Walcott is a LUXURY that Arsenal CAN afford!!

Why Arsenal should give Walcott a new deal by Sam P

While there have been a fair few Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with the under fire Liverpool and England starlet Raheem Sterling, there have been plenty linking Theo Walcott with a possible move in the other direction. With Arsene Wenger hardly playing our flying forward and all the claims and counter claims about contract talks and demands, it has seemed increasingly as though this would be Walcott’s final season as a Gunner.

But the Frenchman leapt to the defence of his player last week after he struggled to influence the game as England struggled to a draw in Italy. Wenger suggested that Theo had not been used in the right way, also suggesting that he was still not completely match fit after that long injury lay-off and claiming that we would see the best of Walcott again. Now Metro are reporting that contract talks between him and Arsenal are now underway.

This is great news in my book. Walcott may not have the versatility of Welbeck or Alexis but what he is good at, he can be very good at. The recent England game and the fact that Giroud, Welbeck and Alexis are all ahead of him may have made Walcott give up on his centre forward ambitions. I hope so because that was a big reason why the last contract took so long.

And I doubt whether he will expect a pay rise either, as his current £100,000 is more than many key players at Arsenal get. So maybe Walcott is a bit of a luxury player, with his pace, movement and finishing from wide areas, mainly the right. But we should also remenbver just how good he can be in that role. Use him right and the 26-year old can be a devastating and almost unstoppable weapon.

Sign him up while the time is right Arsene. You’ll regret it otherwise if he joins a rival.

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  1. Not much to choose between Walcott who cannot make our first XI and Sterling. And that sad pathetic and poor example of a useless pundit stands by his mercedes s class/ subaru comparison of Ozil to Sterling. Hope Walcott stays as he will get his turn, and we remember his 2 fingure salute to those coin throwing Spud fans when he was being stretchered off.

      1. OT

        I hold my hands up, when City were 7 points ahead of us at the end of February I said I couldn’t see us leap frogging them, now we sit 2 points ahead of them… Chelsea are a different prospect, but when there’s a will, there’s a way. Keep the faith!

    1. Meh, I think I’m officially a league-table stalker. Jeez!!! I look at it more than I do my mirror.

      Eh… Don’t know about you guys, but I’m thinking Champagne, not Chelsea, at the end of the season.

  2. Walcott is a fine player and I m happy to know that contact negotiations are on-going…. But, if it is goals Walcott should know that goals can be scored from the wings…. Ronaldo shows that every season, heck, even Sanchez…. He doesn’t have to be the striker….. I believe he can a great winger, he just has to learn from Sanchez, as Ozil and Ox have…. If he doesn’t show such attributes by next season, he may just be a luxury player.

    1. 100 % Correct and needs to show more spirit and determination rather than continue at this stage of his career, to be a mere work-in-progress.

  3. theo needs to stop being greedy . hes on 100k an he wants more?
    we have something exciting being built here, for 30 grand more hes willing to leave that?
    sterling and walcott sitting in a tree, dont need games just want money

    hope he smartens up as he is quality an will be surrounded by elite players- something great is coming, he can be a part of that

    1. Theo is not leaving. That is all blog shiiiite. Some tosser made up a story then another bunch of $#$$@ repeated it. Theo is not holding out for money.

      He has to play himself back in shape; the guy has been out for a year, his timing is shot. Only game time gets timing back.

    2. My advice to every young English footballer out there: work hard, STAY HUMBLE, and never tie your passion to money.

  4. Theo has been out for a year. He needs playing time to get match shape. You amateur superstars should just give him time. He will be an Arsenal star for years to come.

    Shhhhhhhh! go back to FIFA15

    1. Meh, amigo, u need to take ur med seriously.

      Who should be sacrificed for Theo in the team? Funny enof, I agree with Wenger, Danny is preferable to Theo, ATM.

  5. Admin. Do an article on how and when did we become Arsenal Fans? It would make interesting reading away from the usual performance, player debate and transfer gossip articles that we see everyday on this site.

    1. That has been done on another marvelous Arsenal website(7AM). it would be nice to hear what made this group of cretins become Gooners.

      COYG !

      1. “This group of cretins”??? Ahahaha!!! Dude, you happen to be on the same forum with these “cretins”, that officially suggests you are a stupendous cretin, cuz a cretin will always seek out his fellow cretins.

        1. Guilty as charged. Now laugh cretin, it was humor.
          Love my fellow Gooners – except the Wenger out crowd – I will kick them in the reproductive organs, but I will still love them as Gooners.

