Walcott defends celebrating his goal against Arsenal

Players often show loyalty to their former side by not celebrating goals when they score against them after leaving.

Most Arsenal fans will have expected that from Theo Walcott when the Englishman scored against them for Southampton in midweek.

Walcott, however, celebrated widely which would have angered some Arsenal fans, but he has defended his decision to do so.

He claimed that he would always celebrate a goal, and he does that because of his kids.

He says he doesn’t want them to grow up thinking celebrating when you score is wrong because it isn’t.

He told Jamie Redknapp on the Daily Mail: “I’m a father to two kids. When I spoke to Mel and she told me about how the kids celebrated when I scored… I mean, you’re teaching kids what? If you score a goal don’t celebrate? The amount of joy and the smiles on their faces, that’s what it’s about for me. My kids were so happy which makes me happy.

“People have asked would I have celebrated if there were fans there. I would always celebrate a goal. I remember scoring a hat-trick for Arsenal against Southampton and I celebrated. It’s one of the best feelings you can have in football. It brings people together.

“You can see the emotions in the players and you’re working for this team now. That’s what it’s about. You want to win every game. It’s like saying, ‘The Arsenal players are kicking me!’ They’re going to kick me. They’re going to try to stop me.”

Walcott gave Arsenal a torrid time in the Premier League and he was also fouled by Gabriel Magalhaes, an offence which the Brazilian defender was sent off for.

It is safe to say that he won’t be welcomed by the Arsenal fans when he returns to the Emirates in the future.

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  1. Walcott should celebrate because he’s no longer Arsenal player. His relationship with Arsenal was on business/professional basis. He was harshly criticised at Arsenal, and either Arsenal or Walcott owes anyone anything

  2. Why shouldn’t he celebrate a goal, he has moved on and is back at his first professional team. He isn’t an Arsenal player anymore, good luck too him.

  3. Why shouldn’t he celebrate after scoring a goal. Seeing players not celebrating when scoring against their former clubs is just pathetic.

  4. When “Weedy Walcott” celebrated his goal, it was a wake up call for the Arsenal fans who have always derided him.

    He ran our best player this season, Gabriel, rugged and forced him to commit a foul, with his spoed, agility and strength off the ball.

    Looking forward to welcoming you back Theo, you never let our club down and you are a model professional fulfilling your dream… and your kids as well!!!!

        1. Just watching him now against City, Ken… having another good game!
          I bet he did and why not, hey?

          Iwobi agrees with Theo about how scared we look and wants to inflict more misery on us….imagine if he does, Ken?! 😱

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