Walcott, Diaby, and the other Arsenal contract talks – Who Should Stay?

Who Deserves A New Contract at Arsenal? by the Cosmic Kid

After Monday’s cup tie I just began thinking to myself that it’s March and we have only 10 Premier League games left. That’s crazy isn’t it? It only feels as though we are half way through the season. We now have a Cup semi-Final and have to play that return leg against Monaco in the Champions League, whether our chances are slim or not. So, we are only guaranteed a minimum 12 games left this season, hopefully 13 should we progress to the Cup Final (more if a miracle happens in Monaco). That leaves the manager with some decisions to make. I would certainly hope that he already has in mind what he plans to do not only in terms of recruiting players this summer, but also in terms of which players he wants to keep at the club. Let’s have a look at which players deserve a contract extension.

Here’s a look at the player’s with contracts running out at the end of this season;

Francis Coquelin: At the end of January the Manager was asked (not for the first time) about the contract status of some of the players and while at the time he didn’t have much to say. He did say that Coquelin was ‘99% done’. This is great news for Arsenal fans as he really has grown into one of the key players in the squad this season. Since he came in for the injured Mathieu Flamini away to West Ham, he hasn’t looked back. There were many question marks about how he would settle into the team and even many questioning whether he could handle the physicality of the Premier League, well he has certainly answered those criticisms. In the recent game against Everton he suffered a broken nose and while Arsenal were adamant that he should come off; he wanted to play on (He was eventually forced off when he received another blow to his nose late on the game). Even in the win over Man United within the first 5 minutes, Fellaini elbowed (Accident? you’re having a laugh) him into the face and he got straight back up, that showed the kind of fighting spirit that would see us gain such an important victory. Verdict: Extend.

Mikel Arteta: The captain has missed most of the campaign through injury, making only sparing appearances. There have been conflicting reports on whether or not he has actually signed a contract extension. Sky Sports, say he has while his agent also says he has, yet at that time Arsene Wenger had denied the reports (see the Coquelin report above) that he has offered him a one year extension to keep him at the club past this season. Arteta has only made 7 Premier League appearances in total this season and while many may think it’s time for him to move on, I still think he has a lot to offer the club. Yes, he will turn 33 this month and yes, he is quite slow, however what Arteta offers is leadership and experience. How many times have we, as Arsenal fans said that we lack any real leadership or experience? Or even wish that Wenger kept the more experienced players around longer? Arteta also plays a fundamental role in keeping the team ticking over and retaining possession, there have been games this season where his calming influence would have helped the team, the Monaco, disaster for example. Verdict: Extend.

Abou Diaby: It’s really hard not to feel sorry for Diaby and his struggles with injuries, after a ridiculous challenge from Sunderland’s Dan Smith in 2006, but once again another season has come and passed him by, as he remains on the treatment table. He has to be given a lot of credit for his willingness to return from injury after so many setbacks, but there comes a time where the manager will have to look at what’s best for the club. According to the Daily Mail, Diaby has suffered 42 injuries at the club, while also averaging a set back every 80 days. Wenger has already said that he will discuss Diaby’s future with him in March, have a look at this post from The Daily Canon here. I think that the manager will have to accept that it just simply isn’t feasible to keep a player at the club that can hardly string 5 consecutive games together, it’s a shame because he is a really gifted player and had a lot to offer the squad. Remember that performance at Liverpool anyone? Verdict: Release.

