Vorskla boss says the venue change gave Arsenal the game

Arsenal made short work of Vorskla in last night’s match in Kiev, despite the freezing temperatures and the last minute change of venue, but if anything it caused more disruption the Ukranian side, who had been preparing for their biggest ever games and were expecting massive support from the locals. Their coach Vasyl Sachko afterwards couldn’t help venting his anger at the change of venue. “I would like to say a lot about this,”

“A holiday was taken away from Poltava. This game was very important for our city. One of the most important games for 10 years.

“We were preparing very much and it was expected to be like a holiday. We spent a lot of our energy and we did everything we could to prepare for the match.

“It influenced the mental condition of the players very much because only in 24 hours everything had changed.

“That was a big influence on the mentality of the team. The city lost a lot. A thousand supporters were going to come from other cities to support our team.

“The city really lost a holiday. If we played at home there would definitely be another result.”

I’m sure it must have been frustrating for them, but it doesn’t mean they would have got a different result. They would have had much more vocal support and to be fair they probably lost out on a lot of money for them and for the town they come from. I am sure 500 Arsenal fans would have spent a lot of money and so would their local visitors, but as for it changing the result, I am not so sure….



  1. Goonster says:

    Poor guys. The build up to this game must have been so so massive and exciting to them and their city. But hey, that is what politics ***ks up our normal lives on a daily basis.
    Better luck next time.

  2. Goona says:

    I love how Nketia chases lost causes like Welbeck,that boy is somthing special .Elneny on the other hand is not Arsenal material .Guendouz is class,Smith Rowe excellent. I can’t wait for the last game so we can see these young goons again.COYG

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    One of Emery’s former players at Almeria, Laurent de Palmas, told France Football: “We clashed several times. But if Unai has a problem with you he will always tell you to your face.
    “He either makes you or breaks you. Most often he makes you.”
    Benito says: “Unai will never criticise a player in public, but in the dressing room yes he will. He can at times put a lot of pressure on them, but it is all to bring out their best. He motivates them to fulfil their full potential.”….. Well base in observations this is true….. and I came across this too

    For French journalist Romain Molina, author of El Maestro, a biography of Unai Emery published in the UK in November, PSG started that match at a severe disadvantage, despite their 4-0 aggregate lead.
    “After the first leg at home, PSG directors were already booking hotels in Cardiff for the final. That is why they are not prepared for success at the highest level.
    “Emery was the lone voice saying it was not yet over, he was trying to make everyone realise they could not afford to relax. If we are too arrogant Barcelona will use it, he said. And in the end that’s exactly what happened.”

    It’s good to finally have a manager like this who we know takes every thing serious with his job and targets. It’s already rubbing off on the players.

    1. Goona says:

      There isn’t enough nice things to say about Emery,he is perfect for us

  4. Declan says:

    Yes, Vorskla were a little hard done by, with the venue change and they may have played better with their support in their hometown small ground but fair play to our kids who ran them all over the place.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Declan, agree with you and you can’t help feeling sorry for them.
      It’s like a minnow drawing a premier league club in the FA cup.
      However, it was a EUFA decision, so there’s not a lot the club can do….unless they perform some marvellous PR work and decide to contribute, say, £100,000 to them.
      Imagine how that would go down in the football world and enhance even further the name of our great club.
      That figure probably equates to the total sales of hotdogs on a matchday!!

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