Walcott flatly denies Arsenal bosses claim! Who to believe?

The Arsenal and England international forward Theo Walcott might well be feeling glad to be training with his England team mates and under the supervision of Roy Hodgson at the moment, because he seems to have a lot more chance of getting a game for his country than his club.

It has been a strange season for Walcott, who would have been desperate to pull on the famous red and white shirt again after missing around a year with that anterior cruciate ligament injury picked up in last year´s FA cup win over Tottenham. To date the 26-year old has started just five games since his comeback and that was over four months ago.

It has appeared increasingly apparent that part of the problem has been with Arsene Wenger, especially after the Frenchman alluded to contract talks with Walcott, claiming that they had begun but were progressing slowly and the fault for that lies with the player. But Theo is having none of that, as a Daily Mail report reveals, and has flatly refuted his manager´s words and declared that there have been no contract talks between him and Arsenal yet.

Walcott did, however, pour cold water on the media rumours that he and Wenger had been involved in a training ground bust up, although from the way things are going it might not be too long before that does happen.

The speedy striker tweeted, “I don’t normally comment on false stories about myself but reports about contract demands & bust-ups with the boss are complete nonsense.

“There have been no contract talks as yet and my current focus is not on contracts but on doing my best for Arsenal FC.”

So if Theo is telling the truth and has not demanded a pay rise, you have to wonder why there have been no contract talks and also why Wenger is not playing him. Could he be trying to force our long serving star out of the club this summer? And if so, do you think it is the right move or a terrible mistake?

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  1. I believe that Theo is trying to take focus off the contract situation. If Wenger has said hes trying to get a sit down well then i think Theo is saying wait till season is over and we can take stock. Hes not stupid.. Theo, he knows that when Arsenal are playing very well whilst hes not playing and not even second choice well that just weakens his bargaining position. Also am sure it strengthens his corner when a couple of bids are coming his way.

    So to answer your question… Theo is lying, well sort of… there is no talks because he wont sit down just yet.

  2. Amusing to see 3 Just Arsenal CM fave-raves (Schneiderlin/Matuidi/Sissoko) all on the pitch at once and shipping 3 goals at home. Glad KB skied that “sitter” and not Oliie G. Also Oscar and Willian look much better when playing in Brazilian gold rather than Chelski blue.

  3. By the way, to all those on this site that continually say we need to get rid of Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wilshere and the like, we do actually need some homegrown players in our squad. Whilst you may not rate them, they are some of the best homegrown players around. No point selling Walcott and buying people like Dybala if you can’t even register Dybala to play…

  4. i dont know about you guys, but Kondogbia is very good, against brazil he showed his physical side, no one could took ball from him, i belive him and Coq would be crazy pair od DM!!!

  5. Of course Walcott is right. There are no contacts with him but with his agent. That doesn’t make Wenger wrong though.

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