Wait for it! Huge signing on his way to Arsenal

This could be the news we have all been waiting for! I think that Arsenal signing Petr Cech was a pretty good bit of business but according to the agent Muzzi Ozcan we can expect even bigger news in the next few days, and it definitely sounds like a big one!

Ozcan is not just any old agent as he also works for the FA, and has dealt with many big players in his career, including a meeting with Olivier Giroud just a few months ago. He has (just a couple of hours ago) tweeted on his official account: Arsenal will be making the transfer of the season ! The deal isn’t to far from being complete ! Will update in the coming days 👍
2:54 PM – 8 Jul 2015

All Arsenal fans have been complaining about no concrete news on the transfer front recently, but this could be the one we’ve been waiting for, but who could it be?

We have recently been linked to Gonzalo Higuain, Arturo Vidal, Morgan Schneiderlin, Mario Gotze, and dare I say it? Angel Di Maria (That would be funny after me describing it as the most ridiculous rumour so far!)

So who do YOU think it is? Who is so big to be the signing of the season?

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    1. There should be something about it on the media if its a few days away.I think it’s absolute rubbish.playing with fans feelings.we are not close to signing anyone. I hoped its true but I don’t think so

    2. With Sevilla agreeing terms with Stoke for nzonzi I say, krychowiak not sure it would be signing of the season but would be great none the less

      1. It’s probably higuain which we have had a bid of 43mil rejected. Can’t believe higuain is worth 43 mil…more like 25 mil for me….he’s way overrated

        1. Well no offense to anyone, but I think anyone that believes Wenger would have offered £43m for Higuain is off their rocker.

          Napoli supposedly outbid us by paying what, £26m for him? We definitely had over £40m sat in the bank that summer because we ended up spending it on Özil. So why would Wenger not be willing to pay anywhere near £43m two seasons ago, yet want to pay it now when Higuain is 2 years older and has been less prolific at Napoli than he was at Real Madrid?

    3. Can’t seem to find anything about this guy on which players he represents? Is this some kind of intermediary for clubs and agents or something? Makes me wonder because those guys are independent and won’t be limited to bring something into the public. It depends on his ITK level of course if this should be taken seriously

    4. If we look at our recent big signings (Sanchez, Özil), the common thread between them is that they are players who are still great for their clubs but have fallen out of favor. As transfer begins to shape up around big clubs, there will be great players who will be seeking the exit door for this reason, and Arsenal will be pouncing on one, if not some, of them. I think that Wenger & the club are playing the waiting game. With Cech replacing Ospina after only one season, there’s no doubt Arsene is beginning to show that he’s getting serious about winning the title. Let’s wait and see who else he comes up with…

            1. Say it as many times as you like, but please spell his name right next time. I’m very OCD about it.

    1. Yes, he should inherit Rosicky’s no.7 shirt either him or Draxler aka the next RVP

      1. i think draxler will be either a winter window buy or a next summer purchase most likely if he can get a season under his belt injury free we will move for him then.

        1. rvp and henry weren’t central forwards before we bought them but they were pretty effective in that role, wenger has definitely noticed his potential to play there if he was willing to put in a 30 mill bid, and he has on occasion been played upfront

    2. I totally agree with you. I know we are all crying for a ST with different attributes to Giroud, but from d way d transfer is shaping out and from d plan I suspect wenger has for Theo, I think he might seriously be considering a top class winger. I think he also enjoyed the top class contribution by Alexis from d wing last season, and would love to have such quality on both wings. If it’s Rues, I will be more thank Happy.

      1. Santos was actually a decent left back. He made that unpopular move which destroyed his arsenal career

    1. Karim Benzema is being represented by a company that isn’t specialised in football. Now I don’t know too much about this Muzzi Ozcan guy but he seems like a freelancer slash intermediator so that would make alot of sense if this isn’t a troll or a statement based on false information.

    2. If we do get Benzema he will have to spend his first season shoving humble pie down my throat before I get excited about him. He would be a step up on Giroud, but I dont think he’d be as good as Costa, certainly not Aguero.

    1. Lewy was the first player to pop into my head when I heard
      about his German connection. Then I thought no couldnt be
      unless we see Cavani or someone move to bayern first. Then
      maybe Goetze but i cant see us spending all our money on a player like this.

      What about Cavani himself or his rival Zlatin.
      Myself, cant see Wenger spending the sums that would be needed for either player esp not their wages.

      For it to be said… the transfer of the season, would love it to be Reus and he definitely fits that category.
      I dont know why some dont like the sound of Di Maria, I think he would suit our game and Wenger would have him playing again his best football but I cant see them taking the risk by selling us.

