Villa defeat tells me Arsenal still need Ozil against Watford

At the weekend, while we all celebrated our win over Man City, a JustArsenal reader felt the need to point out how we got to the final without Ozil and his 350,000 pound a week wages. That same person didn’t comment when we produced another away performance on Tuesday, without any creativity, while a World Cup winner was sat back at home.

You see I don’t care about anyone’s personal agenda. What I do care about is us being 10th in the table. I’m sorry, that is unforgivable. We seem to be patting Arteta on the back for talking about standards, yet let’s make this clear. Arsenal are going to finish outside the top 6 for the first time in 25 years so that means not one decision has been justified.

Sacking Mr Wenger (Would we be 10th? Would Rambo be here? Would Ozil be better?), the choice of managers since, player recruitment, or this idea that you freeze out a player if he earns too much, not one decision has made us better. I can say that because not one Gooner predicted back in the summer we would just about finish in the top half, so people in power at the Emirates have to question how this has happened.

I’m sorry until we are told Ozil has a poor attitude, isn’t trying in training or his behaviour is bad, I don’t understand the ridicule or mockery he gets.

Because he’s being overpaid? How’s that his fault? I have to watch worse talent play in his position just because Stan Kroenke wants to save more money.

I’m sorry at Villa Park my concern is not our owners finances, it’s getting a result. If we are then walking away without a shot on target, I have got a right to ask why we are paying someone who has proven he can assist, but is not even in the squad.

Oh, while we are at it, you do realise Ozil is not the only player on hundreds of thousands of pounds a week. You know, his peers, those laughing before Aston Villa scored, they are not on minimum wage.

I have a right to expect a coach (who also gets well paid don’t forget) to get the best out of his resources, to train, to teach, etc.

We can’t sell him till the summer. It’s not like he’s not still getting paid, so we may just as well use him while he’s here.

Don’t get me wrong the midfielder isn’t perfect, but I know when confident, with an arm round his shoulder, he will create. I don’t know that about the likes of Willock.

In the wins against Liverpool and City I agree you can’t trust Ozil to track back and follow those type of tactics. Yet in games where we have possession, I still would trust him more than anyone else to find that killer pass

Arteta might have achieved pushing him closer to the exit door post-Lockdown by freezing him out. That means nothing to me if we are failing on the pitch.

Unless someone is doing better, or you intend to buy a better replacement, the only person benefiting out of this is the owner.

Just remember Ozil was good enough to play before the pandemic. The fact we have lost 4 out of our 9 League games since means it hasn’t worked. Yet some seem to be congratulating our boss for helping their agenda and not focusing on us dropping points.

When chasing an equaliser who’s more proven, Ozil or Reiss Nelson? That decision could be the difference between rescuing a point or not.

Ever since he refused a pay cut (his legal right) he’s been ghosted just because a Billionaire wants to reduce his overheads. So, the plan is to make him so miserable he feels forced to move his family away from the City they love. All he’s done is honour his contract that Arsenal CHOSE to give. That’s quite nasty when you think about it.

Aubameyang must be thinking the same? Sure, gooners are begging him to extend his deal now, but how does he not know he will be in his teammate’s shoes in a couple of years. Suddenly he will be accused of being someone in this thirties being overpaid with zero resale value.

Look at Arsenal’s accounts and it’s easy to work out what their issue with Ozil is, and it’s not that he’s not as good as one of our worst midfields in history. It’s the fact we are running low of money, and with it not certain when fans are allowed back into the Emirates or will there be a second spike, the German ‘s salary is a heavy weight round our neck.

That’s not his fault though. No one could foresee a pandemic, while potentially not being in Europe is mismanagement from the club.

So, I understand the need to get him off the books and, for the man himself, he deserves more respect than some of our toxic fan base.

Yet at least for one more League game he’s still an employee of Arsenal so if we are lacking creativity, give him potentially one last game.

If you don’t and we have no shots on targets again, well that’s unforgivable…

Dan Smith


  1. fans need to forget about top 6 or 8 for at least a season or 2…

    we are currently rebuilding…

    play the young boys…build up the core players….the coordination the team play

    in 2 or 3 season time we will be good

    thats how you build a team

    1. Well said @John Ibrahim. We don’t need to play Ozil against Watford because our season is finished. The Watford game should be a preparation for the FA cup final, so we should feature players who are under consideration for the August 1st encounter

      1. As Arteta has stated, Arsenal has a responsibility to the other clubs facing relegation to go all out for a win against Watford. Yes players need to be protected for the FA Cup Final, but the team must be strong to maintain momentum. Just imagine if Arsenal needed a result from another club and they ran dead?

