Villarreal review – A shocking end to a shocking Arsenal season

Arteta completed his mission to destroy Arsenal by Konstantin Mitov

I am most of all relieved lovely Arsenal people. This was killing me and I was laying hope on a Pepe or Saka doing something on their own. This is not football that deserves a place in a final, let alone a champions league spot.

One shot on target, when we need to score. Villarreal had 7. We are 10 minutes away from elimination and we sub Aubameyang who’s hit the post twice and we barely created anything.

The decision to leave Partey alone in midfield made us weak again. I’d have had Elneny, but nope, we left our Ghanaian midfielder alone and our midfield was overran and we didn’t have a chance to create anything, but yet we are playing out of the back anyway!

The starting 11 was all wrong – again. Martinelli was benched as I predicted. If I’m negative, I don’t know what Arteta is. If a player makes a good game, he is getting benched. The football we’ve played at a semi-final of a European competition was atrocious.

Last night I saw Chelsea dominate Madrid and I enjoyed their football. Today I see Arsenal and I wonder are we winning 5-0, because the we play our players don’t look like they want to be on the pitch. Are they playing for Arteta?

If we were any decent club, Arteta wouldn’t do a press conference because he’d know he’s out unless he wins. This is the end for me. We’re mid-table and we won’t play European football for the first time in 25 years.

I can’t believe where it has gone. I am gutted, sad, depressed, ashamed, all feelings Arteta doesn’t really know, but if you are a true Arsenal man, you’re hurt now. You feel the fall that’s been building up. We’ve been playing utterly shocking football all season and it wouldn’t do us justice to win anything, because we don’t deserve to.

And even though I can only see us moving forward now if the club is sold, on that pitch today the heartlessness was just embarrassing. That was all down to Mikel and he should pay with his job. He won’t of course.

Can you take another season like that? I certainly can’t. There is no right world in which this manager wouldn’t have been sacked. No other team where he would survive, but at Arsenal only what is worse for us is the “process to trust”.

Daniel Ek anyone? Do you seriously believe it can be any worse than this? The only hope we have is that the club is sold. If not, next season I’m sparing my weekends for something meaningful.

Just imagine Mikel reshaping this club. We’d probably get relegated. Arteta out. I’m out, I can’t do it anymore. Hope you have something to lift you up…


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  1. I think arsenal has been judged and weighed and sentenced.

    I cannot fathom how arteta got in charge in the first place.

    No experience
    No money
    Not a legend
    No understanding of the club in a non playing capacity

    Its really laughable. Absolutely ludicrous and people actually believed he was the man for the job.

    I will admit for a short moment at the start of the season I really tried and wanted to beleive the lies but the writing was always on the wall.

    God give me arsene back. I am so sorry to have ever doubetd you lol.

    Man arsenal is in a sad state and I hope EK takes over and sacks arteta. Im so confused as to why or how he got the job. Man I just want to rant.


      1. Since Nagelsmann is taken, it’s Ten Hag for me. But I hope Arteta can survive this ordeal and come back strongly next season

        1. Do you know how stupid you are typing that shit,are you really an arsenal fan? You sound so damn useless and it’s beginning to stroke damn many nerves in my fragile body,stop typing please

        2. I hope he(arteta) doesn’t start next season. Arteta coming back stronger next season is Arsenal finishing eighth, if we are lucky. Arteta out

      2. Do you know how stupid you are typing that shit,are you really an arsenal fan? You sound so damn useless and it’s beginning to stroke damn many nerves in my fragile body,stop typing please!! I

    1. #changehastohappenatarsenal

    1. Very true, Skills!! Although not all doom and gloom today – I’ve just watched a teaser trailer for Stranger Things 4 😝

      1. Yes Sue. lol. I have been looking for any news as regards Arteta. The guy should have been sacked last night.
        That decision has to be made sooner. The Arteta experiment is over.

        1. He should save himself and go into punditry because he is a really good talker and can make a living there

          1. Or into politics. He will thrive there. He has a likeable personality and physical features with being a good talker to boot. He will climb all there is to climb in politics.