      Vidal of course has previous experience in Germany which the rumour originates.
      Reus would be the best news I could hear.
      The only prob I have with either of those signings is that I cannot see us going unchallenged esp Reus whom I believe would have too many suitors. I would expect an open bidding war.

      If true this almost completed big signing, for it to be true I would say it would likely mean we met someones buy out clause and the club in question is a club we have dealt with before. Carvalho I think we could cross off with the biggest reason being – not be star name.
      Benzema, many would deem that as huge, the position being filled is definitely huge.
      Higuain, would be big signing, would you safely say the biggest signing even before Pogba or anyone else has moved.
      Bale, not for sale Id imagine also above our pay grade.

      Im thinking it could be a real madrid player. We know how they like to overhaul esp when barca rule.
      Benitez is a friend of Arsenes too. Which players could we get from them and then called the best business of the transfer window.

      Just hope the man is right and not some attention seeking drivel.

  1. I’m hoping it’s Lacazette, Reus or someone like Lewandowski. As much as I rate players like Vidal and Gotze I honestly don’t think we need them.

  2. Ok. Let it be known to you the writer that the player is C. Ronaldo and will followed by Zlatan because Higuain (that you are having in mind) is not a serious upgrade. You are always scouting for rumours, and from all indications, you are very very far from Arsenal. You could not even write when Cech was having medical live and wrote about his signing when thousands had reported. If you are writing about Arsenal, hang around Arsenal and not Metro etc. Well am still expecting one or two signings and I have to get use to Arsenal (mute) way.

  3. Even if this isnt true, we still should be making a big name transfer this season. We still have
    60 m left for transfer.

  4. Reus, Goetze, Lewandowski, Benzema, Lacazette, Vidal, Suarez, Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, Messi and

  5. ok going by a quick google search my guess is he is bigger then the cech signing but not bigger then sanchez last year, he is French. only two names come to mind is lacazette and benzema.

      1. Better than Costa perhaps, but Aguero and Suarez are better than Lewandowski I think. To me, Suarez is the best striker in the world, Ibrahimovic and Aguero behind him. I just like Aguero most because he’s seemingly the most humble.

        1. Lewandowski is the best CF just like Drogba. Aguero and Suarez are more pacy and versatile.

      2. Lewandowski’s goal scoring record is better than Costa over the past 4 seasons. He is on par with Aguero and Suarez.

      3. I think they are all different but I have long said that Lewandoski is the best true centre forward out there (although ironically enough having playing time out wide at Bayern). Has an almost perfect mix of centre forward attributes. Aguero is another player I love but he is no Giroud replacement in my opinion, nearly always plays as a second striker and is where he is best. I will be happy to eulogise about Costa next season, I ‘ll wait and see what he does, but patchy career and one and a half decent seasons doesn’t get you to the top table of strikers in my opinion.

  6. Edison Cavani.

    Plays across front line so can play cf or on either wing, which fits the fluidity we might seek, rotating Sanchez, Theo, Giroud, Welbs etc.

    Has already said he may go this season and isn’t happy Ibra has taken centre stage. Has scored 20 plus goals per season for past five years despite that.

    Is owned by Mondial, same co as Muzzy Ozcan and obvs plays for PSG sponsored by Emirates.

    1. Oh yeah and he fits the Wenger view ‘that the best strikers come from South America’.

    2. that could be the link cavani could be a game changer for us maybe would definitely be an upgrade on what we have upfront atm

  7. It’s blatantly Di Maria. It’s too ridiculous a rumour even for the Metro to come up with, therefore it must be true.

  8. I know its all just to get us excited and expectant but i wish its both Lewandoski and Krychowiak in one swoop! I only wish!

  9. We are so close to having a competitive squad for the first time since 2005 if we can sign a top quality CDM and striker.

  10. Well we have had a wonderful start to the summer with the signing of Cech, so I hope the positive signings continue

    I’m hoping that this will be the first time in over a decade that I can say we have everyone needed to win the PL. For a long time we have every year needed this player or that player. We needed a Top keeper, DM, top striker (ever since RVP left). We now have a WC keeper and hopefully a top striker will arrive too. Maybe even a DM. You never know

    Off the People listed above, I think Higuain and di Maria are unlikely. The other three are possible

    If it were Lewandowski, I would wet myself and poop myself

    Also, Cech could also be the signing of the summer. I value Cech and a WC keeper highly

  11. Coyg Lewandowski is my choice too. Krychowiak is as good as Matic. We have finally signed a top class keeper after 10 years. We need CDM and ST then we will be strong enough to win BPL.
    Maybe after next season we can try to sign a top class CB too.