        1. If we still had Wenger I believe we would even finish lower, because this is a man who would still be saying he had faith in his team at least arteta is trying to make us hard to beat and trying to instil a bit of grit into the team, we need to get the balance right between defending and creating chances, as for ozil he went from being the assist king to none existent

          1. Wenger understood the game better than Arteta. We used to finish in top 4 with the worst players than what we have now

          2. I rate Wenger above Arteta but Arteta is barely starting,

            With Wenger we at least would have more creativity and with the current Squad,

            Maybe Guendouzi will respect Wenger more but you never know. That kids needs to be a little more humble not too much as his aggresion is still needed and that confidence on the field is essential.

            Thank you Bye.

  2. Even if one puts his wages aside, what does he bring to the table?

    Rarely scores, rarely assists. Apparently he is our most creative player still (in chances created), but how many times do we see him pulling defenses apart with KDB-esque passes? If you watch Ozil carefully, it’s all super safe passing, and easy chance creation that a League 2 playmaker would easily have the vision, and ability to pull off. Rarely do I see him taking risks with his passing anymore. It’s almost as if he’s more concerned with his pass completion rate.

    Also, how is his chance creation when it really matters? Against the top teams, or when we need a goal, or in away games?

    Ozil is the perfect example of what a team player shouldn’t look like. All star players that have special abilities, need to also have a basic team work ethic about them, so that those days when their extraordinary talents go missing, they can still offer something. Ozil does not have any work ethic at all. He is extremely one dimensional.

    Clearly we need a creative central midfielder, but Ozil is not the answer…and by a country mile! I would like to see Arteta start Torreira, and Xhaka together, with Ceballos further forward, but I can understand why he’s playing with three CB’s at the moment, given how bad our defenders are individually.

    1. But if it’s just easy chance creation, why doesn’t anyone else in our team do it? Why does he have most chances created, even though he missed so many games?

      I agree with the 3 cb’s, but against sides like Villa and Watford we should be able to play with a back 4 in stead of a back 5. Of they can’t be trusted in a back 4 against those sides, then what’s the point of having them at all. Also, they played in back 4 for years, so why all of a sudden they can’t do this anymore?

      I want to add that I don’t wanna see Ozil near the starting XI against the likes of Man City and Chelsea, but it’s against the smaller sides where we have to make play where we struggle. That’s where we need him. Now it seems to me that Artetas stubbornness is costing us the EL. Or whatever the reason is that Ozil is frozen out..

      1. But others do though. Look at how many goals Saka and Pepe have been involved in, plus they help defensively, which Ozil doesn’t. Pepe does have his off days defending, but still does way more defending than Ozil has in his whole Arsenal career.

        1. @TMJW I totally agree with you on the defensive part. I don’t like the effort Ozil is putting in at all, let alone on that salary. I’m also not defending Ozil, as I want him out too. But if we get rid of him, we need a replacement, because there isn’t anyone like him creating-wise.

          Yes Pepe and Saka create too. And I’m really happy with Saka especially. But they create different kinds of chances. They create more from the wing with crosses and dribbels. We also need someone who can link defense with attack and play horizontal passes, who can pick someone between the lines. We don’t have anyone who can do that at the moment. Only player to sometimes do this is Xhaka..

          Unless we sign someone who adds more creativity, I think we should play Ozil against the teams that dug deep and are happy to sit back and wait. Ozil is the only player in our squad that can unlock these defenses with a smart pass or a simple flick-on.

          1. @MrLucky

            I agree. We need a creative force in central midfield. Just look at the impact of Bruno at Utd, and that’s what we need badly.

    2. Because u don’t know what is football at all tell me one player now that created more chances than ozil infact ozil is irreplaceable.

      1. He is irreplaceable and no team wants him in the last 18months and counting. That should tell you the player he has become.

      2. There’s no man who’s irreplaceable. Or you mean that you’ll never find someone at who’s doing worst than Ozil

    3. If people think we would have been finishing in the top 4 with Wenger they are extremely deluded

          1. Yes Ken, and I can remember him getting stick for ONLY finishing in the top 4. Now it’s only a distant ambition!!

          2. Then 2 years on looking for a way to Europe through F.A cup that is not even guaranteed! that is if Uncle (Olivier Giroud) did not add more salt to the wound as he did in the Europa league final last year.(Opening goal,2 assists nd helped got a penalty

