Walcott explains his improved Arsenal form….

Walcott speaks out about his return to form!

Theo Walcott on form may be a rare sight given his last few campaigns, but after a strong start to this season, the media hasn’t given him so much attention and his critics are very much off his back. Being able to improve on the sidelines has allowed Walcott to step up a gear and find his feet, in an attempt to have him return to the style of football he played a few years back, when he was arguably our main man on form for a while.

Walcott has had a mixed career during his ten years at Arsenal, because although he has had a few seasons of success, he has still largely underproduced with the expectations that were on his shoulders. Perhaps there was far too much expectation and promise on his shoulders as a young player and so we have grown up to criticise him against heights of what is expected of him, rather than what we know he is capable of. However after an impressive start to this campaign, with some vital goals and more importantly in my eyes, a clear desire, hunger and passion to not only stride forward with the ball, but to also put pressure on the opposition, Theo Walcott may finally be on his way back to form.

Walcott has impressed me most because of the way how he has worked hard both offensively and defensively this season. During the game against Chelsea he proved that point exactly, by tracking back to help Bellerin on various occasions, as well as proving pretty well that he is capable of making a decent interception or two. Walcott also used strength against the opposition and that’s not something we have often seen from the English winger, who normally loses the ball with ease when he comes under pressure from the opposition.

Walcott himself has been talking to the media about his return to form and he puts it down to working hard and having a confident mindset that will surely help him to re-establish himself not only for Arsenal, but for England as well.

Walcott said: “I’ve worked hard from the back end of last season and I’ve just continued to do that throughout the whole summer. I generally forget about the game that’s just happened and move on to the next one. I just want to be better than I was the day before. (The new mindset) probably came from myself. I found it difficult last year — coming towards the end of the season I didn’t get my opportunities but I was still working hard.“I spoke to many people and it maybe woke up something in my system.

“I am completely different. I just want to be better and better. People have had so much faith in me and I tend to think I need to repay people. But I also think I need to do it for myself now. Maybe in the past I was thinking about others and not myself.”

It sounds almost as if Walcott plans on reintroducing himself as a brand new player, or as Wenger is likely to put it, as a ‘new signing’. In my opinion Walcott has definitely woken up to realise that after being snubbed by both Arsenal and England at the end of last season, he has a massive point to prove and that it needs to come now in this season. Walcott undoubtedly worked hard during the time off in the summer and hopefully we see this kind of form he is producing now, continue throughout the course of the season.



  1. red14 says:

    Up the Walcott!

    COYG, do it this year! I only fear about ManCity, but hopefully they’ll start to drop points sooner or later… i think we must go on 4-5 wins in a row in EPL to catch them… and that is a very hard task. We MUST catch them soon, then go ahead with some points..it is vital for players, when they our top, there could be exctasy around the club, and they will be like forced to win by that. We must make sure that we make points overy city, we dont need the catch-up game, it can be very stressful at times..

    Tell me Gunners, we will win it this year…

    1. karansagar says:

      For Burnley:

      Bellerin – Mustafi – Koscielny – Gibbs
      Xhaka – Elneny
      Walcott – Ozil – Sanchez

      It will give needed rest to Cazorla, Monreal and Iwobi so they avoid injuries or fatigue

      1. muda says:

        @Karangar, Both cazorla and Monreal are not going for international, Monreal certainly, so why bench them now when we need them and they are about to get two weeks off???

        As for the Sanchez, distraction is the last thing he needs from that CF when he just started to enjoy it up there and we too.

        Beside Alex Iwobi can’t be dropped after MOTM on his last league outing and a decent performance in the mid-week, more especially not for Giroud.

        Why fix it when it is not broken???

  2. Arsenal007 says:

    I actually spoke up that Walcott was not justifying his £140k pm. I have to eat those words now. The guy’s on fire.
    More may he improve.
    Goes to say there’s hope for the OX after all.

    1. Dee@ease says:

      Let’s not blow things out of proportion it’s too early to be so happy about Walcott’s form we haven’t even reached 10 league games yet,over the years I’ve seen enough of Theo to be sceptical so I won’t be jumping up and down as yet!

      1. anolysis says:

        Nobody is blowing anything out of proportion, you have to give credit when it is due. I am sure if he is underperforming this early season, you will be among the first people to hit him with your harsh criticisms.

      2. Break-on-through says:

        You have to admit that he looks like he’s woken up. He looks and sounds like he means it, he seems determined. M. Owen mentioned how Theo is best at just running directly off the last and second last man. He said people say oh he hasn’t got a football brain, so that would make him try other stuff instead of just doing what he’s good at. He mentioned how all defenders hate coming up against a pacy player running straight for goal, and keeping that up should be his aim. I think he’s after giving himself a serious mental attitude adjustment.

      3. Arsenal007 says:

        I agree with you @Anolysis
        Nothing is being blown out of proportion here.
        I believe that as much as players are criticised for their poor performance on bad days, credit should be given when they perform well.

        That’s all I’m doing…giving credit when it’s due.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    This new signing I like, I don’t like when Diaby or someone would get fit and Arsene would say new signing, that just pointed out how we squandered an important squad position. This is like a new signing though. I say this because some of us were crying out for a winger during the summer, someone who could do a similar job to Alexis. Who would’ve thought it’d be Theo, the tracking back and all. I was also worried that moving Alexis up front was not only weakening us up there but it would also mean, we had one less great winger in a team that only had one great winger. At this rate I don’t think they sell enough pie in my area, I may have to order some in for the humble abode just up the road.

  4. PiresTheLegend says:

    THIS: “I generally forget about the game that’s just happened and move on to the next one. I just want to be better than I was the day before.” is the mentality of a champion.

    Play every match like it is the only match of the season. Go out and win it, celebrate that night, and forget it the next day because it’s time to focus and prepare for the next one-match season.

    This is the way that points are not dropped and eventually championships are won. Stay focused Theo.

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