Viv Miedema is a superstar off the pitch as well as on it (Arsenal Women)

Arsenal Woman´s Dutch Superstar Vivianne Miedema 148 appearances. 120 Michelle

We are not worthy of Vivianne Miedema. The Dutch superstar joined Arsenal five years ago, in June 2017, from Bayern Munich.  In that time she has made 148 appearances for club and scored 120 goals!  She also broke the Netherlands’ all-time scoring record at the age of only 22.  Almost unbelievably, she also holds the record for the most goals in a single WSL game (six), the most goals in a single season (22) and the most goals in WSL history (74).  And to top it all, she helped take Arsenal through to the UEFA Women´s Champions League group stage with that great goal which defeated Ajax last week! See match highlights here.

But Vivianne Miedema is so much more than just a goalscorer on the pitch.  After returning to her natural no.10 position last season, after having been converted into a forward, it was clearly the right decision as we see her outstanding vision and passing range.  We´re so glad that she re-signed with Arsenal this season.  What an outstanding team!

Miedema is a superstar off the pitch too and a real inspiration.  Last month Miedema officially opened a football court dedicated to her, in her home town in the Netherlands.

Vivianne: What an honour to officially open the ‘Cruyff Court Vivianne Miedema’ in Hoogeveen together with all these kids today.  This is the city where I grew up with the ball at my feet and I hope kids will come together here to play and have fun, because having fun is the most important thing.. So take your ball, go outside and enjoy!

Miedema has also found time to be working closely, together with teammates, with the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) to achieve equal pay, which is a historical milestone in womens football.  She is also a prominent voice in LGBTQ+ opportunities and acceptance in football. Vivianne interview

And, we are happy to report that she still manages some relaxation time now and again and thoroughly enjoyed her holiday in the Greek islands during the summer break.  Phew!  She is one superwoman!

Michelle Maxwell

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