Walcott CONFIRMS new Arsenal contract after FA cup heroics

I don’t know whether Arsene Wenger had the Theo Walcott contract situation on his mind when he gave the Arsenal and England international star the nod for the starting centre forward position as Arsenal prepared to face Aston Villa in the FA cup final, as I suggested in an article this week.

Whatever the thinking behind the decision, the Frenchman will have been delighted with his choice as Walcott put in another great performance and scored a very good goal to open the scoring and lead Arsenal to a thumping win over Tim Sherwood’s men.

If the boss was trying to persuade his striker that he was a valuable part of the Gunners after over a year on the sidelines and little time on the pitch once he was fit, it seems to have worked. After the game Theo was interviewed and asked repeatedly whether he was now going to sign a contract extension and after trying to be a bit coy, our rapid forward let his decision slip out.

Walcott had a huge grin on his face as he said, “I’m sure that it will get sorted out.”

But that was not enough for the reporter who kept asking him if that meant he would definitely be signing up for more years with Arsenal. and Walcott could hardly have been clearer with his response.

He agreed, “Of course.”

So there you have it Gooners and why would he not want to stay after that fantastic final showed once more that the Gunners really are getting right back to the top where we belong?

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    1. Did any of you tiny reproductive organ Gooner fans notice that Per had Benteke is his pocket all day ?

      1. And they say he is a rhino. I will take that since he can bully a fast elephant. He is our Captain, active at both 18yards of the field. He is not a German international for nothing.

  1. Very well then. No wonder he was always looked for each time we had the ball. To be candid, i really enjoy Walcott ball more than Giroud these two matches he started. His goal was more enjoying than that of Giroud

  2. 14 jersey for a reason, one does not normally wear kings jersey, but when he does there’s something behind it. #SignTheThing

  3. Very good Player When at his best an Ian Wright replica hopefully today is the best of many beautiful memories to come,Fantastic Day,About 3 or 4 men of the Match and many put into really solid shifts perfect way to round of the season time for a little piece of transfer Masterstrokes and well be on song for the title-COYGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! (OT Where is the Little boy now or yes his in the little corner love to see the look on his face)

  4. I cant remember the last time i was so pleased with the seasons end. This year was a success and i hope that we will continue to improve. Happy days. Cong to all fans. By the way. Coq was man of the match for me and Wilsher is Arsenal messi, lol.

    All in all great performance by everyone. Walcott surely enjoys playing as a striker.

    1. You know, Theo scored that goal with his left foot. That’s how a striker should play and shoot.

      Ozil played very well today simply becuz the guys in front of him were fast and smart.

    2. With all due respect, like I once said, most times Giroud is like a bad truck in the middle of the road on Monday morning.

      1. Stop crying like a wet cat we just won the FA Cup. Leave you weeping for next week.

      2. some people will never be happy. Our biggest game of the season and we come up with a 10 5 stars performance. All you can think of is bashing Giroud. You are no Arsenal fan. Good game by all . Ozil santi Coq sanchez rambo all outstanding in the middle of the pitch. copletely outplayed villa.

        1. His movement allowed our attacking play, he missed a goal after trying to score a beauty even Neymar missed the same today.

  5. Although I dont like Walcott I hope he stays especially with Alexis in Copa America. The problem
    is Giroud. We need a quality striker to win trophies.

    1. With all due respect, like I once said, most times Giroud is like a bad truck in the middle of the road on Monday morning.

        1. Its not complaining. Its giving honest opinion. As long Giroud is first choice we wont win BPL or UCL.

  6. Barcelona took Suarez from Liverpool and gave us Sanchez. Real Madrid took Bale from the Spuds and gave us Ozil. Win/win for Arsenal all the way and Gerrard did his best to advise Saurez to reject Arsenal. Thank you Liverpool and Spurs for selling Saurez and Bale.

  7. Sterling to team doctor : I don’t feel well today
    Doctor: Where don’t you feel well?
    Sterling: At Liverpool!

  8. Lets get Vidal and reduce Alexis from working too hard, only then you will see what Alexis is really made of, sheer class and i believe he will become 35+ goal machine..just know how to use him right. Reduce his work rate and see wonders. i wish we hard Ray parlor to do all the hustling for him.

    1. Wenger said we are not in for Vidal – unusual for Wenger to answer a specific question with a straight answer.

  9. “Whatever the thinking behind the decision, the Frenchman will have been delighted with his choice as Walcott put in another great performance and scored a very good goal to open the scoring and lead Arsenal to a thumping win over Tim Sherwood’s men.”

    LMAO. More Walcott as a striker obsession.

    You had such a great time wallowing in your euphoria at seeing Walcott once again look supremely out of position and completely ineffective … that you failed to notice Walcott only scored after he was switched back to the WING … LOL. ….. => ROFL

    It was the left wing he switched too and he scored with his weaker foot. I have said for years now, here included, that Walcott looks a better player on the Left Wing. That hat trick for England against Croatia was from the left wing too.

    As a striker against Villa in the FA Cup Walcott contributed in no way to the game. He simply stood there waiting to be given an opportunity to make a run. He was given two such opportunities in the game. The first was mistimed and off-side and the second one he missed an open goal by a bus length. Instead of taking that shot he had Ozil to his right in a perfect scoring position but Walcott didn’t look to see if anybody else was available.

    Giroud runs deep to win the ball, he holds up the ball and distributes it to better placed players. He also doesn’t get pushed off the ball without the other player going down with him. All the things Walcott doesn’t do. Defending against set pieces is another thing he doesn’t do. When Giroud came on late in the game, he scored effortlessly and cockily from a striker position.

    Please for the love of God, have a recording of the FA Cup game and watch it again and see Walcott demonstrate how not to be a striker.

    Only when Walcott was switched from the middle could he score and it was a great goal he scored. It was a classic Thierry goal. Henry mostly started his attacks from out wide, cutting into the middle from the left like Walcott did in the Final.

    After he switched back to the striker role, Walcott showed he had learnt nothing and stayed static again in the middle being ineffective, failing to pass the ball to Ozil like I said, etc. The weirdest thing about this is Walcott claims Thierry Henry was always his inspiration – yet as a striker he never attempts to go wide on the left and start his attacks from there.

    It has been funny seeing here over the tears the persistent nonsense about Walcott needing to be a striker, it’s like a mission for you isn’t it?

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