    4. Rarely scores, rarely assists. Apparently he is our most creative player still (in chances created), but how many times do we see him pulling defenses apart with KDB-esque passes? If you watch Ozil carefully, it’s all super safe passing, and easy chance creation that a League 2 playmaker would easily have the vision, and ability to pull off. Rarely do I see him taking risks with his passing anymore. It’s almost as if he’s more concerned with his pass completion rate”
      Rant I call all this!
      I mean it shows your level of footballing knowledge.
      How can you compare a man in his prime to an aged Ozil?
      Go to La liga and ask about a man called Ozil in his prime at Madrid,then you will hear the “King of Assists, MO10.
      KDB just matched Ozil assists in a single season this season.
      Ozil has dropped in quality but no Arsenal player is as creative as him,i mean none has an eye for intricate and defense splitting pass as the worst Ozil at Arsenal.
      It is easy to create chances and no attacking midfielder at Arsenal has created more than him this season,again no attacking midfielder at Arsenal has created more assist than Ozil even at his worst form this season

  3. No, simple solution, just bring AMN and the equations change.Pace, energy, forward ball passes, racing past the defenders are his attributes.Play him either left or right, the lad delivers. I get irritated with Mikel for not playing him. I care a damn what they do in training, we need winners on match days, and this lad has delivered every time he is on the pitch. I do not get all this Ozil worship, the man has 54 assists in 184 games? Is this stat not appalling! Take a look at Dennis Berhkamp 87 goals and 92 assists, and some have the guts to compare Ozil to Bergkamp? He is not even fit to wipe the statue or else he might end up with some shoulder injury just as he injured his back by just sitting in the stands.The winning combination is AMN, Xhaka (or an upgrade), Cabellos and Bellerin with PAL upfront.

    1. 👍 “guts”? More like stupidity to even consider the two players are comparable based on influence on and performances for Arsenal. Just ask any player at Highbury when he arrived, what Bergkamp’s influence was on his team mates? Professional attitude, hard work in training and on the pitch, flair, technique and hard as nails, looking after your health through diet and lifestyle. Ask them who the best player they played with at Arsenal?

      1. Anyone that compare ozil and Bergkamp is either blind or stupid. You cant even compare Fabregas or Rosciky with ozil not to talk of the best ever player to have played for our club, Dennis Bergkamp.

        1. Speaking of Bergkamp see he would love to come back in a coaching capacity think he would be a great addition to the coaching staff please Mikel bring the legend home!!

        2. Hmm!
          Best or One of the best?
          Please let’s watch what we type before we post it.

      2. ozziegunner, please name me anyone who has compared DB with MO?

        I have never seen one such comparison on this site and I bet you haven’t either.

        You see, Loose Cannon is a little like
        Trump when he makes his wild accusations – there is no truth in them, but it allows him to then rant on about his favourite subject.

        Tell a mistruth often enough and others begin to think it’s true.

        I suggest Loose Cannon you name these fans who you say compare DB to MO, in order to prove that what you are saying is true.

          1. Friends do read the comments of Peter below, they answer your questions. Have a nice weekend folks!Ken thanks for the comparison, feel humbled to be compared to a successful businessman and President.

          2. Loose Cannon, you said it was people on here who compared – that is your quote and, as I expected, you cannot back it up at all.

            Just false and misleading quotes and if you think Trump is a success, then that sums you up completely.

            So I challenger you once again, along with ozziegunner, name one person from JA, who has compared MO with DB?

            The fact that a world cup winner and one of the Invincibles, along with our most successful manager of all time, said this, is true…but when did they say it??

            Oh yes – For AW, it was December 29th 2015…
            the same day that SkySports announced that “Ozil has created more clear-cut chances than the entire Chelsea team this season”….
            the same day that The Mirrors reporter John Cross professed his belief that Ozil is currently the best player in England’s top flight – actual quote?
            “Right now, I don’t think there’s a better player than Ozil in the premier league. Aguero, Hazard heavy weight contenders.Vardy, Mahrez in good form.”

            Oh this is SO SO easy…in 2015/16 season, MA made 45 appearances, 19* assists and scored 8 goals, while being voted Arsenal’s Player of the Year and recorded the second highest assists in the history of the premier league…funny that the date of this quote was not included, but at least we can all see why that was made, along with two other quotes and the stats that go with it.

            Now, the Robert Pires quote:
            This was made on 29th March 2019 in the Metro, but the full quote was not shown….let me print it out and, remember, this was under the reign of UE.

            “He hasn’t started many games recently because he’s been injured with a small back problem. But now, the most important thing is to see Mesut in the line-up. He’s very clever, he can make good assists and sometimes he can score. For me , he’s like Dennis Bergkamp, he’s a magician, a maestro.”

            Such a different interpretation if one wanted to be fair and show why and in what context it was made.

            Now, Loose Cannon, let’s go back to your false, Trump like claim that, here on JA, those who have a differing view to you, compared DB to MO – complete and utter BS as you well know…if you make things up, those who you are accusing, will always catch you out!!!

            Out of interest and just to highlight, I have NEVER seen Pires or Wenger actually comment on “JustArsenal”, but Loose Cannon, you seem to have done so. as you cannot name ANY other Ozil “fanboys” at all!!

