Walcott and Alexis making Vardy´s Arsenal snub look stupid?

After Arsenal had made a transfer bid large enough to trigger the release clause in his contract, maybe Jamie Vardy should have spoken to Arsene Wenger about the Frenchman´s plans for him. Some people in the football media were left scratching their heads about the bid and it appears that the Leicester City and England striker felt the same way.

As reported by Metro the prolific striker had those same doubts about whether his style of play would be at odds with the way Arsenal play. Probably because of Wenger´s use of the powerful but not very mobile target man Olivier Giroud as our centre forward in front of a patient and possession based game led Vardy to think that his pace and movement would not be used correctly and that the Gunners would not get the best out of him.

So as we know, Vardy went off to Euro 2016 with England, which was a disappointing tournament for him and the rest of the three lions and while there he decided to say no to Arsenal, without taking the trouble to discuss the potential move with Wenger.

Vardy said, ‘It wasn’t to do with ‘loyalty’ or how I feel about my team-mates. Players always come and go.

‘It was more a case of seeing Leicester as a club that wanted to build on what we achieved with the title and I want to be part of that.

‘I’m happy with how everything has turned out.’

Really Jamie? Is there not a part of you that has been watching Wenger move from the reliance on Giroud to fill the Arsenal front line with pace and movement and get the best out of speedster Theo Walcott and Alexis Sanchez that thinks you may have been a bit hasty?

Maybe our transfer target was lulled into believing the often repeated media theory that the prof is one dimensional and stuck in his ways. But surely the fact that he went for Vardy in the first place, an unexpected move by general consensus, suggested that he was planning to change things.

And the fact that Leicester are struggling in the Premier League and that both Walcott and Alexis are outscoring him in the new Arsenal system, do you think Vardy might just be thinking he should have at least spoken to Wenger and not been so quick to snub a move to Arsenal?


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  1. Krish says:

    well i for one am proud of him that he snubbed us.. i wish our players had that believe in the team in our barren years

  2. Skandalouz says:

    Jamie Vardy and Leicester City making Vardy´s Arsenal snub look stupid*

    if he was a young player I would’ve understand him choosing a ‘safe route’ over a gamble but the fella is 29 and while I respect his loyalty, I think a move to Arsenal would’ve boosted his living environment, salary, prospects for playing overseas before retiring etc.

    anyways it’s a thing you don’t see often in football nowadays, and it’s 100% his own decision, but it’s looking stupid

    1. Krish says:

      every decision is risky, he made a wonderful decision and now they arent performing and a lot call him stupid so his decision was surely NOT the safe route it was almost riskier than the transfer to arsenal, here he would surely have got some goals and won something in the next three years so his decision deserves a lot of respect that he believed in the projed “LC”

      1. Skandalouz says:

        The reason why I think it’s the safe route is because he has already settled in there, knows everyone in and around the club and it can’t really improve from last year. Yes there are heightened expectations at LCFC for him but (I think) not nearly what they would be if he joined Arsenal, where high expectations are the standard. And then keeping up the form instead of fading away into the team as a squad player (or worse, flopping) isn’t even mentioned. Anyways in hindsight it’s a good thing for all parties and none of us really can say anything

        1. Skandalouz says:

          because it’s a decision made out of loyalty*. That’s very respectable.

  3. Raoh says:

    Too early to say but so far the returns are good and better than expected. Wenger could even brag and say I told you so!!

    Now one thing which is the most important one is: CONSISTENCY. Let’s see over the course of a season how they both perform.

    We have been there before with Walcott but there’s clearly more focus, maturity and purpose to his game. It seems he now knows what playing the RW means both from an offensive & defensive standpoint. More importantly he seems comfortable using his skillsets & pace.

    In Sanchez case he seems to be slowly coming to terms with that #9/false 9 role. Making those runs, combining with teammates, setting up goals for others as well as having his own. Needs to be more clinical though as he could’ve scored 1 or 2 goals yesterday.We need to be more clinical(Wenger has said as much in post game)!!

  4. Twig says:

    Football fans, so selfish 🙂
    What Vardy did, was exactly what we wanted RVP to do.

    1. Krish says:

      real talk..

      1. atid says:

        Have to say we now look like we could have 2 genuine decent players for each position. And some.
        Cech ospina
        Bellerin jenkinson
        Mustafi Gabriel
        Koscielny Mertesacker
        Monreal gibbs
        Cazorla elneny
        Xhaka coquelin
        Walcott chamberlain
        Ozil ramsey
        Iwobi Welbeck
        Alexis perez

        that leaves martinez, Debuchy, Holding, Adelaide, akpom, giroud currently filling in for the injured.. Quite where Sanogo and those currently on loan will see their future is anyone’s guess.

        1. atid says:

          You would feel reasonably confident against most premier league clubs, if you had to field that 2nd x1

        2. Lexynal says:

          Overall, we all have to admit Arsene knows what he is doing. It seems like we all just woke up one morning and found out that Wenger has quitely built a solid team we are all now beginning to cherish. Give the man some credit. AKB!

  5. I’ve noticed that with the goo run we’re having, there are some very notable absentees from the comment section.. there was barely 60 comments on yesterday game review article, but you can bet had we lost or draw the comments would’ve quadrupled..

    1. Krish says:

      soopa and rkw will again comment a lot as soon as walcott has a game where he doesnt score “*cries* this whippet” bla bla

  6. Harold says:

    Walcott and Alexis performance justify Vardy decision to snub Arsenal. Vardy thought long and hard about it, but he took into consideration what Mr wenger already has at the club. Sanchez, Walcott and Welbeck is younger and considerably much better players than him. Therefore, Vardy decided against making that move to Arsenal.

    If Vardy did make the move to Arsenal, Walcott performance so far this season would effectively bring Vardy brief Arsenal career to a conclusion. Mr Wenger decision to buy Vardy was base solely on him scoring 24 league goals, never did Mr wenger took into consideration essential credentials like his style of play, his age and the ability of the players he already has at the club.

    Vardy buy would have counted as a complete misjudgement and credulous buy from Mr Wenger, why buy a player who is not younger and better than any of the strikers you got. Furthermore, if Xhaka fail to establish himself as the number one defensive midfielder ahead of Coquelin and Elneny this season, his transfer of 35 million to Arsenal will also count as a total waste of money.

  7. ruelando says:

    Its ridiculous how some arsenal fans behave towards Vardy, when just a few months ago some were crying at Wenger on why he did not get the deal done and that it would be to Arsenal detriment if Vardy was not signed.

    Now the tune as changed, our players have some what starting to find a rhythm and forward players have contributed some goals. I have no doubt that the pressure that Vardy is feeling now would have been far greater if he was at arsenal and while the financial awards, sponsorship deals and links to the english squad would be much stronger, i feel its a decision that should be respected and not even discuss.

  8. Wilshegz says:

    maybe not, I mean even if he joined what’s the guarantee he won’t just be in Lucas spot on the bench now?
    I mean it looked crazy when Wenger started Alexis upfront even after signing Lucas but now it makes sense.

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