Right here’s a look at the players who still have another season, after this, left on their contracts;

Tomas Rosicky: Once again this season Rosicky has been in great form and while he may not be able to complete 90 minutes three times a week any more, when he does play he gives the team bags of energy. Rosicky is the one player in the squad who, I think, is capable of coming on and really changing the tempo of the team. We have seen plenty of games where Arsenal start the game slow, and lethargically, only for Rosicky to come on and add new emphasis to the attack, he isn’t afraid of making a few tackles either. While Rosicky will turn 35 next October, once again, like Arteta, while it might be obvious that he will get even less game time, I think he still has a lot to offer the squad. Here’s a question, who has had more of an impact on the team this season, Rosicky or Wilshere? Rosicky has another year remaining on his contract, so it’s very hard to judge, with a player of his age. Verdict: N/A

Mathieu Flamini: It has not been the greatest of seasons for Flamini in his second season of a second spell at Arsenal. He has struggled to get into the squad this season and, yep, you guessed it he is currently sidelined with injury. Flamini has been caught out numerous times this season, giving away the ball for Chadli’s goal for Spurs at the Emirates, for example. While I don’t usually mind a player’s age (Arteta, Rosicky), they have to perform for their age not to be an issue, and while 31 is not necessarily that old, it just seems that Flamini’s game has suffered the older he has got, and he has struggled to adapt his game accordingly, like Rosicky and Arteta. Although he has another season left on his contract, I’m not sure he offers the squad enough to earn his keep; I would look to cash in this summer. Verdict: Sell.

Lucas Podolski: Podolski has been a great disappointment to me at Arsenal, as I was expecting a lot from him when his signing was announced. While his goalscoring stats are excellent, according to The Telegraph, Podolski’s ratio at Arsenal is 172.11 minutes per goal. That puts him behind four of the most effective Arsenal strikers in recent times in Emmanuel Adebayor (169.24 minutes), Ian Wright (154.12 minutes), Robin van Persie (138.48 minutes) and Thierry Henry (121.78 minutes). It really is disappointing that when you analyse his overall game he does not offer a lot; if football was a game based on goal scoring instinct he would be one of the best, but it’s not; it’s about a whole lot more. Podolski is a very static player, he hardly makes lung bursting runs to either make a chance for himself or create space for his team mates, he is not technically gifted (beside’s his shooting), and put very simply; he does not fit into this Arsenal team. Like with Flamini, I would cash in this summer after his loan move to Inter Milan. Verdict: Sell.

Theo Walcott: This is the hardest of them all to balance, and I did mention this in yesterday’s post about Chamberlain’s injury. Although I have a feeling the manager might well cash in on Walcott this summer, and while I would’t really complain if he did, I would still be unsure, however, because unlike Podolski, he does offer the team more than his goal scoring. Walcott primarily relies on his speed to create chances for himself, but he also uses this asset to create space for the team. If you look at any Arsenal game in which Walcott plays you will notice that he never stops moving and he really would be a nightmare to defend against. While I think Oxlade-Chamberlain’s overall game is better than Walcott’s (Welbeck too), Theo is far better with the final ball, be it an assist or a goal. I still think Walcott has plenty to offer the team, even with his limited technical abilities, he deserves the chance to come back from his injury, at Arsenal, but the club won’t be held to ransom over a new contract this time, and rightfully so. Verdict: Extend.

Right so that’s pretty much it, but I’d like to know which of these players contracts you would extend or which you would not. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Subjectively, Cosmic Kid.


  1. Le Coq signed the same day with Chuba Akpom. Not sure why you add him in the list as he’s extended already. Podolski may leave if you ask me, outside FC Koln he doesn’t look the same. His salary can be better spend on someone else. Arteta and Flamini will probably leave. Rosicky will stay. Walcott story begins to be a bit of a non issue. He is now on the other side of the fence compared with two seasons ago. I’d say let him sweat for a while and then sign. As he is now he will not get a lot of offers. Question is, will the manager following Wenger would still want Walcott in the team?
    And then Diaby is really a non issue. Unlucky man and so sad to see him leave but such is life. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

    1. I think similar to what has Budd said….

      1. Coq is done…..
      2. Flamini and Diaby will be released….
      3. Arteta will be offered a new contract provided he comes back from injury….
      4. Rosicky will be offered a new contract….
      5. Podolski will be sold on cheap ….
      6. Theo Walcott….its complicated as now we will have to see who starts instead of Oxlade-chamberlain on RF/RW position if Welbeck starts all the matches then consider that Walcott’s time is up he will be sold on decent fee although….if it happens.