          Seriously I wear my Arsenal shirt when I travel. It has made me more friends than you know. Except one Canadian immigration officer who was Chelsea fan and gave me a hard time. But I expected that from the Chelsea scum.

          1. Lol! What u have is called MPD ( and I don’t mean Metropolitan Police Department).

            As a gunner, “maybe” I love you, but take ur med seriously, ok son???

            Good nite.

    2. Can’t we have an Arsenal tv channel on sky?
      Even liverfool has a channel, why can’t we?
      Does anyone know why or when we will have a tv channel?

      1. There used to be a arsenal tv channel on sky I don’t have a clue why it was shut down though

  6. The Walcott transfer saga is an interesting one, and my personal feeling is that he’ll be off in the summer.

    If I remember correctly, during Walcott’s last contract negotiations, he wasn’t getting much game time, and we now have a similar situation. The difference between then and now, is that Arsenal are in a much stronger bargaining position because of Walcott’s lack of appearances due to injury. What sold me though, was Welbeck coming on against Liverpool. The game was over, there were doubts over Welbeck’s fitness (so why risk him in a game you’ve already won), and yet he still came on ahead of Walcott.

    I am actually a big Walcott fan as he’s offers us a different dimension in attack, but I always get the feeling he’s still developing, not the finished article, despite being 26yrs old. Maybe the injuries have had a huge impact, maybe he was never going to be as good as we all thought, I don’t know. But considering his injury record (he’s averaged 20 games a season, which is very poor considering how much we’re paying him), maybe it’s time to part ways. The Ox is on fire, Gnarby is a big prospect, and Welbeck and Sanchez can both play on the right, so we’re well stocked in that area.

    It will be interesting to see what Wenger does in the summer.

    1. Poldolski, Campbell and Theo get sold.

      This might be enough to Fund Reus.

      We won’t lose any depth cause Poldolski and Campbell are on loan. So in essence it 1 player out and 1 in.

    2. You wanna know Theo’s problem? It’s called “PRIDE”. Honestly, we’ve waited so damn long to see him become something spectacular, but even the Ox plays better than he (Theo) does now (my opinion), and we have Gnabry who’s coming up fantastically too.

      I like Theo, but he’s neither Mohammed nor Jesus.

    3. @Thirdmanjw I see your point with the substitution, however I’m not sure if I entirely agree with it. The game was won, but Liverpool were starting to build momentum, so Danny came on instead of Theo (everyone here can agree that his defensive work rate is better and he still is fast enough to force Liverpool to drop a few steps deeper and beware a counter attack). I believe that if the game had been closer or even had we been losing then Theo would have been preferred as he can be a game changer with the pace he has and his directness. I think the sub was less about coaching preference/ability level and more about the situation in the game. We should actually see this as a good thing in a way as it shows the squad has the depth we have all been calling out for where we can throw different personel on for certain game situations without throwing off our momentum and flow. This is just my humble opinion and I’m not in any way saying that you are wrong just that I see the sub in a slightly different light. Either way these are great times to be a Gunner and there’s all the chance in the world for it to get even better over both the short term and the long term. Cheers from USA! COYG

  7. Come on Palace.

    Will Pellegrini still have a job come end of season?
    Me think not if this slid continues.

    Will be nice to have Southampton join Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U in CL football.

      1. The trouble with spuddy spud spurs,note the none capital letters is they put more emphasis on beating Arsenal than finishing above them, as its the only time they get to feel they have played in a Champs Lge match. CB

      2. The trouble with Spurs is they put more emphasis on beating Arsenal than finishing above them,it’s the only time they get to feel what it’s like to play in a Champs Lge type of game. It’s been 65 years since being on top of Division 1 as it was in them days. But must admit even finishing higher to them it hurts to loose to them. See you next season Spuds with the rest of the ordinaries. CB

  8. The whippet is a one trick footballer … Many way better options at equal or less cost … The guy is probably the most overrated player in premiership history beginning with the idiot swede taking him to world cup in 06 … Arsenal fans ..at least those who are not 4th place junkies…. Need to move on from this joker

    1. You’re just stupid, Theo always makes us dangerous on the right wing, he provides assists, he scores goals. At the moment he is not as sharp as we know him and there’s no need to say all that nonsense about him just let him fight for his place.