            Your just hiding behind the quotes from ex Arsenal people and, in actual fact, you didn’t even name those two, it was someone else!!!!

            You still have not answered the simple question, if Arteta selects Ozil, would you support the manager?
            (Neither has Jon Fox I should add.)

            Just for the record, Dennis averaged one assist every 3.35 games and his most prolific season in terms of assists was in 1998/99…a total of 13* – yep six less than Ozil’s best to date!!!

            As for our top five payers, past and present with assists as at June 15th 2019:

            1. T.HENRY 80
            2. C.FABREGAS 71
            3. M.OZIL 53
            4. D.BERGKAMP 49
            5. A.RAMSEY 48

            followed,not in order, just for reference and comparision
            Theo Walcott 42 – Robert Pires 38 – Santi Cazorla 34 – Alexis Sanchez 25

            Finally, just for Loose Cannon, his “friends” and Peter Walker,let me quote, in full, what our greatest ever player said about Mesut Ozil:

            “I can understand why people compare us two. He also plays with the same freedom on the pitch as I remember doing.
            I will go as far as saying HE HAS NOW SURPASSED ME.”

            Now that was really so easy and satisfying to print out!

            Personally, I don’t agree with the dutch master, but I thought it worth putting up, it is SO easy to find what real professional players say about him and I don’t have to cherry pick from the quotes, or make up fictional characters who compare the two on JustArsenal.

            Thanks for your imput Dennis Bergkamp, you are THE greatest player I have ever seen in an Arsenal shirt and, to my knowledge, have never made up stories or lied.

            Mesut, get your finger out NOW, live up to and prove to Mikel you can be the player Dennis, Robert and Arsene saw you to be.

        1. Look at the numbers. On the assists they speak for him. He has become a complete sensational football player. I am very, very happy with his performances. He is one of the best in Europe certainly. In his position, he is sensational.

          Bergkamp was more goalscorer than him and he was more of an assists man but now he becomes more of a goalscorer so they really are comparable. He has remarkable technical quality and something that I enjoy very much is the timing of his passes. If you think in the stand give the ball now, it is now. You have not finished your thinking and the ball has gone already.

          Who said that?

          None other than YOUR hero Arsene Wenger lol

          I wonder if you will say sorry to ozziegunner

        2. “For me, he’s like Dennis Bergkamp, he’s a magician, a maestro”

          Who said that?

          Robert Pires

          Oh this is so easy

          1. Ken, the other trait always associated with Dennis Bergkamp is modesty. That is why he wasn’t backward in complimenting Mezut Ozil when he played well. Not for Dennis Bergkamp going on social media or the press saying he was ready. In my opinion Arsenal lost the Champions League Final in 2006 against Barcelona, notwithstanding Jens Lehman’s send off, because Dennis Bergkamp was on the substitutes bench. Players at the time came to the same opinion. Only later did Bergkamp comment that he was disappointed in Wenger’s decision
            My comments above were following on from Loose Cannon and were in general regarding comparing Ozil to Bergkamp.
            I’m not going to trawl through hundreds of posts to come up with names, but there have been many posts claiming that Mesut Ozil is/was the best No10 in world football. Unlike his sycophants I do not agree that he is worthy to lace Bergkamp’s boots based on the two players’ respective contributions to Arsenal FC.

        3. Good day Ken! In defense of the defenseless Ozil, please note
          I never said that the comparison was done by JA commentators, if you read my comment. I used the word”some”
          Well even I do acknowledge the 19 assists and 8 goals were good to be deemed fit for the Player of the year award then, but wake up Ken, that was 2015/6 we are in 2020 with 1 goal in 18 matches. Also he did not do charity, he was well paid and got an extension for his efforts.
          When the team takes to the field, I applaud all the lads, cheer for them and criticize/praise them after the final whistle. Ozil included, can you say the same for Iwobi whom majority of the Ozil fan club were bashing the lad for Ozils poor showing?
          Finally like you, the millions other well wishers of the club would like to see Ozil repeat the 2015 stats every year. We all wish him well, we give credit where it is due, unfortunately Ken, you seen to rake up 2015/6 stats as you have no more excuses left to save the golden boy Ozil. After all Unai and Freddie were not wrong to dump him like Mikel, The only wrong Unai did was to bring him back to the starting eleven. He should have been banished last year for not putting an effort at Baku. And now it is too late for him to revive his carrier, as I feel that by sitting on a hard bench, he injured his back, what would happen to his frail body if he played a competitive game?