      ….We can buy a few good once ….when some of the wages will be freed…. so I think there is no bad news in it…..COYG!!!…..

  2. Poldi might be sold to shaktar, mert might be sold, diaby would go, walcott would have his last chance, one world class player would be added, its just gonna be one, one per summer i think thats the plan

  3. Just seen video clips of Wellington Silva playing…. The guy will break into Arsenal first team, @ 22 he is ready another Brazilian Considering Walcott is contract extension,

    Considering Arsenal signed him
    back in 2010 as a teenager,
    many may have forgotten Silva
    was still a viable option for the
    Gunners in the future.
    But the way he talks about
    Wenger, and the way he clearly
    enjoys playing under him, next
    season may just be the
    breakthrough he has been
    waiting for
    Do you think Silva has what
    it takes to play for Arsenal’s

    1. If Walcott does not sign before the summer, he will be sold. We can not have another standoff or player being let go for free. He is this time on the other side of the fence.

      As for Silva I think Wenger will take him on pre season tour. Depending on how many squad players over 21 we have and his quality he may keep him like Campbell last year. If he can break in than he stays if not he will be loaned out again like Campbell at winter transfer with the possibility to sell him. Looking at the teams he played for in his 4 years I say it will be tough but then look at Coquelin and how he turned around.

      Galindo will be let go as we still have no work permit for him.

      Podoslki & Flamini sell. I think other players that will be sold are: Campbell, Jenkinson, Sanogo.

      Buy: Schneiderlin, Centre half (Schar), Mings, Lacazette

      1. I hope he will not disappoint. Wenger will give him the preseason and possibly the first half of the season to prove himself.

        Looking at wingers we have: Welbeck, Alexis, Ganbry, Oxlade & Silva

        Even if Walcott gets sold in summer it will not be a big miss.

        1. Walcott is better than Gnabry Silva Welbeck, Danny is better defensively but Theo is better at actual wing play and much better finisher than all those except Alexis.

          Walcott knows now that if he wants to be a starter he must work on the rest of his game, i hope he does similar to Ox by taking the example of Sanchez and if he does that he would be a very dangerous player.

          Silva is not even hear yet and people are hyping him up big time, i read a fan yesterday saying that not only is he tough but he is tougher than Sanchez. He is a strong lad but nothing like when Sanchez first arrived. The kid is tricky and quick but there is a lot of work ahead before he can make the Arsenal first team.

  4. Flamini, Podolski, Diaby: Gone bunnies!

    Rosicky: Deserves not just an honorary 1-year extention – he still provides quality to the team and a role-model function won the young wannabies

    Arteta: Coquelin shows what’s need at DM. Let Artea retire in La Liga. Great player though. Replace with Schneiderlin

    Walcott: Offer him a contract but anything above 100.000/w would be an abysmal waste. If he won’t sign: sell to highest bit and make way for new talent.

    Key thing is to keep Cazorla the magician.

    Provoative thought of the day: Sell Szczęsny and steel Lloris away from Spurs

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth. We just cannot afford to keep Diaby around anymore, I mean the bandages have cost way too much! Oh and I almost forgot the 50k he earns weekly. Arteta has done what not many players could do – fit and mould into a role he is not really capable of doing. For his height and stature, he has done reasonably well as a holding DM but still only a temp solution. His age is also against him. If we can get Schneiderlin or Bender, perhaps Arteta be given 1 more year and hopefully he resigns an Arsenal player as I believe his attitude has been exemplary. Flamini is also over the hill and offers little more than bursts of rage and given the refs excuses to fondle their pockets. Coquelin is up for the job and after his latest performance up against the muppet on steroids is proof. Walcott I feel should always have a place in our squad, I think people are being a bit harsh on him as injury has taken its toll, but a player with that speed is always dangerous. Let’s be honest his finishing has improved a hell of a lot too. Lloris and Ospina would be a brilliant keeper combo.