          2. Watch his post match interview last night Pepe – you may change your opinion – passive aggressive and watched a totally different game.. Interesting once again that our esteemed captain did not attend the post match – WHAT A LEADER! instead they shoved poor Leno out there. Spineless bunch.

    2. It sure ain’t good for your health,but what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger. We as arsenal fans can only get stronger.

  2. We are officially a mid table team with Arteta, pathetic. We need to get rid of him for Arsenal to progress. Chelsea was struggling with Lampard, they showed ambition by getting rid of him and bringing in Thomas Tuchel and now they are in 2 finals. Arsenal is on the decline under Arteta.

  3. Do you see pattern??
    We were in CL for 22 or 23 season consecutively…
    After that we were out of CL for 5 seasons
    And now we are out of Europe completely…
    Step by step we getting down and down on staircase..

    1. Soon we could find ourselves another story of Leeds united as they were in CL Semifinal 2002-2003 and look now where they are

      1. Kedar, you have just said the truth. I dont have the words to describe how I feel. Arteta should be sacked right now.

  4. It was a Europa semi final and the manager failed to motivate the players they showed no desire to put in a top performance when it was most needed it tells you everything you need to know Captain Scarlett has lost the dressing room the players do not want to play for him and that diabolical performance proved it how he is still in a job now amazes me worse record of any Arsenal manager no European football next season it’s not exceptable and Arteta must pay the price!! ARTETA OVER AND OUT AND GOOD RIDDANCE TO A CLUELESS IDIOT WHO HAS BECOME A LAUGHING STOCK!!

    1. Danny, don’t you think Arsenal has a bigger problem, in that player power has downed tools now on the last two Arsenal managers/head coaches?
      A major clean out of some mentally fragile players not fully committed to the Club is required, with the talented youth being fostered augmented with hardened professionals.

        1. towny, I believed you at the time, because it has now happened twice. As we know these players have FORM with regard to downing tools, yet they collect their wages with no apologies.

      1. It’s all connected Oz. There are so many cogs in the wheel failing and impacting on other areas. Impossible to know where to start and wrong to place blame purely in any one basket.
        Kroenke had his brickbats this month. Individual players have had them all season.
        I think the collective player power argument is rather more difficult to believe as we can’t get our heads around a substantial proportion of our squad being unprofessional and to all intents and purposes mutinying and risking their whole careers.
        To be fair, Arteta has had some quite staunch defenders. Until today.
        A major requirement of management is handling and getting the best out of people (the clue’s in the title). Having shipped out Mustafi, Guendouzi, Ozil, Kolasinac and perhaps Saliba, one would expect that the worst are gone. If your argument is that too many are still not playing for the badge, then why is Martinelli hardly getting a kick? Surely for enthusiasm alone he deserves to start. But he doesnt. I agree there’s mental frailty, motivational problems and lack of leadership, but if this is the main problem, Arteta has failed in both his dealings with players and his selections to address it.

    2. Danny EMERY got his revenge Coquelin has the last laugh played for Arsenal and now dumped them out of European Cup

  5. We are so stupid that we thought Wenger is taking our club backwards…
    Going against Wenger and made him sack was big mistake..
    We need change, We need change, everyone said this..
    Here you go.. you got the change
    Wenger was far better than this..

  6. i believed in Arteta but i think its time he goes, we need Allegri, Conte or Zidane….

    a Change of owners, change of board, change of coach!!!!

  7. Arteta currently looks very bad as compared to Tuchel, but we must remember that Tuchel is still having his honeymoon period and has more expensive squad than we have. Tuchel is also benefitting from his defensive three-CB system, similar to Arteta’s old system that won us an FA Cup

    Aubameyang isn’t suited for Arteta’s current system and Lacazette is still unfit, whereas Tuchel has Havertz to do hold-up play in the front and still has Giroud/ Abraham on the bench to win aerial duels. If Arteta can get a new CF that fits into his system, we’d likely see different results

    Arteta also deserves two years for the FA Cup and we can always sack him in December, to send a warning message to the players. It will also be less costly to hijack Ten Hag from Ajax in December

    1. Tuchel had very limited quality squad when he was in charge of Dortmund, yet he fought really well against so much powerful Munich.
      Don’t compare Arteta with Tuchel.. They are comparable in any department

      1. Tuchel has proven that PSG fans were wrong about him. I believe Neymar and Mbappe weren’t suited for his system, but he’s found his compatriot Havertz at Chelsea

        I was just surprised by his method when he faced Hansi Flick in last season’s CL final. I think the only managers that has similar tactical knowledge to him are Nagelsmann and Ten Hag

    2. Why don’t you post your own observations, instead of mocking other people’s comments? Are you doing this to discourage me from posting my opinion?

