Aston Villa to play into Arsenal’s hands in FA cup final?

If this turns out to be true then Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players should be rubbing their hands with anticipation and preparing to fill their boots with goals. And although it might sound like a bit of a reckless approach from Tim Sherwood, it would not be out of the ordinary for the new manager of Aston Villa to go on the attack.

As reported by The Mirror today, Sherwood has played down the fact that his team were beaten at home by Burnley in their final Premier League game and suggested that he will instruct his players to go out with an open and attacking frame of mind in the FA cup final at Wembley on Saturday.

This would seem to fly in the face of logic after the Gunners produced some scintillating football in tearing West Brom apart yesterday, especially when the very defensive tactics of Swansea, Chelsea and Sunderland in recent weeks caused us all sorts of problems.

Sherwood said, “We will go there and try and grasp the occasion like we did at the semi-final. I said after the game that we felt like we belonged there and were not just making up the numbers.

“The fans believed we could win, the players did and I certainly did. I didn’t see anything other than a win when we were out there on that pitch – even when we went 1-0 down.

“Liverpool can damage you. So can Man City. We outplayed them at the Etihad Stadium.

“We have respect Arsenal for their talents. We know Alexei Sanchez is an extraordinary talent. They have Santi Cazorla and Olivier Giroud can score goals. They have talents all over the field. But so have we. We have players who can hurt them.

“There is no point shackling our players and taking it on the chin until we get knocked out. I don’t think our fans want to go there and watch that. Let’s go toe to toe and see what happens.”

I think I have a pretty good idea what will happen Tim, or at least what would happen if Villa do go toe-to-toe with us but I have my doubts about whether they will, no matter what their boss says and I think Wenger will as well. However, that open style of play does suit them and their pacy players so we can only hope. How do you see the final going Gooners?

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  1. Andrew AFC says:

    Lets just win the FA Cup and start breaking records, onwards and upwards GOYG

    1. KickAssFan says:

      Dude, record breaking is good, but some records must be kept very safely, like my Marvin gay record, my BB King, my Culture Club, my George Michael, etc.

      1. Andrew AFC says:

        You forgot Otis Reading, Duran Duran and The Police 🙂

        1. Andrew AFC says:

          PS I forgot one Marvin Gaye I heard it through the gape vine.

          1. KickAssFan says:

            Lol! Man, music had a soul back then.

          2. NY_Gunner says:

            Ole Skool…

    2. galen says:

      Its gonna be so hard to pick the FA cup team . I will go with






      I think wenger will go with

      ———————–Sir szseney———————-





      What ever team wenger goes for i just want agood win.

      1. KickAssFan says:

        “Sir Szczęsny “??????????????????

  2. Mick The Gooner says:

    Benteke would bully our defence. Even worse our fullbacks seem incapable of stopping crosses and he’s dominant in the air. We have to stop him getting the ball.

    1. Andrew AFC says:

      It all comes down to zonal making. Wenger and Bould knock it on the head it doesn’t work!!!

      1. KickAssFan says:

        Some how, I personally think we should pair Gabriel (the guy with a 3D face) with Koscielny, and play Bellerin and Monreal on either side.

        1. Andrew AFC says:

          Good shout

        2. NY_Gunner says:

          Exactly. He knows how to get in front of attackers and dogs them down. Plus he’s better in the air than Per…

      2. disgusted1 says:

        No team in england will go toe to toe with us apart from Man. City not even the “great Chelsea” didnt do it and am sure aston Villa wont either. They are gonna sit deep and try to counter, I am sure they have watch both the matches against Sunderland and Swansea. However, I believe we will win maybe 2-0.

  3. Greg says:

    Come may 31st its another day at the office for the “gunners” a crucial one! So lets take care of business and play at our “highest” get the job done, and beat aston villa! Coyg!

  4. NickTheYank says:

    Neutralize Benteke and we win. End of

  5. Aussie Jack says:

    Benteke a threat? of course, but handleable. Over confidence and complacency = disaster!
    Remembering this is the FA Cup final is important, strange things can happen. Team selection most important. Walcott should start at CF, he`s got the adrenalin running, and Wilshere is a must.
    Could be Coquelin`s day at the back.

    1. Andrew AFC says:

      With the players we have got play 4-3-3 against Villa and they will know where the threat is coming from. Job done.

      1. Andrew AFC says:

        they will not know 🙂

  6. Andrew AFC says:

    The one good thing about Villa playing in North London is they very seldom win.

  7. davidnz says:

    Port Vale will not
    win this season’s
    FA Cup 🙂

  8. TJ says:

    Gab should start over Per…I guess the question is on-field leadership.

    Kos has struck me as a player with leadership qualities – communicates well, has the respect of the team, reads the play, fierce intensity, confident – and who should wear the arm-band.
    I think it would be an excellent time to change the CB pairing and hand Kos the captain’s arm-band.

  9. MstiRR says:

    Coquelin is going to be vital in this game I reckon. By preventing grealish from getting the ball to feet they will struggle to play football and resort to long balls to benteke. So Mertesacker is a must for me as he will anticipate the long balls. Hopefully Walcott starts CF (I doubt he will) and he is the type of player to get an early goal. Once we get one up it will be all over!

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