  12. now we are talking transfer rumors this is definitely a big time rumors its big league baby.
    i remember reading on twitter a little while back someone mention that we were in talks with a big name player in germany, that the talks were getting under way back then and said it could talk a while to iron out, when i read the tweet (it very much reminded me of when we signed ozil just a faint whisper on twitter and then it just happened) real under the radar stuff, this could be it coming to its end game and boom mr x signs on the dotted line. this could be wengers big play for the title

  13. Oh wait a minute! I just remembered something! We heard something exactly like this last season and ended up signing no one (this was after Alexis Sanchez). And we heard it the season before too.

  14. if wenger pulls this off he is back to his absolute best in the market just like his earlier years,
    i am thinking if wenger has got david dein working for him on the sly. helping him pull all these rabbits out of his hat take a bow mr dein if that is the case.

  15. It could be Zlatan. Dunno if that’s good or not but it’d be a marquee signing nonetheless…. Could even be Ronaldo (but that’s just wishful thinking)…. Let’s see what other tricks Le Prof has got…
    P.S Could even be a rumor meant to increase our bps… *shrugs indifferently* we’ll have to keep ceching. #coyg

  16. Omg what if it’s Samir Nasri?? Or even Francis Jeffers??
    This Muzzi Ozcan sounds like he is making a load of bulls*it up to me.

  17. Silly season is truly upon us!
    Biggest hope: Ibra or Sergio Ramos
    Biggest fear: we’ve just re-signed Abou Diaby to a long-term contract
    Secret hope: Lewandowski. Just can’t see Pep letting him go though– whereas I could easily see Ibra and/or Sergio Ramos transferring away from their present clubs this year.

    1. Ozil & Ramos are best friends. How amazing would it be to hijack Uniteds hopes of Sergio & reunite him with Mesut?

  18. I happen to know Muzzi personally (happen to have grown up with him, he played on my footy team and was always getting lifts to games as my dad was the coach) and he does tend to know what he’s saying. Whether this is actually as huge as he says…well that’s another matter :-P. Muzzi is turkish and ALOT of his dealings come through turkish teams – he makes alot of the deals between English clubs and Fenerbache/Galatasaray. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in on the Podolski deal and has either got some underground knowledge from that (and has no personal involvement) OR he’s been involved in orchestrating a domino effect. As far as I know he hasn’t been hugely involved in many of the big european giants as of yet…but the guy is rising fast so who knows! Either way I’m now going to message him and ask but may be asked for silence…if so I’ll at least let you know if it’s true/false/good/bad/nonsense 🙂

    Side note: He’s a boyhood gunner so if he found out about a good deal he’d have been straight towards the Arsenal angle 😉

    1. Interesting– there’s a rumor that Joel Campbell’s going to Besiktas. Wonder if your friend is involved with that too?

      1. Quite possible. He’s been awfully quiet of late on FB and he’s usually quite forward with anyone he is handling – or at least with the knowledge he’s handling a deal. I’d imagine this means if he is involved (which is quite possible) Wenger is keeping him zipped.

  19. hey gooners it might be MULLER yes MULLER lol… High hopes tho but am very sure if this is true its a player weve hardly been linked to

  20. It could be Cavani since PSG is reportedly interested in DiMaria.

    Or it could be Isco who can play central, wings and would be the perfect long term Cazorla replacement.

  21. Muzzi just announced RVP to Fenerbahche. Oh how the mighty have fallen. 1 more possible part of the jigsaw though. Campbell, Poldi and RVP all off to Turkey. Knowing that Muzzi was probably involved in all 3 deals I do think he might have some insider knowledge atm.

  22. There could be some truth to it, after all theat guy was right about Turan, Alderwield, and RVP a few days before they happened, and since we are all dreaming … WELCOME TO AFC PAUL POGBA !!!

  23. Trying to figure out the dominos… if RVP is off Man U’s wage bill, and they also sell Di Maria to Bayern for, presumably, a huge sum… they’d be making a play for someone huge too. Does the Sergo Ramos, yes, but they’d also be in for a striker. Who would they be in for? Does LVG rate Lewandowski high? Or will he be in for Higuain or Cavani or, dare he think, Ronaldo?

    But if Bayern buys Di Maria, they’re going to need to sell someone too… so maybe there’s hope they’ll offload Lewandowski to us? Gotze would be nice, too, but I’d much rather have Lewandowski. 🙂

    1. Bayern wont sell Lewandowski unless they buy top striker. Bayern just signed a top winger
      Douglas Costa. Maybe they could sign Di Maria if they plan to sell Goetze and play him as playmaker.

  24. If true I hope it is benzema…..reus would be nice but won’t win you the prem as long as we don’t have a certified cf… just being honest

  25. This guy seems legit,broke bilic to wham, and alderweireld to spuds lastweek.
    Hope hes right
    Hope its benzema

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