      1. @Pepe I disagree with GAI on most things but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

        You definitely don’t have to agree with him and by all means feel free to share why you don’t agree but no need to attack him.

        1. I don’t think most of what he says is his opinion but mostly to get attention or incite fans to get reply
          Even claiming that it’s honeymoon that put Chelsea in top4, fa final, and now champions league final.
          is that what you call opinion?

        2. How many times do we need to repeat the same things before he finally gets it??this has been going on for months now his arguments analysis posts .. I’m sorry to say are ludicrous man i mean with his plan B(target man)left footed players not being able to play together MA being the best tactician the club has ever had…how we have defensively improved..still blaming Wenger UE for the way we play the manager tactics substitutions.. the quality of squad when MA has probably brought enough players to put a new first XI..Shall i keep going??

    3. @Gotanidea,

      Don’t give us that nonsense with expensive squad.

      Lampard had the exact same squad and even we wiped the floor with his Chelsea.

      Lampard got found out, exactly like Arteta has.

      Lampard plummeted Chelsea to 8th-9th place before he was sacked. Tuchel took command of the exact same, expensive squad and took it to FA/CL final and one foot in the top 4.

      This is no coincidence. Lampard, a rookie manager with more experience than Arteta, failed in a big club. Pirlo is failing with Juventus. OGS is doing okay with United but many MU fans are not convinced until he starts delivering trophies.

    4. Arteta has players but he can’t come up with a strong starting Xi. He is a confused fellow.
      1. Because of eggs He didn’t want to play Ozil.
      2. He failed to be a father and mentor to Guendouzi and he decided to send him on loan yet this lad was fitting perfectly in the middle. He opted to bring in Partey. I don’t have problem with bringing Partey. But when you play him in the middle you must play him with someone a little bit faster since he is sluggish. Guendouzi was a little bit faster. They were going to play well together.
      3. He seems to not know his players very well

        1. 😂 He surely should explain that. I am trying to think what he mistyped but can’t and now I can’t get it out of my mind.

      1. Comfort Manyasi I was a supporter of Ozil when he was excommunicated but seeing him making fun of Emery before the game reminded me he was one of the leaders who downed tools on Emery and ruined what should have otherwise been an excellent season. He doesn’t get respect from me for that.

        I am not happy with how he was treated but karma.

        1. HH, also Ozil is playing in a lesser league with Fenerbahce and is not pulling up trees. The other members of the German clique Mustafi and Kolasinac, have just been relegated with Schalke.

      2. Comfort – I think you are exaggerating the importance of the eggs issue. A diet of 200 eggs a day, whilst creating certain…gas release issues, would surely not preclude Arteta for selecting Ozil for outdoor matches (but I understand why his teammates insisted that he trained alone)?

    5. we sure can make excuses for arteta. some of us would do quite well on his coaching staff.

    6. If you know how much I hate reading or seeing your comments,you would really stop typing…so damn painfully clueless!!

  8. Where is Eddie who always defend this man, I remembered when the draw for the group stage was announced, Eddie said and I quote “guys we are going to the final”, but since yesterday I have been waiting to see him come on here and say something but he’s been missing. Nobody should tell me those player’s are not good enough to win Villarreal.

    1. And Jon Fox as well!! Prob putting together a big boring article as we speak and will not be admitting he is wrong about Arteta 😴😴😴

      1. There’s gonna be a lot of capitals for sure Danny! I’d also put money on Jon using selective recall to claim he was right all along, whereas folks like me just admit we were fooled by the smoke and mirrors.
        But in his defence Jon has for a long time placed Kroenke firmly at the root of this whole mess, and he was correct on that one.