  4. Comparing ozil and aubamayang is a joke, auba is like zlatan and Ronaldo he will continue scoring goals till he’s 36 or 37, auba best quality is his positioning, and Please for the sake of God stop all this chances created nonsense, I will go with what I see from ozil on the pitch not some stupid stats, the last good game ozil had in an arsenal shirt was against Leicester last season where we won 3:1, and before that he has been poor. I really don’t believe in all this stats stuffs, we bought Pepe based on his stats, Mustafi had one of the best defensive stats when we paid 35million for him, even Xhaka stats was very good when we paid 34million for him,to me ozil was finished 3 years ago. I will rather play wilcok every match than to play ozil, at least with wilcok you know he will put in an effort. I watched the city match again yesterday and you can see a 34 years old David Silva putting in good tackles, I mean this is a player who has won all the domestic trophies in the premier league, and he’s even leaving the club this season,how anyone can still support ozil ahead of the coach decision is beyond me.

    1. Am a big fan of ozil no doubt,but have to live with the fact that it’s actually time to cut ties with him.Modern 10’s don’t rely on their creativity alone,but also put in a great load of hardwork on their craft.Its rather too late to teach his old dog a new trick,he will never adapt to that;it will be a total waste of energy.Arsenal need to cut ties with him and other deadwoods which will make funds available to sign a proper 10 who will bring creativity and energy to our game in right proportion. TBH he doesn’t fit in the 343 formation MA has adopted lately.goodluck to him tho.

      1. So you are a big fan of someone you rightly call deadwood! Good grief! Are you also an Arsenal fan? As what you say cannot apply to both that player and the club you, presumably, support! Talk about muddled thinking!

        1. Hey man! Am totally responsible for what I said an not responsible for what you understand.Am a fan of his but also have interest of arsenal at heart,I respect any decision the club takes.Arsenal and Ozil relationship is rather becoming a toxic one which is affecting both parties.

      1. Let’s see what next season has in store for us.Even though we can still end the season on a high,notwithstanding many things went wrong.

  5. I mean I love an Ozil Article but 6 in the space of 24 hours 🤔
    Dam I miss those Iwobi articles .

      1. Dan and Sue, it is getting to the stage where one thinks that Arsenal is a one player squad.

    1. That was noticed and discussed but with multiple writers covering Arsenal news the articles could not be dumped. The articles were not done by just one person. If there is no news on a player then we don’t write about that player unless we doing an opinion piece and Aubamayeng articles are the highest number at the moment because of his contract situation. Also, I doubt anyone can say these were anti-Ozil articles, most seemed positive to me.

  6. One thing I can’t quite get my head around is Ozil is training with the team…. yet no sign of Guendouzi…..although I saw a picture of him in the new kit…. the mind boggles….

    1. @Sue Based on the haircuts they have in the pictures, I think these pictures were taken before the Covid break. Just take a look at Bellerin’s haircut. I could be mistaken though

  7. It’s all about wages, Isn’t it ? Surely, Ozil ‘s problems with Arsenal, the coach, the Mgt & some gonners is his so called high wages. Yea. I also agree with the notion that Aub, Lac, Pepe or any quality player brought in with the baggage of high wage bills, will still face the anti-Ozil phenomenon. So petty.

    1. Baah, what he earns wouldn’t be such an issue, if he delivered on the training ground and pitch, provided leadership and gave the value for money expected from a marquee player.

      1. Spot on Ozziegunner. These ozil fans have a form of the Stockholm syndrome. Lol. If I had a chance to meet Arteta and tell him one thing in the face of all these pressure from the media and fans to play ozil. It would be “don’t be pressured by all these pundits and media see, there are many of us who support you, do not play ozil ever again”

  8. The key point is that we have to show we appreciate creative players before we can get a good one on board.

    If we prefer Willock for the reason of effort, then we can always get 11 players from the 2nd division who will bust their lungs for us – but then where will we be?

    While we watch with envy how B Fernandes transformed the fortune of Man Utd, did we ever discuss which creative player should we target? We are still talking about players who have more graft than craft.

    Ozil WAS a world class player but has declined. We have no successor to the No.10 role – mismanagement big time.

    Let’s face it, creative players cannot be trained to become one, their talent is in-born. Willock, AMN and co will not become our B Fernandes.

    ESR has returned from his loan spell. I hope he will be the answer, otherwise we have to spend serious money. It is even more urgent from a CB.

  9. If we play Ozil, where do we play him in our current system?

    Should we change system just to play Ozil?

    Was there a reason we started to play with 3 at the back?

    1. We should not be changing to accommodate a certain player like Ozil, but rather change to encourage creativity.

      We won against City and Liverpool by playing the Mourinho way (like it or not!), but we need to rekindle our creativity, hence attack prowess against teams outside the big 6 if we want to stop being a mid-table team.

