Walcott did well, but Arsenal STILL need a striker!

Work on next season should already be under way by Konstantin

Hello everyone. First off I’d like to say that I’m surprised by the way Arsenal fans hit back at you, when you look at some obvious facts about the club and you point them out. They say you are not a true fan, if you want your club to win trophies. When you go out to the public and put out an opinion there’s always people who’ll not like you, but I have no intention to stop pointing out where we can improve to cut that 12 point gap to the top of the table.

So that’s that, now Arsenal finally scored an Emirates goal after 3 miserable performances, and we did it by shooting at the goal. Walcott did what we didn’t in our past games, shoot. We sometimes try to walk the ball in the net, when a shot from a tight angel can bring a goal – and what a goal it was.

It’s funny how goals start flying in when Walcott’s contract talks come up. I’d start Walcott in the FA cup final really. He’d give us speed, which our squad lacks, and against Aston Villas style of play I think he’ll be useful. I continue to believe that Theo is a one-dimensional player but that doesn’t mean he can’t be useful.

In a squad full of players very good on the ball it’s nice to have someone to open up spaces and have the pace to beat a player. The problem with Walcott on the wing is that it doesn’t help the full backs, but his physique is really a problem for a CF position. The Ox is another player with the ability to beat a player one on one and we’ve really missed him too.

I thought Alex finally started to play a serious part in the squad and got injured. What we’ve achieved this season is to have a big squad. We have enough people to rotate and carry us through the physical challenge of the Premier league. The players themselves say that we have “no excuse” for not fighting for the title, although some fans here give me a lot of stick when I question why we are not up there with Chelsea?

What’s left now is the job of the manager. He must get a new keeper. Ospina conceded another poor goal yesterday and at 4:0 it may not matter but at 0:0 it may cost you the points. A new DM, a proper winger would be nice, maybe a CB and of course a world-class striker.

The manager needs to look at change of himself as well. Late substitutions, lack of rotations, bad fitness preparation and shutting out players out of the squad are all issues that need addressing. Tactical preparation is another aspect where we can improve. We cannot sleep through games like Monaco because Italy stormed through the European competitions, and if another season like that comes 4th place might be Europa League, so 1/8 final of the CL won’t be good enough.

We need higher targets. Put an 80+ points marker as a target. That’s where the title is won. It’s been a while since we’ve reached such numbers. We have a platform. We’re rich, we have a neat squad which given the right attitude and preparation with a few signings will be a real force around England and Europe.

On a final notch, despite not putting up a title fight, we are gonna skip the CL qualification game, which is always nice, we’ve finished above United for 2 seasons in a row for the first time in ages, we’re in the FA cup final for 2 years in a row and if we win we’ll be record holders of the Cup. If you had given me that in October I’d have bitten your hand for it.

We really need to avoid starting the final the same way we did last year. Villa will hardly put 11 men behind the ball, so I think the spaces we need will be there. The FA cup is the FA cup no matter what and I really want to see us lifting it again. After that it’s time for a well deserved rest for the players and Dick Law should be getting to work writing off the names on our shortlist.

Have a supreme week!


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  1. Giroud is not good enough to help us challenge for the pl or even be competent in Europe

    Need a natural goalscorer upfront with abit of pace as most our players thrive of that not someone who stands with his back towards goal making no runs and is not clinical

    1. True he’s not good enough Giroud and Costa both played 26 League games but Giroud scored 14 goals while Costa scored 20 goals,they’ve both been equally injured so we must not use injury for Giroud’s lack of goals!

      1. Could mention goals in all comps – 21 Costa and 19 Giroud. Also Costa played 200 odd extra minutes in PL despite appearing in the same number of games. Also OG goals secured more points for us than DC’s did for Chelski – only 2 of Costa’s goals were deciding or a winner. Costa scored more than half his goals against bottom half teams – only one against Top 4 team (us) and none in Europe. Only 6 goals this calendar year – consistency? OG career goal/game ratio > than DC.

        So a bit closer between the two than you suggest. But Costa is a Mourinho player and the media need to big Costa up as much as they can – but the bare facts don’t suggest he is significantly better than OG. Next year will give a better idea.

        1. You also fail to mention that this was Costa’s first season in the EPL the hardest league in the world to adapt to due to its physical nature,this is Giroud’s 3rd season at 28years old yet in all these seasons he’s never had a 20 goal season for us!!!

          1. You also failed to mention that Costa scored most of his goals in the first 7 games and since then has been mediocre at best, so much for that adaption period.

            Giroud has improved every season, if he had been injury free this season he would have been around 20 goals, and if he continues his trajectory he will be close either way next season.

            1. Even without injury Giroud is not good enough,he’s not scored a single goal in 7 straight games,his best season in terms of goals as a professional came when Montpellier won the league even then he scored 21 goals in the French league so it’s debatable if he would have gotten to 20 this season!

          2. Why are you obsessing about the 20 league goals? Bayern, PSG, Juve, Benfica and Chelsea all won their leagues with a top scorer on 20 or less. Chelsea scored 1 more goal than us and won the league weeks ago – do you not think our real problems are elsewhere?