    2. I can’t wait to hear from Wyoming with his “if we win the EL…”well that argument is no more as if our performances didn’t mean anything to him moments of individual quality luck..are what saved us a few times soon or later it was always going to catch up with us.

  9. Arteta is not the problem of arsenal the problem of arsenal is the management if the management is out then what to do about arteta issues we be reviewed

  10. I said it before if arteta didn’t at the very least get 6th place or EL final he has to be sacked and as someone who support arteta there is no complaint if he gets the sack this week. He was a big gamble but at a time when we could afford it as we were already crap and saddled with many bad contracts and squad limitations.

    But we must not forget that this inconsistency in the league and habit of bottling it at the worst possible time have been present since the last wenger years.

  11. Really bad times now. Out of Europe for the first time in 26 years, worst position to finish in the EPL in 26 years(maybe), players seemingly not caring enough now, manager being clueless…
    I was glad with the tactics MA showed last season. Atleast that remedied our poor defensive form and maximised Aubameyang’s effectiveness. But dont know what happened this season as a whole. We certainly have better players than last season, MA has had more time and experience with the club and still we are worse than last season. The least I expected for this season was a Top6 fight (not happening I guess), and to play well in the Europe and cups while bringing through youngsters. Saliba case is a mystery, same with Nelson, dont know what happened with Guendouzi. Atleast Martinelli was injured and MA’s approach with him seems reasonable, if infuriating. Really baffled with team selections, tactics, subs and game management in general these last few matches. Earlier I felt guilty not watching Arsenal games and a profound sadness if they lost, but now I feel I am not drawn enough toward the TV and loses are easier to take. Feels as if it is normal for Arsenal to do badly. Well it might be bad recruitment, bad management, bad ownership, bad performances but all these factors have taken effect this season, with the added misery of the pandemic. Going forward, who knows what is the right answer for Arsenal Football club. Sacking MA seems the most logical thing to do and yet I dont feel that is the definite correct answer. A change in ownership might help, but would it help immediately? Or do we need a sort of rebuild again?
    Ohh anyway, a game on sunday with no pressure. Lets hope to win that. Stay strong gooners!

    1. Well said..
      Arteta has ruined my nights when I had watch such pathetic and dire performances in the middle of the night

    2. Well said… whenever I say I m done watching arsenal games, I end up finding myself watching arsenal games on match day. After last night result and performance, I think I may be done watching arsenal game this season. The season is over anyway. We needed a goal yesterday, Aub was subbed for lacazette. Arteta could have brought in lacazette with Aubamenyang still playing. After all we needed a goal.

      So we sacked a manger that came back to hurt arsenal in a competition. Really sad.

      Emery was poor and got the sack.
      Arteta is even poorer so needs to bounce out ASAP….

      The worst thing is Arteta feels he is the best, he speak about improvement but I don’t see that in games. He sound very intelligent but that’s not translating to field of play…

      I am done watching our game but I know I will still watch our next game

  12. By means Arteta should be sacked soon if not Arsenal will be relegated next season believe me . He is not capable to Arsenal Manager

  13. If we don’t sack MA now we are wasting next season and wasting a transfer window on him too. Get a new manager in now so he can see the squad a bit so he knows where he needs to improve the squad.

    Unfortunately we’ve wasted time and missed out on quite a few decent managers that are now working elsewhere.

    Ludicrous to “plan” to sack him in December if things don’t pick up.

  14. Arteta has been many times…
    1st when he got Arsenal job
    2nd time when Kovacic was sent in FA Cup, Which was never a red card
    3rd fans are not in stadium.

    1. 4. Absence of kroenke
      5. Promoted to a manager
      6. Xaka saving his job with Smith role
      7. Kroenke doesn’t even know we have been knocked out of Europa
      8. He has somehow tricked some fans with his smart talking to believe he has anything to offer
      9. Edu has been as terrible as he is
      10. His luck and time is running out

  15. I was big Arteta fan. I loved the change he seemed to have initiate and I loved the first half season. We were finally playing with intensity and beating top six rivals.