  10. Part of the problem regarding our lack of creativity stems from the defensive back three system Arteta feels he has to play to stop us leaking goals.Basically we are adding a non-creative defender at the expense of a creative midfielder and as a consequence, unlike Man City and Liverpool the chances we make are few and far between.And before anyone points out the influence of having wing backs, playing with a flat ,high line back four does not prevent the full backs of Liverpool and Man City from powering forward at every opportunity.Apart from having better players,they both deploy a dedicated DM to protect the CBs under pressure.You may ask what this has to do with creativity and Ozil,well the days of carrying a ball playing luxury player are long gone, and much as I appreciated the artistry of Ozil in his prime he simply does not fulfil a need in the game today.Even Arsene Wenger ,who was a wonderful Manager in the first half of his stewardship did not foresee the change to the high energy, high pressing game which is needed today.Players are far more athletic today than they were even a decade ago, and for someone like Ozil, who is unable , or unwilling to adapt, there is no longer a room at the inn.When he leaves,at the end of next season and not a day before,most Arsenal fans will not mourne his passing.I will be one of them, but at the back of my mind I will always yearn for the days when the skill factor with the ball was more important than being an athlete.

    1. 👍 Grandad, the absense of a top class DM has so limited the attacking options for players going forward with confidence at Arsenal season after season.

    2. At Grandad
      Actually you are wrong Brendan Rogers still applies the very same system. No formation in football is long gone. It’s about having players who compliment each other but I agree with the rest of your post.

  11. Yes, we need Ozil against Watford so we can rest other important players for the FA cup final

    1. Yes, he failed in the last 3 yrs, but what have we done to replace him. B Fernandes was available at 40M and we go for a 72M winger!

      We paid the price for somebody’s disrespect for creativity.

  12. We do not need Ozil or his influence (negative) in a game that matters not. For me he is gone and if i never see him in an Arsenal shirt again, it will be too soon. We dont need Ozil or his attitude.

  13. Its better for Arsenal to be out of Europe.They are there just to make and will get whipped as they advanced further.
    Arsenal shd swallow their pride and adapt Liverpool’s blueprint. The problem is the owner must spend a substantial sum which the former may not want.Gone are the days when trophies are won on the cheap.
    Its all money,money and what else?

      1. Yes, he has bought a ranch for three quarters of a billion and borrowed over half a billion to buld his USA stadium.
        On Arsenal he has NOT spent a single penny of his own money on our team in 13 years. Shame your claim that he spent money on OUR CLUB was so clearly false. A lack of knowledge on your part !

        1. No Jon, a lack of knowledge and fact on your part.

          Kronkie owns The Arsenal, every single brick and employee under contract, lock, stock and barrel and that is a FACT.

          Every penny The Arsenal make is HIS penny and every penny spent is money HE spent.
          Every loss is HIS loss, every gain is HIS gain, gut wrenching as it is.

          Now if you want to argue he could/should spend more that is a different story and we both agree that he is a leech – BUT you are entirely wrong to claim he hasn’t spent his own money on his own club – a lack of fundamental knowledge on your part.

  14. ozil might not be the same,which I accept that completely but don’t let us talk as if he didn’t deserve the contract when he was given because to me he surely deserve it then.That time was when Alexis want to leave and if ozil had left the same season many of us would have accused the board of not having ambition,we would have been craving for him not so don’t talk as if he has fault in accepting the contract…

    secondly playing ozil against villa isn’t bad to me because we all know we would have much more of the ball comparing to when we play city and Liverpool which he would have help more in moving the ball forward.when arteta first came ozil play almost all the matches and he even mark and track back example is our match against united and he is even willing to do so,putting ozil on the sideline I don’t think he has anything to do with the marking and tracking back,I think its all about his wages which I think he clearly deserve as at when he sign the contract.
    if ozil isnt playing now and he is still having his paycheck pls who is at loss between him and the management and if they think he isnt performing well why can’t they terminate his contract and prove themselves ruthless that they are claiming they are now….Everything about to him is all about the contract and not the playing side problem.

    1. You are making sense than most biased fans here.
      I also support it if he is not starting against big teams,i think he cannot deal with the tempo in those games,but we cannot deny the fact that Ozil is the best when it comes to pre assist,even if he his not making the assist himself he is the most useful player currently in our squad in the final third against teams that we are dominating against

  15. I dont think MA will ever bring ozil back to the team,there is something going on behind the scenes…

    And please MA we have to win somehow to build some momentum..


  16. Leave it to MA!

    I don’t think Ozil deserves more chances as every time he has given the chances he failed, I think Ozil is not playing with his heart for the team and not fighting enough to have a position that’s why MA kept him out.