      1. I think the realization that Theo is a one dimensional player that hasn’t addressed his technical deficiencies is beginning to resonate with Wenger. His recent injury track record, coupled by his soap opera handling of his recent contract negotiations hasn’t helped his rep much either.
        Ox is already a better all around player and his continued progression as a player will cast a serious doubt on whether a player of Theos quality is worth the money he will ask for to be a bit contributor. I personally would dangle him out to La Liga or Siere A and cash in if the transfer fee is substantial.

        1. If he signs a 100K contract for 4 years keep him. If Theo wants a lot more than that sell him he is not worth it. My guess is he will be sold over the summer.

        2. It’s the same people that were saying The Ox has not improved a few months back.. Go read the comments from New Years backwards, seriously no wonder other fans call us fickle and deluded.

          90% of fans on here could not stop going on about how we miss Walcott, Ozil was suffering because he did not have Walcott and last seasons Ramsey etc..

          Gooners were even attacking Ramsey and The Ox for being inconsistent, people kept saying how The Ox had not improved and was so inconsistent, flatters to deceive etc. The same people started looking at his goals and assists stats, then all came to a conclusion that he does not score or assist enough and that he is over hyped. Smh

          Gooners might have brains that forget so easily but stats are in Walcotts favour, I love The Ox but he too is very inconsistent he will have 1 or 2 good games and then terrible for the next 4.

          All of them are inconsistent and offer something different to the team.

          1. Walcott is not worth 140K with his injury record and not defending properly.

            Yes we want him to stay but not be as greedy as he was 2 years ago.

  5. For me Walcott is replaced with Sanchez so no need to spend the wages on an eternal sick note any longer and I would sell him. Arteta I would keep on a season by season basis because he can play a part in a more forward role and do a distribution job from a deeper role. Flamini can no longer play the part he is in the team for and I would say goodbye if we manage to get a DM as cover for Coquelin. Rosicky has to stay. He proves he is one of our best players when he comes on and he is our most tenacious and aggressive player with it. Podolski is surplus and

    Diaby I would keep on the sole basis of that kick he did in John Terry’s head. He has earned the right to stay at the club until Wenger retires because of that kick. Diaby has been a labour of love for Wenger and why give up now with both so close to retirement? It will be fitting. It shows other players the club stands by them if they become injured.

  6. “If you look at any Arsenal game in which Walcott plays you will notice that he never stops moving” – yup! You lost all your credibility right there! I dont know what kinda matches you are talking about but he is barely in the game! Yes, he makes one or two run behind the defense but thats it! He never gets involved in the game which is critical for a team like Arsenal, who likes to play possession football! Its hard to keep the ball when you are playing with 10 men.

    1. We like playing possession football??? Since when? We are being dominated each game, we sometimes have as low as 25% possession in some games. We normally have 38-45% possession when we play any half decent teams.

      So this possession myth is long gone, teams like Villa, Crystal palace, Leicester, Swansea, Southampton etc have all dominated us possession wise. We play a different type brand of football now days, give up possession and hope for the best. Against any half decent team it backfires on us most times.

  7. Out;

    Diaby – unfortunately I can’t see him playing again. I hope for him he does get his career back on track he’s worked really hard to overcome his injuries & it would be nice to see him play again. But you can’t wait forever I don’t want to see him at another PL club fit but maybe in France. You can see why Wenger stuck by him unbelievably talented such a shame.

    Flamini – unfortunately for him he’s already been replaced by Le Coq he had a good spell last season when he rejoined the club been a bit inconsistent since. Still had some good games but time to move on. I think his contract was 2 years with an option of a third. I’m sure the 3rd year will have been discussed I think he’ll know it time.