        2. Don’t agree with the media line you’re peddling, Costa IS a good deal better than Giroud….we’re comparing Girouds best goal return (goals to games) season in an Arsenal shirt to Costa’s injury hit debut campaign. Sorry mate dig up all the comparative analysis you like but Costa is a level above.

          1. Try reading what I said again – I was comparing CAREER goals/game ratio. Across 250+ league games DC is less prolific than OG. But hey, if that makes him a “good deal better” in your eyes then good for you.

    2. The player of the month of March is not going anywhere, playing back to goal is such a weapon to have especially for a driving player like Jack and Aaron to use. Last years clincher in the FA cup showed that.

      1. Back to goal,Hold up play that doesn’t win games but scoring goals does and good defending wins titles like EPL and Champions League!!

      2. Overall Giroud 35 games 18 goals 4 assists
        Overall Costa 37 games 20 or 21 goals (differnt sources can’t be assed to check) 5 assists.
        So 2 or 3 more goals and 1 more assist but played Over 500 more minutes.

        I’d say Costa probably is slightly better than Giroud although he’s dirty and a diver I wouldn’t really want him at arsenal not a massive fan. Giroud offers something and he’s a good option. I think the addition of on more forward. Someone different. But I wouldn’t use Costa as the bench mark for what we need fair comparison tho in terms of their style, the more classic big type of centre forward.

        1. I’m talking about Premier League goals and premier league goals but since you want to talk about overall competitions do you remember the first leg against Monaco?yes I do Giroud missed absolute sitters which a proven goalscorer thrives on!!

          1. Haha there’s so much anger in your reply funny.

            I do remember but remember Costa playing Over 300 minutes more than Giroud in the champions league and not getting a single goal?
            Over 200 more minutes in the premier league 6 more goals.

            Like I said probably slightly better than Giround but still not a massive fan.

        2. Good stats there AF thanks for the effort! If you are so inclined I wonder if there is a stat out there aerials won from the keeper. With OG playing he absolutely attacks every ball from Ospina. If a possession is won from that I count just the same as winning a slide tackling and retaining the ball. Probably more so because the retaining is down in the opponents end.
          I will guarantee that OG is miles ahead in that stat.

          1. Who cares about that stat! Id rather a goal machine like aguero then a forward to just holds the ball up

            1. Yes, if we had someone like Ronaldo or Benzeman or Aguero or RVP or Falcao or Lacazette or Kane it would guarantee us winning the league. It cannpt fail – it is just so obvious.

  2. Your first paragraph says it all. You believe everything you say is “obvious fact”, you are surprised people disagree with you and you have all the info necessary to dispense important tactical lessons to the coaching staff at Arsenal. Oh dear. It was always gonna be downhill after that.

    1. Wow… Have ever read one of the article the guy puts here. I guess not. You don’t need to have a science degree to understand football. What the coach does is watching the game from the side, like every other person does. And sometimes obvious mistakes are there to be spotted. Maybe if you start watching MOTD, every football commentary after the games of BT and Sky and look around all the sports sources out there, you’ll see the truth in the words of the author. But of course. It’s very easy for you to be right and him to be wrong, and of course you’ve putted out a serious “facts” to back your case. So please next time spare us a wasteful comment while people discuss the ups and downs at the club, thank you!

      1. See this is what is so wonderful about this site – we respond to one guy’s offerings and you are in awe and I feel angry. I think that is permitted. Unfortunately, I have read 3 or 4 of this guy’s articles – and that is just in the last week, one agenda disguised in 3 or 4 different ways. As much as I disagree with most of the content there is zero point in being drawn in to an argument or discussion with anyone who presents his opinion as “obvious fact” and expresses surprise that anyone could possibly disagree with him. Or do you think it is worth bothering? The guy even gave himself the “now I know I am controversial on here” seal of approval.

        Feel free to be impressed and seduced by his insight and let me express my disdain. Thanks.

  3. Theo is one dimensional?

    He can play wide or central, he can create or score and he has pace.

    In what world is that one dimensional? Want to question his quality fair enough but at least try and stay somewhere near reality.

    If Theo was someone else’s player he would be top of gooners wish list. He isn’t so he is top of their criticism list instead!!!!!!!

    1. Theo has speed as the only constant quality to his game. A 1:1 chance with the keeper could be scored like yesterday or wasted like the Swansea game. Besides against a solid back-line Theo is practically useless. Crosses towards him are out of the question and if his finishing is poor he doesn’t offer too much in defense.

