Vodcast – Arsenal’s humiliation against Brighton reviewed by JustArsenal’s Dan Smith with Wax Online

Our very popular writer Dan Smith has recently teamed up with Wax Online, and he made his very first podcast with the YouTube blogger and Super Arsenal fan when they previewed Arsenal’s first game back against Man City.

Today, they have the unenviable task of reviewing what went wrong on second embarrassing defeat at the hands of lowly Brighton, and they certainly had a lot to talk about after that incredible debacle. What will Dan Smith have to say about Arsenal throwing away another lead, Bernd Leno’s devastating injury and of course Guendouzi’s fight at the end of the game with the Brighton villain Neal Maupay. And so much more!

Sit back and enjoy the banter and please leave your honest comments on the show below the article.

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  1. Please brush off this depressing chaos, we all seen and reacted to it for 2 days.

    It is a new week, look at next 5 fixtures, you see we have enough to worry about ahead of us!

    Let’s look on how this can work for us to make it to Europa which will be a miracle!

    I propose few questions & topics

    1) Can Martinez step up for Leno?
    I think so, for reasons I will comment on such article.

    2) Should Luiz play again or ever for Arsenal?
    Why? His contract issue in the way. Should be trusted as CB beyond contract? A good article to comment

    3) what formation should we play?

    4) What system should be use?

    For the ones who still think we can make it to CL, we must finish 8 to play Europa, if City bannned, most likely.

    We can’t get above Liverpool, City Leicester, Chelsea, Man U, Spurs, Wolves, Everton is looking sharp, 2 points behind us, Sheffield not dead, we 10th team.

    Pb, we don’t look like we fighting for anything, we in our own league like, no league. We not a relegation team, nor Europe football, making sure we stay in EPL.

    As many called small teams, targeting 42points to survive, then hope to finish highest possible between 15th and 10th.

    We are at these teams level now, but not aware of it as these 10 or so teams. We focus on Europe, Wenger got used to, no one realized he was making miracles with no money and bunch of kids!

    Look at us today! Kroenke is killing the club,. Wenger was fighting him for us. Easy to criticize when not from football, nor looking beyond.

    Til this very day no one seems to get when it got impossible to compete! Nor realize how huge was to miss on Kante on his way in 2014! What about Suarez a year before?

    I’ll never forget how furious was Wenger back to back, embarrassed by Kroenke insane blocks, 45M then! Price went nuts after that, thanks to Man U bets on Martial, Pogba but to Kroenke til this very day!

    Wenger was the greatest to be, managed to keep us in Top4, paying us a stadium, when done, money was promised to him ewhen done with payment in 2013. We finished second or third ! Kroenke jerked Wenger and all of us seeing Suarez on his way already!

    These 2 additions would have secured us several EpL by now, with Sanchez and in form Ozil additions to Suarez & Kante, we would have won CL!

    Kroenke runed all Wenger dream to make us chamion in stadium he built for us! Kicked out like a dog! Ignorant fans incapable to see all these years that our PB is Kroenke, no one else!

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