    Podolski – after criticising Arsene for not playing him then moving to inter & showing everyone exactly why he’s not been playing. I really like Podolski he had a good couple of years at arsenal but I can’t see him getting a lot of game time. When he rediscovers his for I think he could be some teams main man but not arsenal.

    1 striker/forward
    1 central midfielder (not an out and out DM but can play that role/ disciplined big presence player)
    Possibly a central defender

    Players with ????????

    Jenkinson – having a great season a West Ham. Really impressed by him but he plays in a position were were pretty strong. Debuchy will be no1 for the next few seasons Bellerin is doing really well & chambers although I don’t think that’s the possition he will finish playing in. I think he will be sold though.

    Arteta – I’d keep him although the amount of playing time he gets may be limited if we buy another central midfielder. But he’s a great player we need strength in depth & I honestly think we’ll win the PL next season he joined us at a difficult time and without him we’d have been screwed. I’d like to see him win the PL with us he deserves it. Same with Rosicky.

    Mert – not had a great season has obvious weaknesses but at the same time has a lot of good qualities. I think he’s brought the best out in koschelney & overall has formed a great partnership with him. My only concern with him would be if the boss and Gabriel were both injured and we had to rely on him with chambers/Debuchy/Monreal then that would be a disaster. I also think for the development of chambers as a possible CB when he plays he needs to be with someone where you feel confident in them as a pair. He could possibly ruin chambers chances. Honestly don’t know could go could stay but big ??? At the moment.

    Gnabry after his injuriey he needs regular football so I’d loan him to another PL club.
    Akpom also loan but I think a step down to the championship would be good for him.

    1. Sanogo – has a lot of potential for What we could see him for might as well hang on to him and wait till he’s developed a bit and sell him for a decent price. But he needs at least 1 more season on loan then reevaluate then.

      Campbell – I like him but I think he’ll be sold. I don’t think we really need him not quite as good as others and takes up space for potential new players.

      Theo – I think his contract is up in the summer I’d be shocked if he left. I think Wenger’s just not risking him at the moment and he’s not 100% & with us having plenty of attacking options unfortunately he isn’t getting much game time. But i don’t think it’s a massive issue (yet).

  8. Arteta, Podolski, Flamini, Diaby should all go. Too much wages spent on players that will never naturally get into the starting 11 or even subs bench. If we sign Schneiderlin then that means we have two strong DMs to choose from. Walcott should obviously stay as should Rosicky.

  9. Walcott to go.Football managers don’t forget when they are shafted.If you remember Walcott gave Wenger a hard time holding out for £100,000 a wk during wage negotiations last time. That old saying revenge is a dish best served cold applies here. I believe Walcott is on his way out.

  10. This site is truly filled with our worst fans. I get the points about maybe Walcott not fitting in anymore, but the negative tone that he is some kind of waste is ridiculous. You were all flipping out calling him a legend after he flashed 2-0 being carted off at White Shart. Now he is having problems coming back and he is mediocre.

    1. I, being one of Theos biggest critics over the years would like nothing more to see #14 once again start banging in goals at a prolific rate and reendear himself to the Gunner Nation.
      As it stands now, unfortunately through multiple injury spells and lukewarm form when fit Theo has fallen down the Arsenal pecking order and IMO is no longer the face or future of the club. If he wants to sign a reasonable extension and tirelessly work on his game over the next few months, than bring it on. However if he yet again attempts to hold Arsenal hostage and demands ridiculous wages that do not accurately reflect his quality its time for the lad to move on.

    2. Fans one here will all convince themselves about a certain player and will either back him to the grave or discredit him no matter what..

      It was Giroud last season, I don’t know how many times I stood up for him on here but no one was having it.

      Mertesacker, this one I have never been comfortable with since we sighed him.

      But it turned to Wilshere all this season, they can’t stand him.

      Ramsey is the other one, no one wants him him the first team anymore.

