Vlahovic’s stunning start for his new club is testament to Arsenal’s scouting team (Opinion)

Dusan Vlahovic was one player who Arsenal were willing to invest in during the January transfer window, and his start for new club only proves that we are looking at the right players.

The Gunners didn’t add to our squad last month, despite holding talks over a number of potential signings, and Mikel Arteta later stated that they were not willing to sign just anyone simply to bolster our numbers.

Luckily for the Spaniard, he oversaw his side return to winning ways after the transfer window shut with a hard-fought victory over Wolves, and the feeling is good around north London again, with top-four now seemingly ours to lose currently in the sense that if every team in the top 8 won their remaining matches we would be fourth.

While we refused to bring in just anyone, we did seemingly put a lot of effort into trying to land the striker from Fiorentina before he eventually moved to Turin to join Juventus, and he has hit the ground running. He scored just 13 minutes into his debut as he set his team up for victory over Verona, before doing all the work to get the winner in the Coppa Italia quarter-final against Sassuolo, making an immediate impact for his new club, whilst forming what looks to be a formidable attacking setup with Paulo Dybala and Alvaro Morata.

While we failed in our bid, his start for his new club only backs up the hard work that our backroom team is doing in eyeing potential improvements for our starting line-up, backing up all their fine work from recent windows also. Martin Odegaard, Aaron Ramsdale, Takehiro Tomiyasu and Nuno Tavares have already proved their worth after joining the club in the summer, and I honestly can’t wait to see who is next to take us up another gear.


WATCH – Mikel Arteta discusses the Wolves win and Arsenal’s red cards


  1. are you attempting to suggest that one of the most prolific scorers in Europe over the last 18+ months was somehow a hidden gem we functionally uncovered…what a farcical presumption, made even worse be the fact that we were laughed out of the negotiating room

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣 absolutely stunning scouting ability! Got a tip off of a potential bid for this lad called Haaland in the summer, next big thing apparently.

        1. Heard he is from Norway, the guy is a whiz kid. Seen a couple of his goals on YouTube. Next big thing. πŸ˜‚

    2. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… “we were laughed out of the negotiating room”

      Arsenal should bid for HALLER in the summer. A serious bid for the Ivory Coast International.

    3. I laughed when I read the article. Only arsenal fans can still praise arsenal for a failed transfer window. Lol. No wonder the club doesn’t take us seriously or care about our opinions.

  2. But we didn’t get him and he was never coming to Arsenal at any point or anything close. He isnt/wasn’t a secret, everyone knew he was special.

  3. Will be interesting to see who the Striker targets are this coming summer with Laca and Eddie departing we need to sign two. For first choice striker target any of Osimehn, Calvert-Lewin, David, Tony would be intriguing and for back up Striker Origi on a free transfer to would be a coup major coup.

  4. OT:I would like to know,how many players do the fans think we need to bring in the summer?taking into account all the departures.

    1. depends on League position come season’s end and tactical expectations moving forward…if we’re in Europe, we’ll need a few more reinforcements, likely 5, whereas if it’s just League play and Cups we can probably get away with 3 recruits, of which 2 needed to be top-notch starters, then promote from within to continue the developmental process

    2. We need two striker atleast one has to be a marquee forward, we need a minimum of three midfielders at least two has to be of the marquee caliber and a competing right back, this is a simple no brainer, all should come in the summer, we need to extend Saliba contract immediately on his return hope the gaffer didn’t hurt our chances of making that deal

    3. Siamois,

      we need at least 7-8! So far we have Turner coming as back up CB and Saliba returning. Other loanees I don’t see coming back.

      We are already 4 short, and Elneny/Leno/Laca/Nketiah are sure to follow!

      Then we have the likes of Cedric, Holding, Xhaka whose future is also uncertain, so it’s going to be a proper clearout.

      That being said, I think we will snap a free transfer or 2. Kamara, Dybala, Kessie, Mazraoui, Antony, Origi, Grillitsch.. if given reasonable wages they would be great additions to add depth to the squad.

  5. Why cant we explore the south American market there seems to be an abundance of talent there and the prices aren’t that bad, am seing quite a few defensive midfielder over there that are highly technical exactly what we need

  6. I suggest the January activity around Duvan is actually an indictment of our cheapness.

    Most people knew he was a good goalscorer.

    There might have been, and possibly still is, a doubt about his ability to score in the EPL.

    However, I see this article as nothing more than “Stating the Bleeding Obvious” as that Monty Python sketch would say!!!!!

  7. What a presumption. He was scouted by Fiorentina who gave him the opportunity to impress in the top flight. Every club who could afford him were then circling around, but he chose, was advised? not to come to Arsenal. Simple, ain’t it?

  8. No doubt he is a quality player

    But he would never fit in our team

    While he is the most superior among all our targets when it comes to finishing

    However there are certain skills like pressing, dropping deep, linking up play holding the ball, all these aspects I think Isak and David are better than him and in Arteta’s system three skills are quite important

    That’s why I would ho for Isak or David over Dusan

  9. Nice 1 Gary.. Truly I never wanted him, I checked their video clips and isak is obviously most skillful n scores too, we should go for him

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