      1. uhhh that’s just your opinion man!! Jesus just look at his stats since 2007 and get back … And there are lots of decent fullbacks who are not troubled by pace alone and Walcott can’t dribble with ball never could never will … Granted Sagna ain’t one of them and you were probably one of those calling for us to match his daft wage demand as well and upset when he left last year though it only took a19 yr old reserve to demonstrate just how easy it was to replace him….Stupid is a place 4th place junkies should dream about frequenting

        1. Jesus, you look at the bloody stats again… 2007??? Why should we look at stats of a player 8 years ago when he was 18 no less, what exactly is that supposed to tell us? How about you look at his stats for the last four years where he has averaged a goal or an assist every 90 minutes of game time, including coming back after 9 months and then getting injured again for 3 more months.

          No one will argue that he can dribble well or that he tracks back enough BUT he does score, he does assist, he does scare pretty much every defender because they know what’s coming but they still can’t stop it. At worst he is a fantastic super sub.

          1. Jesus …. It’s an average and longer time range just gives more data …. Alternative is to take this year alone …. No issue there ….he is much less than average … Goals per game and assists over last four years makes him an average attacker and along way behind top attackers in rival teams which is the comparison that matters …. No doubting his inconsistency … A hundred grand a week for a super sub … No thanks…. there are just lots of better players at less than can allow us to compete at top

            1. No, it’s an average that has no meaning and you know this but are using it to convince other people that he isn’t good because of your feelings and not fact. Take this year alone (where he has started about 5 matches and he is still at a goal/assist every 180 minutes which isn’t bad).

              Since when is a goal/assist per game over 4 years an average attacker? Please name all these attackers that have a better ratio than that, you will find far fewer than you think. Or, since you pointed out his salary, find attackers with a better ratio who also earn more which will be even less.

              “There are lot’s of better players at less”. Go on then, list them, prove your point.

              “A hundred grand a week for a super sub.” Make up your mind, do you want depth or not.

              1. a goal and assist a game…not in the epl not even in his one good year…the guy is a mediocre erratic whippet…and no serious team has a mediocre sub on 1000k a week (can laugh at man utd with falcao but its the same shit with walcott).. he`s one of the reasons we have been a 4th place team for so long, part of the idiot frenchman`s calculation not to splurge on hazard even though he is a different league to walcott and there are many more (available) attacking players from dybala to muniain to maura to draxler to reus to mitrovic…. the list is long…for less and better

      1. “uninterested” L()L ………Let em have a taste of champions League play-offs or better still, give way for southampton …..spuds and pool should go to bed .. L()L

  9. Walcott has become a total service player since returning from injury. Can’t dribble, can’t create his own chances and always relies on other players throughballs. The assists have also died down. I know this can go back up but his dribbling has become poorer and poorer every season he has been with Arsenal. The assists from open play he gives are almost all from cutbacks (not a bad thing) but he rarely goes into a position with the ball where he can give a cut back. Only his floated in set pieces are somewhat dangerous. He has been missing a lot of chances as well since his return, many one on ones missed, maybe most of it is down to the long term injury. I say give him the same contract, if he wants more money then he has to go.

  10. Man City are desperate for homegrown players with Lampard going and Milner likely following. If there’s a club in England that’ll buy Sterling, it’s them. They’ll pay ridiculous wages too. Perfect fit for eachother.

  11. A dull draw between the Mancs over the weekend will see us running away with second spot..

  12. No player who is out for 90% of each season is a luxury we can afford. Each of the games we lost point in, half of them would likely have a different result if we had Walcott fit. So get rid of him and get a player who is not an eternal sicknote. Pay the same wages Walcott gets. At least it won’t be money spent with no gain.

  13. Liverpool will think they still have a chance now haha. City only have to play United next week, after that they don’t really have any top teams left to play, but what does that matter if you can’t beat the smaller teams?


    city, united, chelsea and us all have big fixtures coming up. someone is going to drop points, and it’s going to take a lot of convincing for us to drop points.

    game by game, but we have quality oosing in each position and we have a TEAM. unlikely, but if anyone’s going to catch chelski, it’s gotta be us.
    we should be gunning for the league, even if we don’t make it, a team needs ambition. otherwise why are we bothering to play?

  15. I love you Palace
    You did good

    Finally, 2nd place is in our hands.
    I hope we don’t screw it up.
    We can’t let Burnley do to us what CP did to Citeh.

    What a great result. I would have been happy with a draw. Very nice evening

    Things are looking good. Nearly everyone is available for Burnley. Lets concentrate on them and keep in 2nd position

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