      1. He is the only player who consiatently scores against our top rivals. How is he useless against solid backlines??

    2. Theo is 1-dimensional.lol.Theo can’t play central don’t let a good game against an average side fool you,he a winger with pace plain an simple

  4. Of course Walcott is one dimensional …he is a whippet …. I would sell him without hesitation but don’t see that happening … I just hope that wenger doesn’t use it as excuse not to strengthen attacking options … That’s what he did last summer in DM position with his silly talk of Diaby being like a new signing …it cost us challenging for the title this year and history sadly might well repeat itself with predictable consequences

    1. @rkw.
      Did your girl cheat on you with Theo? I mean I don’t understand why you keep banging on this “one-dimensional whippet” nonsense. Your hating on Walcott is so annoying, now it is nothing but funny.
      Dude has shown time and again that he can score goals. So what if his major attribute is speed? Is that even a bad thing to have. He uses it well to run in behind defenses and stretch play. Oh you want him to dribble more, or to do more of them flicks and tricks? He can atleast get past players -who cares if he does it exactly like Ronaldo?

      Give it a rest man. Walcott is a good player. Or atleast He isn’t a bad player.

      1. Didn’t say he was a bad player just an average whippet …. 4th place junkiedom and 3rd place ecstasy is not funny for someone who has supported this club for decades … And if you care about challenging again for trophies you will care about having top options in starting 11 and Walcott ain’t it on any criteria …. Then again neither is giroud and that weakness needs to be addressed in the window or we will have another frustrating season ahead

    2. @rkw,spot on mate especially about Wenger using theo as an excuse not to buy a striker like he used Diaby

  5. Giroud has improved drastically, I appreciate His effort so far but Arsenal need a sharp, clinical striker that offer something different from Giroud. Walcott and Welbeck are not the answer. They can play in the flank and play as a striker against some ‘smaller teams’ at the Emirates and we all know English players in the team are injury prone. Having options in the team is a good thing. I appreciate all Arsenal players because am a huge fan of this wonderful club but we will be challenging in 4 competitions next season so a striker will be welcomed to the team. Gunners for forever!

    1. you know what your right about the english/british players always getting injured,the likes of Walcott,wiltshere,Ramsey,Chamberlain,and Gibbs are always injured.interesting

  6. Wenger has never,admtted doing a mistake in life he never listens to his critics he is simply a stubborn manager.Now want I want next season is the title I dont care who he plays or who he buys

  7. Theo’s first goal was special, the second came thanks to his speed and reflexes. Now what he needs is too be more consistent and be played against the right teams. He is a different proposal to Giroud and he gives us a different tactical option.

  8. walnut scores a hat trick against a mediocre team and now he’s a top player.. He hasn’t been a top player since joining arsenal.. and some other average players.. one FA cup over 10 years is good enough statistics to say we weren’t good enough to challenge for top spot..
    sell walnut when he’s still has a value and injured

  9. clear the deck now

    and buy:

  10. Like I said in the past, AFC will definitely benefit from signing another versatile attacker of top class and quality. We have too much ‘potentials’ in that department already. However, I do not think it is much of a real need like in the Defensive Midfield position where the squad needs another disciplined DM to back-up Coquelin. Having a disciplined DM in the squad was a major reason behind our success story in the final half of the season.

  11. I hope we have a replacement for Shad Forsythe our psysio who helped Theo and Jack as well as the whole team.

  12. Its not due to the Ozil, Ramsay, Cazorla, Giroud, And kos that allowed arsenal to improve in the latter part of the season, but due to the use of a traditional DM in the DM position, yes all those players mention did contribute to our growth as a team, BUT COQUELIN has been the man for the season, imagine if we had him in place earlier.

    We do need a forward, i would rather a forward built like Giroud with more pace (my choice would be Benteke, he fits the bill),, however thats up to the manager. Looking at what we have, Giroud good but lacks the pace to out run defenders, his finishing as improved, Walcott has the pace, but lack the physical presence , should remain on the wings, Welbeck has some amount of physical presence and pace, but finishing is poor, should become a better player this season, Podolski one of the best finishers, but less mobile, expect to leave, Sanogo also blessed with physical presence and pace, but have not mastered them as yet, needs time to reach his potential, but due to the competitive nature of this league it does not allow time for you to develop, therefore he needs to go on loan to a championship team to refine his skills and get more game time, Akpom probably the one with the most potential, also needs time to grow into himself, Campbell needs to remove the restraint that is holding him back, needs a english team loan where he will get a lot of game time, Sanchez last but not least seemed to have run out of tiger juice and will be going into the copa americas tired when he should be resting, we do not knnow what state he will be in when he his back so will have to wait and see.

    All in all we need a striker who meet the criteria mention, in order to be true challengers

    1. Benteke would be a good addition. Not quite the quality we need but s realistic option.

  13. No, Arsenal do not need anymore strikers Mr Wenger had his chance to compose himself look around and buy a decent striker an upgrade from Giroud. But unfortunately, he spent £16 million on Welbeck whose a downgrade from Giroud now he have to stick by that decision and play him.

    This is why at the time I disagree with the signing of Welbeck as a striker. He does not seems to be able to attack crosses and corners, he also does not seems comfortable holding a position high up the pitch and tight with defenders his ball control is not good enough for that.

    This explains why he drops deep in midfield to give himself more time and space on the ball. But suprisingly, most of Arsenal fans thinks he drop back to defend. Had Mr Wenger taken him on loan to buy, base on his overall performance he would be heading back to manchester United and Falcao back to Monaco.

    Then we could buy a striker.

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