    I seriously thought, if given time, this guy could be our guy.

    I now have to admit he simply is not our guy.

    It appears to me the pressure of the job got to him. Never mind that any signs of the improvements you would have expected in the second part of this season never materialized, the guy cracked under pressure in the semi-final of the EL. Twice he got it massively wrong in tactics and team selection. Not just a little bit, massively!!!

    To me this is likely the sign of the pressure getting to him. His team looked lost under the new tactics. Why not play in the same simple style we played in when we beat Chelsea, City etc? Why all of sudden playing for the first time this season, without a striker in one of the two most important games of our season? And then to top it of, yesterday we also looked confused and played with essentially one midfield player in Partey!!!!

    I care much less about the results, I was willing, more than willing to give him this season as far as results or the absence of results were concerned. But I can not give him a free ride on the absence of common sense, no visible improvement in since December and a team which seems more and more confused as the season goes on. A bit like we were under Emery when we also played a different game every week and never played from our own strength.

    Arteta deserves to go, however I would keep him over many other managers.

    If we can get Ten Hag who should jump at managing a big team in the PL, we should go for it. But I don’t think we should go for either Sarri or Paulo Fonseca.

    Brendan Rodgers would be ideal, but if he rejects Spurs, would he leave the foxes and CL football for us?

    So for me, I am ready to give up on Arteta and concede he doesn’t seem to be the manager to lead us back to the promissed land, but not to be replaced by just anyone.

    1. Exactly and well put
      We are still just about an elite club but not run like one
      Sacking Arteta is fine but without the right mindset at the top of the club I still see risks ahead for anyone.
      Chelsea were totally proactive in the way they dispensed with Lampard and got in a big name in Tuchel
      What would Arsenal do?

      1. SueP, players with the “right mindset” is the number one priority. Quality players who are hardened professionals regardless of league (even the Championship), prepared to fight to the end in every game for the money they earn, combined with developing the youth emerging at this Club.
        As far as the manager is concerned an experienced proven winner, who is a disciplinarian. Names which come to mind are Antonio Conte (currently employed at Inter Milan), Lucien Favre and Rafa Benitez (both available). Louis Van Gaal, who also fits the bill is almost 70 and retired from football in 2019.
        Benitez and Favre both fit the requirements I see for the next Arsenal manager; experienced winners in top leagues, with reputations of being tactically adept and ability to develope players both young and old.

  16. What frustrates me is his inability to own up to his mistakes. That alone is a good reason to sack him as rudely as possible.

    If I were in charge, I’d terminate his contract as soon as I heard the full-time whistle.

    If he is serious about coaching at the top level at some point in his career, I strongly suggest he picks the next club in League 1. And only once his side gets promoted to Championship, should he consider getting to a bigger club.

    1. Or alternatively let him be demoted to manage our under 14 so he can learn few things about how to manage young players

    2. @OnceGreat
      You took the words out of my mouth. That guy keeps feeding us a load of garbage Everytime and he’s nowhere nears as good as he portrays.
      If he spends as much time trying to coach as he talks, we would be competing for UCL spots now.
      That guy is just taking for a ride. He isn’t what Arsenal needs/deserve.

      I felt like a Stoke City supporter yesterday because of the teams (lack of) performance. That was abject poor! Woeful!

      1. @All Gunz Blazin’
        Feeling like a Stoke City supporter makes sense, being that the club’s managed by a Spanish Pulis.

        And being that the real Pulis took major part in dragging Sheffield Wednesday into League 1, it further shows where our own Pulis should be coaching in the near future. Maybe even take over at the very club the original Pulis got sacked from.

  17. According to some Emery was the worst coach in our history, the worst coach just thought arteta how to win an important football match. Arteta has killed this football club, from selling Martinez and retaining Leno to loaning out Saliba and retaining mustafi and sokratis only to release them both 6 months later, he loaned Niles when he knows he’s still going to loan out Kolasinac also, leaving tirney with no back up. Suddenly all our top players are bad, auba who has competed for the golden boots throughout his time with is suddenly a bad player, Partey who was one of the best defensive midfielder in the world is now bad even Willian doesn’t even know how to play a simple pass again.
    OT: Arteta greatest mistake is selling Martinez. Martinez was like our own lucky charm, under Emery we won all our games in the Europa league with Martinez, arteta came and dropped him, we lost the match, the same Martinez won the fa cup and the community shield for us but our genius coach sell him. If arsenal doesn’t sack him, we are going to be playing for relegation next season.