      Now all if a sudden Walcott is the fall guy, they will look for stupid rubbish about a player and will magnify it, now it’s because Theo does not defend blah blah. I have watched him play and I don’t see this rubbish, he tracks back watch the games last season and season before.

      But when Ozil was not playing well and we pointed out his lack of energy and defensive abilities we were told he is a no10 who should not defend or attack. And the same fans were the ones that kept saying they could not wait for Walcott to come back as him and Sanchez on both wings will bring the best out of Ozil.

      But all of a sudden Walcott is a liability and a waste of space. This lot are so funny.


      1. Walcott is not the fall guy but he can’t hold Arsenal to ransom like he did 2 years ago. I think that is what everyone is saying. Plus is it so bad to now and then sell a player and get good money. We have established we are not a club that is forced to sell anymore.

  11. Galen,

    Enjoyed the majority of opinions, especially on Lacazette, Wanyama and Theo.

    I do believe that Arsenal need one more CB, preferably a young, proven talent like Schar, Dragovich, or Umiti(Lyon) to replace Per.

    A perfect summer haul would be Lacazette, Wanyama and Schar and although highly unlikely Petr Cech.

    1. I believe CC has a huge upside but at the moment question his ability to slot it next to Koz or Gab and perform @ the necessary level against the likes of Chelsea, Pool, Monaco, etc.

      I see Schar, Dragovich, Umiti, N’Koulo as established stars in both there domestic leagues and Europe, potential 1st team starters from day 1 to replace BFG(his time has passed)

  12. I don’t watch a lot of french or Italian football I’ve see bits of Lacazatte & Dybala they both look Like big talents I’m not going to judge either but according to there profiles Dybala is the taller player lacazatte is only 5″9 dybala 5″10 1/2

  13. it could be a bigger than we anticipated summer in terms of players in and out wenger will look to recoup as much as he can for out goings getting any unwanted high earners of the books might be an options like poldolski his £100,000p/w his unwarranted for what he brings to the team, as might be walcott he is at a crossroads now in his arsenal career he can either stick it out with us and show us the respect the club deserves for paying and making him the player he is today.
    or he will just angle for a greedy contract and set c/f position or he is out the door, if he was that good he would be c/f by now even akpom has most likely jumped ahead of him in the queue, so he could be another one out the door so that £200,000 p/w saved in wages already, but they will need quality replacements l/w especially that is the major problem position sanchez is having a mini overmars caper there at the moment but we need proper l/w really like fekir.
    diaby and flamini will be out for sure, mert is a maybe he might still be worth another season until youngster comes through the ranks but if he goes howedes or schar would do, arteta will either retire in spain or maybe come on as a coach at the youth level as he is very clever and could teach the youth a thing or too.
    Jenkinson will most likely be sold for a good price unless wenger sees otherwise not to, we have too many good young talents in midfield coming through to be worried about needing big money replacements, just a d/m to help le coq big worldy c/f and a great l/w and we are good to go no goalkeeper needed as the g/k we have are solid enough.

  14. While I don’t want to commit myself on who and who should be sold by the boss and whose contract should not be renewed or extended by him, I will talk on 3 issues relating to Walcott, Diabi and Arsenal injury hoodoo. I think we ‘ve read of how Walcott and his wife were emotionally devastated as result of the heart surgery that was done on their Son. I believe this trauma must have crept into Walcott game and affected his performance. Hence, the boss had to drop him. But now that the trauma is over for Walcott, I expect to see a rejunvinated Walcott flying in Arsenal kit on the pitches. Diabi case is pathetic. But there could be an outside chance he will eventually recovered to star for Arsenal again. The boss could still further help him by offering him a temporary non player job, while he still train with the first team on regular basis. But with a lower wages pending when he is re-absorbed into the first team. Have we noticed the injury hoodoo that has been plaguing the Gunners since long. Save Rhinosacker, I don’t know of any Gunner that has not suffered any injury this season. The hoodoo injurer has always come to strike on a Gunner who has just picked up top form. We ‘ve seen how Arteta, Wilshere, Walcott Debuchy, De Abreu, Oxlade and the rest of the Gunners were hoodoo injured at various time of this current season. Who is that injury hoodoost at Arsenal FC? Had Coquelin head not be a strong head, the hoodoost would have taken his leg. But instead got his nose. Let the boss forgive me of my superstitious belief. I just can’t help it.

