!

The support was intense throughout the match, with some of the side and back passing causing heart attacks, and the “twelfth man” didn’t let anyone down.

On to the game itself, and what a defence we are starting to create!!

Defence 10 /10

We have the new Adams/Bould – Campbell/Toure type double act in Saliba and Gabriel, with the latter, in my opinion, being destined for world class status.

The two of them just outplayed, out-muscled and out-thought Haaland.

White was simply sublime with his defensive role, while Zinchenko played his best game to date.

GK 7 / 10

Now I know Raya has come in for some criticism and I can’t decide who is the better keeper, but he is ONLY playing to instructions and the other players do put him into awkward positions, and vice versa of course.

Midfield: 8 / 10

Midfield. We were always in control, but sometimes could have moved it forward faster.

Rice is worth every penny and, when Partey came on, we had a glimpse of what is to come.

I’ve already compared them to Vieira and Petit, and I have no reason to change my mind.

Odegaard I’m starting to compare to the likes of Brady, Cazorla, Little Mozart and even DB!!

His work rate is phenomenal, and he inspires both his teammates and the crowd!!

Attack 6 / 10

Attack – Gabriel was excellent today, back to his preinjury form.

Nketiah, I’m afraid, is not the man to take us forward.

He runs his socks off (so would Usain Bolt) but he doesn’t seem to link up with his colleagues and tends to be greedy… just my opinion and I will support him 100% when he’s wearing the shirt.

Martinelli 8 / 10

No surprise when Martinelli came on for the second half, as Trossard was disappointing when he started once again.

Martinelli drew two players to him as soon as he came on and changed the game.

Havertz put himself about and was used correctly by MA. his first assist, following his first goal in the PL.

MA10 / 10

Great substitutions, excellent defensive plan and thoroughly out-thought the great thinker himself.


Two monkeys off our backs – Beaten Man City in the PL and we won a game without Saka

That’s it, hope I’ve given anyone interested a taste of what was a great afternoon if you’re a Gooner.


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  1. 100% agree with the ratings. Raya was suspect the first half but grew confidence in the second half with some good corner catches and some long balls to jesus.

  2. “I’ve already compared them to Vieira and Petit”
    Oof that’s a good comparison – can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Totally agree!

        1. Siamois,
          I’d like to say it was entirely for footballing reasons, but it wouldn’t be truthful. Magnificent player and those magnificent blonde tresses

  3. That was a solid performance from the team all round.
    I mean, midfield performance is one of the fiercest midfield performance I’ve seen Arsenal put in against a big team.
    The icing on the cake were the substitutions. Giving Arteta kudos for that.
    I hope our midfield trio is now sorted out for now, (with Partey/Gorjinho). Days of playing Havertz in that 8 role is over I want to believe.
    A big kudos to everyone, including the fans.

  4. Nice ratings.
    I do think Jorginho did very well, especially in helping closing City down.
    I am sure his starting role surprised most fans, but it was a good choice.

  5. Everyone was brilliant bar Raya. I’m not sure how gets a high rating?

    I don’t think he even needed to make a save thanks to our defence, and it was his mistakes that nearly cost us dearly in the first half. Long ball distribution was poor as well in the first half.

    Much improved second half, but barely had anything to do.

    1. I agree with you on this. Raya: 5/10. A glass half empty in the Ist half and half full in the 2nd half.

      Maybe it is just me but I prefer Ramsdale.

      1. Indian Gunner, Arteta wanted the keepers to play out from the back. Raya was jetery in first half who wouldn’t? MCity pressing was best in the league. Raya does better than Ramsdale in long passes especially to Jesus and catching crosses in second half. Even PepG mentioned Raya long ball affected their plan in his press conference I think he deserves 7/10 his 1st half jetery didn’t cost us any goal. In my opinion Ramsdale wouldn’t have done any better the gaffer knows better

    2. MA said that Ray’s was following his instructions.he asked him to delay kicks until his teammates were all in possession.of course it invites pressure on himself.every weekend we see more and more goals due to teams insisting on playing from the back(Onana, Mc Allister…)

  6. @Ken1945:I don’t know if you saw the incident at the end of the involved Nicholas Moved and Walker/Haaland.after watching it several times,it looks like as when Walker and Co were leaving the pitch,Jover tried to shake hands with Walker who lost it and was joined by Haaland. I mean he used to be part of City coaching staff.what do you make if it all?were Walker’s & Haaland’s behaviours justified?

      1. Siamois, no I didn’t see it, as I was busy singing and talking to everyone around me!!

        As for my marks regarding Raya, he was very shaky to begin with and could have put us 1-0 down, but he most certainly improved during the game and, believe me, he has some naughty back passes to deal with.

        I forgot Jorginho, my mistake, who was also very positive and, overall, the only REAL weakness was the one player I’ve already mentioned and see no need to repeat my personal view of him.

        I also noticed that I said Gabriel would become world class (he might well do of course) but I meant Saliba…. what an extraordinary talent he is!!

        Herbert Chapman made a quote along the lines of :Goals win matches, so make sure you have a defebce that can stop your opponents from scoring.

        Great news Herbert, Mikel has followed your instructions to the letter.

    1. Most Players especially top ones don’t like coaches, they pretend or act proffessionally most of the times just to avoid being complained at or fined but they often lose it or let it out when they are not in a good mood personally or in a bad form as a team, one of Mikel’s experience as a coach in a top club like City hence his imposed new culture and inclusion in transfer strategy at our club. Kyle must have been feuding Nicolas since their days at City hence his attitude towards him after the game fuelled by the dissapointment to the loss to a perceived tittle rival. Perhaps Nicolas reacted by saying something offensive we can’t tell but i can tell that those City players were willing to get into a fight as they are not used to run of defeats. Entitlement comes to mind when you think of them.

    2. Siamois – it was a retaliation for what Jover did to him last season when he refused to shake walkers hand after the loss to Mancity. so he felt it was hypocritical for Jover to try to shake Walkers hands now when he refused to do so last time.

      1. @Ken1945:thank you,I think your articles from attending games is/was a great idea. especially for the unlucky ones who cannot get gives us a real insight(and a true one)of the ambiance, atmosphere…inside the stadium,which on TV can be a bit deceitful or not really representative of the real atmosphere..

  7. A 7 for Raya? I think 5.5 at best his distribution was terrible, he flapped at times and looked like a bag of nerves. For me, Jorginho had his best game in an Arsenal shirt, that said I was pleased to see Partey is back. the other scores are hard to argue against.

  8. I enjoyed your recollections of the match and the atmosphere Ken1945 you created. I do go too occasionally for my liking but the roar of the crowd is so special.
    I’ve read your replies to posts and I agree that Raya improved as the match went on. Had we conceded, it might have changed the direction of the game

  9. Excellent word painting of the occasion KEN. I like SOME proper word painting, even though never wanting to read superflous, flowery and non relevant prose for its own sake, a la Jonathan Foster, whose constant overblown flowery phases are very irritating, by contrast to your well chosen and apt descriptions.

  10. If Arsenal had started with Jesus in an attack than Enketiah ,the three points were to be at home with many goals.
    I advise Arteta to bench Enketiah he wastes alot of chances.

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