  18. Emery Actually Schooled Arteta. It was a big slap on players who were against Emery and because of which Emery lost dressing room which led to his sacking

  19. So much to say, but in the cold light of day reality has kicked in completely blocking comment.

    Suffice to say, last night I went to bed thinking of the current state of OUR great club, and woke this morning thinking of the current state of OUR great club.

    Did you Mr Kroenke ?

    P.S. It was a conscious effort not to write ” the current state of our ONCE great club.

  20. A good result for the club.
    Now we can see where we stand.
    We are the 8th or 9th best club in the league same as we were last season.
    The extended run in this seasons EL like last seasons FA Cup/Comm shield double.again threatened to paper over the cracks.
    But now we can all see the truth.
    9th place team in the land
    So what now?
    Remembering Wenger and Emery were sacked for less.
    Remembering the fans recent protests at the Owners lack of ambition.
    Logically Arteta’s demise should be imminent.
    Awkward though because just
    a few days ago Kroenke HQ said they are very pleased with Mikel.
    A tearful but honourable resignation in the offing perhaps?
    Who ever comes in has the same 25 players except Luiz and the loanees who wont leave their fat Arsenal salaries and besides no one in the covid slashed market wants any of our mediocre mid table over priced over paid players.
    Bad ebening.
    Even worse morbaning.
    Waiting for the resignation this morning

    1. Wyoming what happened to you? changed your mind have you not that there is anything wrong with that the opposite actually?

  21. Has anyone noticed that all Arteta seems to be good at is ‘talking a load of cr*p’ …

    Immediately the match finished yesterday, I told a friend that I’m pretty sure Arteta is going to serve up another dish of cr*ppy talk, and I’m glad he didn’t disappoint.

    Look guys, we have to be honest, Arteta has been sh*t ever since he joined. I watched Arsenal yesterday and I couldn’t recognize my team anymore. No pattern. No zeal. No hunger. Just a bunch of messed up players and an even more messed up coach.

    This must be how it feels supporting Stoke City!

    1. Well when asked about his future being questioned by fans the usually talkative MA could only come up with short yes answers i even felt bad for him!

      1. I don’t feel bad at all for Arteta, not a bit.

        1. He arrogantly thought he was ready for this job
        2. His ego is killing the club, refuses to listen to others
        3. Wrong about loaning our players, wrong on selections, wrong on tactics repeatedly, wrong on treatment of Martinelli (MOTM then benched),
        4.Either refuses or has no idea how to add players’ strengths to the team
        5. Clearly out of his depth, yet refuses to see the truth that he is not ready

  22. @Konstantin

    You’ve been spot-on all through this season. Your comments on how we have retrogressed has been right all along. This article hit all the right(or should I say wrong) issues that has led us to this state where we are.

    For this, I say, kudos!

    I just hope this comments and observations would lead to a total overhauling of the deadwoods(players, coaches and management) that has brought Arsenal to the lowest of lows.

    Once again, keep up the good work and continue to stick to your guns, no matter if it doesn’t sit well with some.

    1. Konstantine was one of the MOST proactive fans who wrote article after article saying how AW needed to go, as we were going nowhere.. when AW left, good old Konstantine said he could finally breathe again and all would be rosy.
      He applauded the appointment of UE, only to turn on him in the same manner and now we have him bemoaning MA and longing for changes yet again.

      In the time that Konstantine got his initial AW wish, we have had player revolt, talk of relegation, fan toxicity, 30 year olds being given three year contracts, another obscene and grotesque salary being awarded, players being let go for nothing, paying over £300,000 a week for a player to play for another club, going from European football 25 years in a row to zero, having created the worst home record for decades, spent over £300,000,000 on new players of which MA has seven to account for, we are now going to finish in our lowest position ever in the PL(bar a miracle!!), managed one shot on target, yet again, but this time in a European semi-final…… and yet I see no hint of Konstantine actually saying that HE got things wrong in his crusade against three managers!!!

