Wake up Wenger! Arsenal WILL fail without January transfers

Even if, and I do not for a minute think that we will be this lucky, the injury problems picked up by Santi Cazorla, Laurent Koscielny and Alexis Sanchez during the draw at Norwich turn out to be minor, and they are able to play for Arsenal again soon, I firmly believe that our chances of winning the Premier League title this season hinge on the January transfer window.

We have already lost Francis Coquelin for the next three months and anyone who thinks that there will be no more injuries picked up by the Arsenal squad in the coming weeks and months is set to be severely disappointed. Even covering the players that happen to be on the injury list in January is not enough.

If this season has taught Arsene Wenger anything then I hope it is that he should expect and plan for having players out of action rather than cursing his luck every single bloody season. If only the club had some money sitting in the bank!

Well the manager is just going to have to make do with the £200 million or so that he had left from the last transfer window. Do you agree that this window and Wenger’s use of it are vital to Arsenal’s title hopes? And maybe to Wenger’s future as Arsenal manager?

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  1. We all know sanchez hasn’t had a rest in maybe 2 years, he had some calf or hamstring problems and he still plays. Then arsene says that players are supposed to play and not to be rested. So we think ohh he’s actually right. But NOO. its been the same thing for years. Same mistakes.
    Must buy a DM and striker in Jan or we can say goodbye to title. Shame that we cant win it even when Leicester is on top, Chelsea is in bottom, manutd don’t know what they are doing with only city showing that little bit of challenge that too because they bought bruyne otamendi and sterling in summer. It has to be Wenger’s last chance.

      1. No doubt FIFA will slap the transfer ban on us in December. Might be the reason why he told JC he could go in Jan.

    1. Agree with you optimisticgooner.

      On point mate.As a manger of a top top top club sometimes he sounds comical to me.
      I mean he knows we are good company with injuries let alone misery,every same time of the year yet he doesn’t mind repeating the same things over and over? In that case he is the mad man in that famous saying..”the height of madness is repeating etc etc…” To quote the man himself ..that “in life you should do something so well that it becomes an art”.I am beginning to think he is perfecting this art of repeating himself over and over and over again,worse than a broken record!

    2. Agreed we need back up, but Flamini has given his best and is in no way responsible for us not beating Norwich in fact he is the least of the problem. We lost at westbrom with Coqulin our game with Norwich was Ramsey was chosen over Campbell why I never know The back 4 is not good enough especially Mertisaker, Gazola is not the same as last year, Giroud well let’s not get into that. A striker is our first call to buy a Center back as well. Sanches is out so we have to bring Ramsey into Center with Campbell on right that’s it. No, let’s give Oxy a go he is not stable enough yet. Gabriel in for Koshelny obviously. Now that is about as good as we can get,it’s down to the players to get with it,stop making excuses for them it’s boring stuff when the Window opens its all down to Wenger to strengthen or improve the team me I hope he improves the team CB

  2. Haha i can bet all my money that we wont sign anyone in January..by then wilshere wil be back mayb we wud hv won a few games and evryone wil say no nid to buy because evryone is recovering well…u can predict our season n we knw hw it wil end the prblm z wen we r winning we tend to 4get our problms until things get worse then aftr a couple of wins we thnk we are the best in the world…wat makes u thnk Wenger wil sign playrs in January?!

  3. Now we are officially back to our Pre-sanchez era…..where we had to rely on our next big money signing to carry us on his german shoulders


    Oh! The beauty of worLd class signings……. Who says it ain’t important???

  4. Here is the scenario you all know:
    – By Jan our injury list will look shorter and shorter
    – By Jan Arsenal starts to perform better
    – “We believe we have the quality and we are already strong enough and we don’t need to sign new players” Wenger
    – Next press conference “We are working 24hrs a day to find quality players and if we find one we will do it” Wenger, and he will never find any
    – kim kallstrom type at best
    – Ooooops, bad luck, bad luck, injuries hit again …
    – Don’t worry AKB we will finish no lower than 4th …

    1. Are you sure on the last sentence? We are two points from the top but this is due to the mediocrity of this EPL season not that we actually play amazingly good. We have too many injury prone players in the squad. Until the balance is not shifting the other way we will always suffer no matter who will you have in charge. Yes, manager must make sure the balance shifts accordingly but how do you balance that? Selling these people will create riots and I believe Wenger will rather quit as well than do it. Or that he becomess really ruthless in building the squad. Which will also probably not happening soon. I just hope he realizes that the “british core” is fragile. Why is that? I have no clue.

    2. Typical BEBA (blame everything but Arsene) ……….how bout u Blame the english core on sanchez’s injury


      Who brings in these injury proned players to play for arsenal?… Who calls the shot?

  5. For me it is super simple; we don’t have enough goals in the team. Take Sanchez out and the likes of Giroud, Ramsey, Ozil, Santi, Ox just don’t score enough. We need a striker than can score goals and let’s face it Giroud is not that guy. He needs too many chances and mainly only converts the one’s most other strikers would to. He is not going to carry the team in absence of Sanchez.

    We also need a DM who can be a bit of a leader. The set up Santi – Coq, although an improvement over other combos is not ideal IMO mainly because Santi can’t defend. So if we get a DM with forward going abilities we could even play him together with Coq at times. We really need a box-to-box DM type player who can lead this team. Vierra?