  17. This is the saddest article i have read in a while. While i sometimes agree with the writer, in this case the article is biased. Ozil is not being left out because of the salary he gets. He is left out because of his contribution and attitude. He literally strolls around the field doing nothing, being completely indifferent when the other team attacks and sprinting (slightly) only when the ball is near him. He no longer provides assists, nor contributes anything of significance to the team when he is on the field. Bare in mind that higher wages, bring much higher expectations, as a team like Arsenal can only offer superstar wages to 2-3 players max, and he is getting half the chunk of that on his own. So i d rather have willock scoring 2 goals and giving 2 assist in a whole year and complain that our academy product doesn’t quite develop as well as i would like to, rather than having the same contribution from a player with 10 times his salary and saying that “if he had better players around him, he would do much better”.

    1. You are pointless with this statement, “He no longer contributes assist,nor contributes anything of significance to the team when he is on the field”
      With the fact that he has played fewer matches this season,no Arsenal attacking midfielder has created more assist or create chances than Ozil this season which shows we lack creativity,Pepe(6),Saka(5) and Lacazette(4) has created more assist than him,even Arteta himself said we lack creativity and spark against common Aston villa

  18. Dan. I usually much respect your articles and consider you by far the best of the very regular article writers on here. One statement of yours however, jarred so much with me that I must take you to task. “I’m sorrry but until we are told Ozil has a bad attitude, etc” is a pathetic and so, so very wrong comment .
    Countless Gooners for ages past have rightly said that Ozil does not try in matches , that he is lazy and just coasts through games , uncaring if we win or lose and that is profoundly true.
    To a sensible mind that means his attitude is atrocious; far worse than merely bad. He is cheating the club , his teammates, us fans, his manager and even himself. If you cannot or will not see that then my respect for your intellect will drastically diminish.
    It is probably the single most silly comment you have ever written and lets you down bigtime. This from a man who much rates your articles, almost always, so I am very sad to see you let yourself down like this.

    1. The article you highlighted was from 2015…. has it ever occurred to you that Ken may not have even been on JA back then? He hadn’t commented on it, which to me suggests he wasn’t, and of those who had, I’m not familiar with any of them… so just think about that and cut him some slack….

      1. No, he’s putting his point forward, to debate….and come off it that was hardly an ‘attack’ he asked a question!!!
        And going by your article, which was before Ken’s time, I’d say that made Ken right, as since he’s been on here, he’s never seen that said on here!!
        Come to think of it, neither have I… all I’ve seen is that Ozil isn’t fit enough to place Bergkamp’s boots… Comprende?

    2. How I’m reading what Ken says were fans on here have never compared / as in said Ozil was better then Bergkamp
      The article you found is merely the writer reporting what pundits , ex players have said
      Think the overall point is can you find fans on just Arsenal who said Ozil was better then DB

      1. read comments underneath. instead of defending him how about defending ozziegunner who was attacked by him

        1. Attacked ?
          There was a random post saying anyone who compares two players is blind or stupid
          That ( rightfully implies ) that it’s a disgrace to put the class of a legend
          Ken asked for it to be proven where ‘ people’ on just Arsenal have made that comparison

  19. Really sorry, Peter, for not being up to speed, but I do have other interests, apart from JustArsenal.
    Straight in then and let’s cover your beef that I need to apologize to ozziegunner for “attacking” him first of all.
    Here’s what I said, word for word and with nothing left out:

    “ozziegunner, please name me anyone who has compared DB with MO?
    I have never seen one such comparision on this site and I bet you haven’t either?”

    Very important that you register the fact that the words “I” and “you” – because ozzie (you) and I have been exchanging views for quite a while now and often ask each other questions!!!

    Now, if you see that as me “attacking” ozziegunner, you must be a very fragile snowflake indeed.

    What are your views on the fans who call Ozil a thief, a fraud, dross, mentally frail, the worst signing in the history of the club, was never wanted anyway etc etc etc?

    You must be going in to a frenzy of apoplectic proportions
    Haven’t you been upset with that kind of verbal diarrhoea of one of our current players and why haven’t you sought them out with the same vigour and intensity?

    At least ozziegunner had the opportunity to reply to my vicious “attack” (unlike Ozil) and he did – I didn’t get the impression that ozziegunner thought I was “attacking” him when he replied… perhaps, ozziegunner, you could let us know?

    But just to make you feel better Peter old chap:
    ozziegunner, if you felt I was “attacking” you and you felt under any threat from my two questions, I hereby apologize most earnestly my friend.
    Feeling better now Peter old chap?

    On to your detective work from 2015, funnily enough, the same year that your quote regarding Arsene Wenger was made (did you have to go THAT far back to find anyone?).