      Isn’t it about time that our fanbase took a good look at itself and start to realise that our demands and continuous moaning are also part of where we are today?

      Players being booed off the pitch, abused on line, attacked in their cars, THEIR families threatened, being told they are dross, mentally frail, lazy, filth, thieves, seems to be OK with a section of our fanbase.

      So, while I agree it’s time for change regarding MA, isn’t it also time for those fans who fall into the bracket I describe above, to also take a look at themselves.
      What I would say to you, Konstantine, is the grass is always greener and you reap what you sow .

      1. Ken, attacking wives and families is totally out of order.
        Players collecting obscene wages, compared to the poor sods parting with their hard earnt hundreds for matchday or season tickets, is also totally out of order, when they don’t put in for the Club.

        1. Absolutely agree with you OG, but what gives any fan the right to abuse, physical threaten either on line or at games?

          1. Ken, if your up for it, ask the player to meet you behind the grandstand. 😁

  23. Arteta is unconsciously deluded. Pathologically deluded. He thought we were unlucky….we watched the game, we were rubbish. We were missing everything we needed. Arteta is a hurting the club and the team and some sad supporters are kidding themselves about him STILL. He can harm us more. It is football SELF HARM. He is picking teams to underperform. He is harming himself and is hurting Arsenal bit by bit. The players do not like him and he is a bad coach. How can he be manager?

  24. The thing is not that we lost the game but how we lost the game. No pressure was put on Villareal. no pressing from the front 5 of auba,pepe saka and ESR and Ode. Villareal had time and space to play out from the back with ease. Our poor play of passing out from the back which especially in the first half took us 2 minutes each time to reach the half way line. We weren’t hungry enough. to me the game was not a semi final, no drive to move the ball up the pitch and get villareal to make any mistakes. we have seen this pattern all season and especially in a semi final it was really disrespectful to the arsenal faithful. I will forever support Arsenal but not this from Arteta. If we had given it a real go I would have no complaint, but this crap,hell no. #Arteta out

  25. The first half in particular was a ‘microcosm’ of much of this season- no urgency, no intensity & no incisiveness. One thing is sure, however- if we persevere with the current set-up of coach and squad the outcome will be continued mid table mediocrity. Loyal fans are entitled to expect better!

  26. Wondering how many players called their agents last night.

    Leno, Partey, Auba, Xhaka, Saka, Martinelli?

    Going to loose – Torreira, Guendozi, Saliba, AMN and Willock.

    KSE got what they wanted, Covid and Super League backlash ruined their dreams.

  27. This playing out of the back with no urgency and creativity only kill time, before our four defenders finish taking turns to pass the ball among themselves, 1 minute is gone, then the ball moves to Partey and back again. the opposition just stands with their hand in the pocket and observe. This method needs precision, quick movement and technical quality to succeed this is why Man city do well with it. our players don’t have these qualities so why are we always trying it? before we move the ball the opposition 18yard box, you will have to go pass each of their players twice, they regroup easily and it make them very comfortable.
    I hate to say this but the job is too big for Arteta, he should have tried himself at a lower division before given the Arsenal Job. We’re going nowhere with him.

  28. This is the lowest I have been as an Arsenal fan….it can’t get worst than this…..what has happened to my beloved Club?

    1. Exactly, Clive 👍👍 I thought we’d hit rock bottom towards the end of Unai’s reign….wrong!!

  29. Go and get Rodgers no it’s no buts. Dude has no language barrier and is proven manager from small to bug club. Pay what ever it takes.

    1. Logic, if Rodgers has experience with a “bug” club, will that translate to a “buggered” club?

  30. I think it’s time for Arteta to go now.

    He seems lost and One dimensional.

    Had his chance.

  31. The honourable thing is for MA to resign, that is if there is still self-esteem. Or does he want all of us to leave the club for him? This is because I know the Kronke’s will not sack him as he is doing their bidding.

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