  6. Wenger really has no excuse this time, we either sign some decent players in Jan, or this will just keep happening to us. I honestly also think we need to start cutting our losses with our more injury prone players…they are doing nothing but eating the wage bill and depleting squad space. Wilshere is one of those players which we know bleeds Arsenal,…but having him injured 80% of the time is doing more damage to our chances of success. He seems to be another Diaby, a good player but not irreplacable. I also think Arteta and Flamini need to move on and give room to two more younger and more dynamic midfielders to ease the blow when these injuries happen. Wenger has corrected many of his short comings over the past few years, but his lack of investment into squad depth has caught us in the butt even worse than previous years. You cannot pretend to challenge for top honors with a paper thin squad. It’s a crying shame as if Wenger had bolstered the squad when we were all screaming for a few new players, we would most likely be sitting pretty at the top.


  8. My prayer now is for city not to snap up Pep.

    I feel his the top runner to lead this club back to the top.
    Pep can motivate players, his teams are tactical and know how to win, his not afraid to gamble and actually spend some money. I’m sure he would be very happy getting the same package and freedom Wenger has.

    I have lost all belief that Wenger can win us titles and this is not based on yesterday’s game only but the last 10 years or so. Arsene feels his achieved it all and feels comfortable just having the team to compete and but actually win titles. The man is pulling us down, his the same resources at his disposal a different and more hungry manager can actually win titles.

    Wenger must leave in the summer whether he wins the title or not. Time to turn a new page and the board should not be cheap about this!!!

  9. Why do i keep saying…

    there are way too many unwanted stuffs on this team….. And at the head of the Junta is sitted a a deLuded french man …..who thinks he knows best and refuse to Listen to deductive reasoning and logic….. Every year he suffers the same fate (4th place and injuries) and does absolutely nothing to combat the situation….. He brings in cheap, un-tested , fragile players into a team of already cheap, fragile , unprepared team mates and expects to make em all worldclass (one for the future kinda signings)….half the whole time his experiments prove a failure but he never alters his philosophies and methods and so he never obtains variable results he could learn from…..his policies, be it transfers , rotations or player management is one so woeful…he fails somuch in the art of motivation and is known for being complacent in the long run…


    This is the story of Leadership at our beLoved Arsenal…..the story has been the same for Longer than a decade now!

    God help us!

    1. Thumbs up for everyone ?
      Well said. .. now who’s gonna help me get pass security,
      So I can drag out that deluded old fool from the Emirates and take him fishing!

      Anyone? ?

  10. Seriously… Wenger’s excuses are wearing thin,
    He is struggling like a 3 legged cat trying to cover it’s ? on a frozen pond.

    He knows best that he has xxxxed up big time!
    But he would never admit it until the stormy weather has cleared. … that’s if it clears.

    Our season could be over by the time the January transfer window opens, especially if the 3 latest injuries are serious.

  11. Arsenal are and have been under Wenger for some time analogous to a boat that constantly requires holes to be plugged in order to stay afloat and remain somewhat effective (not a fast boat but one that at least floats).

    Why not get a new boat, with a better, stronger and less fragile structure, that will enable you to focus on navigating and Using your sound vessel to reach your destination?

    Seems logical, no.


  12. Wenger not signing outfield players is going to ruin our chances of winning the EPL(i’d be surprised if we do). On the other hand, I can see why he didn’t sign anyone. He was unable to offload the deadwood players(flamini, Campbell, arteta et al) & signing more players would incur huge wage bills which we aren’t sure of arsenal’s ability to handle. People may not agree with me but I think sanchez’s injury is a blessing in disguise as he’s been kinda inefficient lately(barring last week’s UCL tie vs Zagreb)hence, needs to be rested before the city game.
    I really hope kos and santi would be able to shake off their strains and get back in time for the city game as well. For now, we have no other choice than to make do with the available players and hope for the best.
    One thing is for sure, Wenger and his medical team has to do something about the unnecessary injuries..There’s no guarantee that had wenger signed another striker/DMF we hoped for, they wouldn’t be immune to injuries as well. This is no longer ill luck. Something is wrong. Either their training method/Training pitch or The Physios/Medical team Ain’t doing their jobs…Up next: Sunderland, another ‘easy fixture’, but with our current form and available players, it’s certainly not going to be a walk in the park for us.

  13. Whoever hopes for a title is as deluded as Wenger. I honestly don’t see either Ozil or Sanchez staying longer than the next season. Soon enough there won’t be a single top player wanting to play in the Arsenal hospital, since it is obvious that the only ambition this club has is to win a Wenger trophy..
    Sooner the club fails miserably, sooner we’ll see some major changes. I’m back on the bandwagon. WENGER OUT!

  14. I’m cross with AW for the Norwich game. I do think, however, that Ramsey can cover for Santi, I do think Flamini is doing pa decent job for Coq. I have full faith that Joel will step up to the plate and will shine, probably now on the left. I imagine that Ox will hold the right maybe until Theo is fit. The more game Gabriel gets the more secure he’ll become I’m sure. We have the squade, AW just needs to ensurethey are match fit and sharp.

  15. The negativity on this site is unreal , 2 points off top spot, we’ve dragged ourselves back to contention In ucl and 1 of the teams above us is Leicester who will fade away, why can’t our fans stop whining ? Get behind the team and roar the boys on to the title! As far as the injuries go if we can hang on in there till Jan , well get Theo and alexis back for the run in and they’ll fire us to glory!

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