    Of the fourteen replies, I didn’t recognize one single name and as you have just arrived on the JustArsenal site (so I am informed), I suspect you didn’t either.
    Neither was there any current and regular posters anywhere in sight of course, so I fail to see the relevance with the hear and now and my question to Loose Cannon, to be perfectly frank.

    I read each of those replies and just one, from Mo1, actually said that he compared the two players – now if I was being cynical, I would/could suggest that Mo1 might even be MO himself!!!

    But the biggest flaw in your jubilant announcement of finding one person who did compare the two, is that this article was back in 2015 – did you read any of the poisonous words I alluded to above (thief, dross, mentally frai etc) in the article itself, or in any of the fourteen comment?

    Of course you didn’t, so my question regarding identifying fans, obviously didn’t go back to the day when these fourteen people and the writer of the article were all pro Ozil.
    Everyone was more than happy to have this world class player wearing our shirt, as most were up and until he signed the new contract.
    It is since that contract signing, that the hate campaign has begun, with statements such as “I don’t get this Ozil worship” or “He is not even fit to wipe the statue”…what about using some common sense and looking for those fans who compared the two after that day?

    What you have actually done, is to show just how influential and liked MO was up to the day he was offered a reported £350,000 a week – once again, I haven’t seen one post on here, that says he is still the world class player you identified back in 2015 (thanks for that by the way).

    Just for the record, I wasn’t a regular on JustArsenal back in 2015, otherwise you would have seen me waxing lyrical, in that article you found, about another world class player wearing our shirt.

    Well done for going back five years to find one poster who had the audacity to say he thought DB and MO were equal…it would be interesting to find out if anyone else thought the same since January 2018, roughly a year after I became a regular on JustArsenal.

  20. Admin(s), just because I’m curious, have you any idea how Peter Walker was able to source a JustArsenal article that had all the replies attached?

    I have often read old JA articles before, but there has never been the opportunity to read the replies and I assumed this was a policy of JA.

    In fact, I went in just a minute ago, read an article about MO, but there was no way to source the replies available whatsoever.

    It seems even more puzzling, when Peter has only just started to post on JA and, also, I use google all the time with regards to JA and other sites.

    1. Hi, Ken can you send a couple of examples? I thought all comments for always visible. In fact, I thought that the comments came up in Google search as well! Or they used to at least….

  21. Hi Pat, when I went into Google last night, every JA article didn’t have comments attached to them and that has been the case, in my experience, for ages.

  22. HI Ken, Just to let you know, Kroenke does not own Arsenal despite your capital letters. The club was bought with debt, (IE somebody elses money) not Kroenkes cash.

    Try not paying your mortgage to find out who REALLY owns your house.

    Heres a clue.. Its not you.

    If you dont know about a subject (finance), probably best you don’t advise others on it.

    Pay the debt IN FULL, the house is yours. Until you do, it aint.

    Regards Ozil… Absolute poison.. Cannot wait until the club get shot of him. No respect for the club, the other players, or the fans. Dandering about the pitch whilst others sprint, absolutely sick of the leech that he is..
    Probably the worst signing the club has ever made in my opinion.

    Go, leave, Mesut, don’t come back under any circumstances.
    Cannot wait.

    Indeed this thread is Mesut Ozil all over.. Causing problems amongst the fans.

    I wonder if we were discussing Fabregas, or Bergkamp how much more harmonious this thread would be.. Lets face it, it would be a gushing love fest! :o)

    He doesn’t deserve to be at our club, his presence is CLEARLY toxic.. GET RID ASAP. The club, the fans, and players deserve so much better than some circus clown throwing his hands in the air when a more commited player takes the ball off him. .. Bloody well chase after him, and get the ball back.. Jesus.. Fairly basic stuff he thinks he is above..
    £350k a week, and the guy isn’t commited?
    He disgusts me. I’d hand a kidney over just to be a sub..

    1. Davy A… and just like a mortgage, as long as you keep up with your payments, the house is yours – just as The Arsenal is kronkie’s, lock stock and barrel – he makes the decisions, he invests money and he takes out the profit. He hires and fires.
      Perhaps you think he might default on his monthly payments due to the corona virus? If only your view of what might happen, actually did happen…but the realists amongst us know that it will never happen…unless he wants it too – a sad fact of life.
      Like it or not, kronkie owns The Arsenal and all the finances, both in and out, are down to him – sorry if you can’t grasp that reality.

      As for Ozil, that’s your opinion, shared by many and I guess you wasn’t one of the fans who compared Dennis to Ozil then? Neither did I, we can agree on that one anyway.

      Imagine if the subject was Iwobi, RVP, Nasri, Sanchez, Giroud, Mustafi, Ramsey or Xhaka…would the thread be harmonious then?
      Hasn’t every one of those players caused toxicity? Always nice to cherry pick a player for dismembering, as long as it’s Ozil.

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