  15. I think we should sell: Podolski, Campbell, Jenkison and Sanogo

    We should release Diaby and Flamini

    We should keep Arteta, Rosicky and Mertsacker. Rosicky is still quality at 34. Arteta deserves one more year. Mertsacker is still useful as evidenced by The United match. However, we should still get another CB.

    In Summer we should at least get:
    1. Top Striker
    2. Top DM
    3. Quality CB
    4. backup/young LB

    If Szczesny wants to leave then get a good gk like Cech

  16. Walcott has got to stay, he just needs to extend his current contract. You don’t want him moving to City, United, Liverpool, Spuds, Everton etc.. The guy is not the best but he is guaranteed at least 12 goals and 12 assists a season when fit and firing.

    He gives us something different, I kept hearing people on here going in about how we lack players that run in behind. How we lacked genuine pace to get the best out if some players.

    Imagine Liverpool buying him? Sterling, Coutinho, Sturridge, Ibe, Lallana etc.. Don’t strengthen our rivals..

    Walcott being in the squad is not a problem, is it? The guy knows the EPL and will get you goals and assists, we don’t know if these new flavour of the month kind of players from other leagues will make it in our league. We have already got an experienced league player who gets goals and assists, be careful what you wish for.. Just saying.

    1. I agree but on AFC terms not Theo’s terms. Things can change incredibly quickly but atm he is a squad player and not an automatic 1st X1 pick. He is a very decent squad player and we should keep him. Also for me:

      Sell and replace Flamini.
      Sell and replace Podolski.
      Keep Arteta on rolling 1yr contracts – decent experienced squad player, good behind the scenes influence.
      Keep YS and CJ out on loan.

  17. Diaby = Must go, we’ve been patient and it’s sad but it happens.
    Arteta = Club Captain and will probably stay until retirement as long as he is realistic in his own ability to keep playing
    Coq = A part of the team, if he hasn’t signed already he should be re-signed as priority

    Rosicky = A long serving squad member, great ability. Should be kept.
    Podolski = Not been good enough in his all round game. Good for morale but not good enough to get the game time. Sell.
    Flamini = Good for morale but may now be too long in the tooth. He just isn’t cutting it now and seems to suffer from wanting to be leader too much. I don’t WANT to sell him but if we buy a quality DM then he goes. Basically he SHOULD be sold for the teams benefit, but whether he will be is another matter and I’m not going to complain too much if he stays cos I love the guy.
    Theo = Should be staying, shouldn’t be pushed out. Simply put he is better than Welbeck as an attacking force. He is an option that is devastating to a lot of teams. His movement and finishing are now top class. IF he got his fitness under control he’d probably be borderline world class all round after a steady string of games and just lack in his 1-on-1 dribbling. Should not be sold. Importantly he is also English and part of a homegrown core and is quite engrained to the club – there is NO good reason to let him go unless he requires an unfair wage.

    The only players on the list who should definitely walk are Diaby and Podolski. The other players have something left to offer the club, though Flamini should not stay if we are pushing on with signing a WC DM.

  18. in: hughes from derby , kondogbia , lacazzete and the replacement of per and silva
    out: flamini , arteta , per , poldi , joel
    loan: carl , sanogo , akpom
    Its time to get the best players in the positions we lack of quality for so many years (hughes is a very talented player and i think he will turn into a wc player)
    With that squad we can be champions next year

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