Walcott looking for an easy run of wins for Arsenal after “fair result” at Leicester

There could be many Arsenal fans conceding that the Gunners were unlucky to be pitted against Klopp’s Liverpool and Champions Leicester in our opening two games of the season, especially with our latecomers and preseason injuries, but perhaps we can now go our usual run of wins against the so-called “weaker” teams.

We have Watford up next, then Southampton at home and Hull away after the international break. Hopefully we can build up some confidence in those games as they are followed by a trip to a rejuvenated Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

After yesterday’s game at Leicester, Theo Walcott came away thinking that a point was a fair return, and it will hold us in good stead for the fixtures ahead. “I think if you look at the balance of the game, it started to open out towards the last 10 minutes. When we look back at this game we will see it as a fair result,” Theo said.

“We’ve come to the champions and we know it’s not going to be easy. Not many people beat them. Only two teams, us being one of them, beat them last year.

“We want to have a similar sort of performance to when we last played Watford away. It doesn’t matter how we play, as long as we get the three points.

“Leicester know how to defend very well and like to put pretty much the whole team behind the ball, so it’s difficult to break them down. We had chances to score but sadly we failed to do that.

“We don’t want teams getting away from us [in the title race], but it’s only two games in,” he added.

“We’ve got a nice run of games now and we’ve got to think about all of the positives from today. Watford is going to be another tough game because every game is this season, so it’s going to be very difficult.

“Each team gets better each year. We want to have a similar sort of performance to when we last played Watford away. It doesn’t matter how we play, as long as we get the three points.”

So we’ve got a nice run of games, but every one will be tough? And it won’t take long for us to think about the positives from the Leicester game, as there wasn’t many!!!



  1. Well are we in a position to say we improved from last year? I think not, in fact we’ve lost players and as it stands Defensively aren’t in the best position. Offensively we’ve been raising that question for years, baring that in mind given how unpredictable the premier league is now and every other team bar Hull strengthing.. Really Theo are we in a position to start judging games as easy, given the fact we’ve not really improved? It’s no wonder people like Robert Huth and Wes Morgan make you look like a league 2 winger…. Come off that high horse

  2. Been watching Sanchez for awhile now and its obvious to me why barca sold him.. he has that ramsey-esq thing about him where he fuqqed up the play by by trying to do too much and over complicates the play.

    Most on here have expressed their fear of him leaving but for me he just doesn’t fit in with our philosophy, and would take mahrez draxler or mhkitaryan over him any day. Also apart from his first season he have been very average and only riding on his feats of the past.
    For me ozil and koscielny are the only genuinely world-class players in our squad.

    1. You speak my mind bro. I just see too many problems in his game for me to rate him as “world class”. See last game for example where he misplaced many passes and wasn’t playing as a no. 9 should. If someone offers £45-55M for him, I will happily take it. For me, Reus, Draxler, De Bruyne etc are technically better than he is.

    2. Alexis was played out of his position. He didn’t have the high and size to deal against CB’s. TBH, Giroud is the best target man and hold up player we have. I wonder why AW didn’t try Akpom like preseason and put back Alexis on the wing.
      Maybe because he’s convincing by Theo’s form, which is for me, just a little bit better than last season. He’s look more commit and hunger for ball, that’s all. He had most changes back to Leister, and if he smart and sharp enough we should won it.
      With all these finishing problems still continues, I’m shock that AW still don’t splash the cash for a quality striker. This stubborn things completely has no reason to maintain.

    3. are you serious questioning alexis sanchez skills??? The man just won the copa America for the second time in a row being the mvp of the tournament, and being key for both tournaments.

      Barcelona sold him because if you can get Luis Suarez you will get him not matter what. He need to play a free role between 2/3 of the field, and you’ll see a world class player, not use him as a fricking center forward which he isn’t, thats the deluded one who want to experiment and hit so he won’t buy us the fricking striker we need.

    4. No disrespect to you, but this attitude is exactly the reason why Wenger is reluctant to spend big on transfers.

      1st season Sanchez is world class
      2nd season Sanchez got injured but he still managed to score 13 league goal out of 30 appearances.
      3rd season Sanchez played out of position and flopped for 2 games and he is AVERAGE and doesnt fit our philosophy??? Seriously 29 goals out of 65 league appearances from wide is WORLD CLASS regardless which way you look at it!

      I can guarantee you, if we were to offer Sanchez for Mahrez, Draxler or Mhkitaryan their club will say yes in a heart beat and we will be be biggest laughing stock in the world of football!

      Seriously if it only take 2 games for Arsenal fans to turn on Sanchez after everything he have done in the past 2 years, what chance do other players have?

  3. Walcott should keep his mouth shut because he’s the worst player we have running and leaving the ball behind him for ten years,he only starts games because he’s Wenger’s favourite and is on 140K wages

  4. Facts

    Sanchez not playing well for us this tym
    Theo has been poor
    We have only one striker now by name Giroud
    Ozil n wheelchair changed the game
    Wenger kept ozil n Giroud too long on bench.
    Campbell deserves to stay
    Kosheny is bomb
    Holding small boy but great in heart
    Wenger not under pressure

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